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  1. Attila Banhegyi

    Can Helicobacter pylori cause a low Neutrophil count?

  2. Mayank Varshney

    Hi, i have some symptoms. Whatever i eat or drink.. i burp a lot. and also i am having hyper acidity with heart burn. But i did not feal any pain in my stomach.sometime My throat get tight and feal dificulty in breathing. Please tell me what could be this ?

  3. King Brilliant

    who else is watching this whilst on PPI's anti biotics?


    Can you send the white board screenshot of whole video at last

  5. 50 Dread

    Please pray for me

  6. Sandrele Carla Santos

    this videos helped me a lot, thank you so much <3

  7. Sarvenaz Karimi


  8. pranav kombe

    totally makes sense
    thanks ✌🌼

  9. sadiya samir

    I loveed all your videos

  10. Jfransss

    Omg This is very helpful! Thank you

  11. Dj hapan korppu

    Thank you so much, this helped my essay ! <3

  12. Dark Dreamer

    Doesn't inflamation involve the production/presence of protaglandins? isn't protaglandins cause inhibit parietal cell from releasing HCL? btw I did't learn this from school or what not so some term might be wrong.. so I'm sorry if I did any.

  13. Bass Man

    So i have erosive gastritis and before gastroscopy I have consumed food that helps heal gastritis or some natural remedies. So my question is: Can be H. Pylori missed on gastroscopy – biopsy test, or stool test becouse I have used 24 hours before test, something that might kill H. Pylori or heal gastritis in natural way?

  14. Raj Usha

    Request you to please cut up with lecture's on head injury
    Ur tutorials are excellent

  15. Tommy Haywood

    Are you by chance able to draw or tell me if the h pylori can travel to your large and small intestine?

  16. PH Haider


  17. nomadic sahoo

    You are hero.. Please let me know how to cure it. …. Its night mare living with them

  18. scottyjoeful

    your videos are great!!

  19. Doctor of Medicine

    Urea breath test can came + ve as H.pylori is commensal…..
    Any way thanks to u

  20. Fedoua Oumamar


  21. Eliran Cohanim

    The video is great I would have add the parietal cells and the H K ATPs pump , love your explanation, made it visual for me

  22. Bruno Nevado

    excellent video

  23. CarienXx

    This was very helpfull as all the articles make this so complicated, but with the drawings it suddenly becomes very clear. Great video!

  24. nabil vohra

    Is it safe or danger?

  25. Erick Narvaez

    Thank you so much for that explanation… my mom was just diagnosed with H pylori and stomach cancer. This video really help me understand her condition

  26. Usman Mujhal

    Very nice sir

  27. Rocky

    Dude if you were my teacher id pass with good grades

  28. Faheem Khan


  29. Nasse

    Extremely helpful, thanks a bunch!

  30. Miguel Alves Pereira Júnior


  31. Syed Rafiq

    why h.pylori make no harm in some people and make serious disease in some people like atropic gastritis and cancer.

  32. Ahmad Salman

    My exam today! Thanks so much for this!

  33. Guilherme Macedo

    awsome -thx

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