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  1. Michael Giron

    Andy is gonna need a great gameplan…

  2. Christopher Gonzalez

    Dont listen to this idiot who lost in his last fight. . .
    I bet I can kick his sorry ass

  3. Twsuf1

    Andy will fart in the fifth round and it's down & out for AJ

  4. Twsuf1

    Giving advice? Didn't you come off an embarrassing loss?

  5. Michelle Hackland

    Ruiz wins again aj to slow

  6. Sergio Marley

    Andy Ruiz invite Andy Garcia !! To Saudi

  7. make shift

    Mikey "i see something" garcia

  8. Carl Vernon

    Kebabs not abs, Andy is going to struggle

  9. Joseph Armenta

    Andy will be lighter on his feet the power and speed will always be there , its gonna be a great fight they both are bringing out the best of each other

  10. Robert

    bro enough with the pound for pound cbd shit

  11. Kobe Superfan

    andy ruiz losing weight to fight mikey sister at a catchweight 240 after this fight

  12. Randy Chavez

    His cardio was on point! At no point was he winded in, not just that fight, but all of his bouts. "Shape" is not an aesthetic thing in athletics it's a performance thing. Mark Coleman used to show up for fights shredded but would always get winded and would fight stiff while Fedor used to show up a little chubby and was arguably one of the greatest of all time.

  13. Joseph Williams

    Mikey see's something again😂😂😂

  14. cjfilmproductions

    Yup you see the airport the hotel and the jobsite.

  15. mmm lol

    rip ruiz, long live king AJ

  16. J Q

    Mike tyson said it: if it aint broke, dont fix it.

  17. J Q

    I really really dont like the idea of weight loss! Why, what for???? If it was arreola that gassed out when he was bigger then yeah. But Andy has stamina and dont gasses out during fights. If its only to please the critics then thats wrong too. Just train like always and show that some dude similar to regular looking people is able to achieve smthing so big!

  18. KingPharaoh TV

    AJ as underdog is dangerous like Tyson in his prime

  19. Jason Lee

    Damn let the guy talk.

  20. James Zack

    Who is the interviewer? She is so confident

  21. G T

    mikey be like I aint going to nobody fight lol i'm busy

  22. Twisting Dervole

    It's so he can move even quicker

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