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  1. iRaid_ oneshot

    How much does it cost

  2. Johnny Lariat

    I am having a horrible pressure like feeling between my shoulders. Its horrible. Who do i need to go see? A psychical therapist ?

  3. manal ahmed

    From where are can I find you!?!?

  4. Chef Mike Ankh

    That looks like that feels great…my chiropractor doesn't do those techniques..she did the t-bone technique twice

  5. Cxdered GamingYT

    When I breathe my back hurts becuase of bad posture I was in 12min in cousins house we were watching videos and they wanted to see so I showed them and I had bad posture uncomfortable position and when I left I had back pain but we were running for 6+hours outside and I thought it was becuase of that and 1 week past I still have it and its uncomfortable

  6. Bollineni Suman

    Tq sir I am suffering from mid back pain from 8 years

  7. Motherless Cunt

    what a crock of shit

  8. Mercury Grand Marquis

    I fucked up my mid back while lifting a heavy box at work, while i lifted i didn't calculate the weight and my hands dropped and i felt a pop in mymid middle back anybody in a similar situation? Also the pop was it a muscle tear or a sprain?

  9. BlueWRX Subie

    Chiropractors are not real doctors everybody. Pseudo science all the way. Go to a physical therapist. There's a reason you don't see chiropractors in hospitals.

  10. Lower Back Pain Relief

    Pain relievers don't do anything, they cover it up.. I use an acupressure mat, paig gone fast

  11. Banagan

    How much would a session like this cost?

  12. Charlie Corleon

    Is it just me or does anybody else like it when they see a difference in the leg lengths?

  13. Jake Bad Hawk

    I hurt my back on a dirt bike recently, now it's effecting my breathing any thoughts?

  14. derkgts10

    Every area of his neck/back you touched I have pain in.

  15. Cricket Lovers

    Sir where are you from?

  16. Jc DaBarBer

    When u coming to NYC

  17. D.E.K. Outdoors

    9:27 best pain relieving adjustment for a bench presser !

  18. Nolan Knows


  19. Kevin Torres

    I have that right now shit hurts

  20. Advance Excel

    hey ,if anyone else is searching for back pain remedies try Magonsi Back Pain Expert (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  21. Scott Balcomie

    I thought that was upper back. My hurts right below the rib cage. Is that considered lower back?

  22. Jay Turbo

    Who is eating chips while watching this 😂😂

  23. KiNG CoBrA

    I have used up more than 3,000 usd at the same but all of them do the same as he does on the video and it doesn't solve the problem forever. temporarily and that's not what we want ☹

  24. LOGIC !

    ugh this is my dream.

  25. Cindy Najera

    Bro I need this in my life right now😭

  26. ZoofSkillzFishing

    Hi Guys, please let me know if there are any Chiropractors who implement similar techniques in Durban, South Africa



  28. Landon O'Camb

    My symptoms look identical. I’ve been to multiple chiropractors and a couple physical therapists and haven’t had any results! I need this! How do I get this!?

  29. Kristine Rodriguez

    My aunt usually wake up in the morning with a low back pain. I delivered this back pain guide, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) to her and she noticed the main difference the next morning. She is really happy with the guide..

  30. Ndelly Jonas

    I look at this and i feel like i wish i could get this. Suffering from this pain mid back pain for quite some time now😭

  31. Mary Diaz

    Great release Dr C.

  32. John Ny

    Now I know to look for a strong, motivated Chiropractor next time. Experience is important but i think most people that have been in the field for some time are just getting absolutely lazy and give minimal adjustments. I want this adjustment done because i suffer from the same mid back pain. Can you refer anyone worth going to in the Tampa Bay area?

  33. coolphil881

    I really wish I could get this help for my head neck and mid back and arms

  34. Stoner Gaming


  35. Rachin Madan

    I want this therapy badly. Any help will be appraised

  36. Steve Sturges

    those cracks must have felt sooooo good…. I need to see this guy… Next time you're on holiday in Chiang Mai…let me know!

  37. Lexxy Lioness

    So nobody's going to talk about this man's nasty feet

  38. XY Charizard Y Chaizard

    Where are you located?


    A welder? Mid back pain? Sounds like me lmao

  40. Sunita Dhaka

    This is Indian technique . We call it JHATKA.

  41. nagesh poorna

    Back pain is the most commonly felt pains and is seen in the majority of the people. Usually, the middle age group faces this condition. Improper way of sitting, car driving and any underlying condition can cause back pain and this needs a proper diagnosis and treatment. Homeocare International helps in treating this condition by its homeopathy treatment for back pain with the help of its remedies that give instant relief. https://www.homeocare.in/back-injuries.html

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