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  1. Nibba

    The only good milk is the Mother milk and is for children.
    Milk is cancer for humans

  2. Domenico Defrenza

    Been on ur side for 13years good job hope u get threw to people,animals are getting there revenge on humans after all the slaughter being done!!

  3. Spank MaMonkey

    Here is the big lie- being vegan makes you thin. We can tell from your chubby cheeks, kangaroo fucker.

  4. Sondra Lee

    Can you tell me what your diet is?

  5. Rafael Castillo

    When I grow up, I wanna be like you! !!! jejeje! !!!

  6. Rafael Castillo

    Glad to see you being more healthy and happy! !!!!

  7. Joe H

    Wow! What a beautiful lady, inside and out… What I wouldn't give to find a woman like this…

  8. Ernestine Harris

    Meat is the problem. Milk not really so much

  9. Ernestine Harris

    Fast and pray is all I gotta say

  10. walker36100

    You may be correct a bout the milk coming from the dairy industry.I don't you are correct when it comes to raw milk from organic farms which comes from grass fed grain free cows which are free to roam and feed off of grass.

  11. optizap

    Grow up tit heads.

  12. Glenn Carr

    Rubbish! Milk is not the poison you make it out to be. I buy raw organic milk (unheated, with live enzymes and bacteria) which has undamaged protein. No doubt you have been refered to the China study which is a complete load of trash. Look up Denise Minger (a former vegan until that made her unwell) who debunks the very poorly cherry picked data in that holy grail of vegan books and leaves it in tatters. Also look up the New China Study and find how completely different conclusion were drawn!

    The science on milk was done with non human subects who were firsly made to develop cancer (with cancer forming compounds) and then fed on unnatural denatured Casein protein (a small fraction of the whole food milk) and compared with a control group that were fed no casein. The casein group faired much worse. However the study is flawed as it does not compare milk consumption but damaged casein and does the study on a different life form! Ludicrous!

    As for the argument with carnivores having sharp pointed teeth and herbivores not, why is it that horses and cows do not posess any canine teeth? The argument that we eat roots does not seem to be well supported as availability of such tubers in paleolythic times was very limited (too limited to have sparked the evolutionary change!). Onto the long digestive tract! Firstly, our stomachs are more acidic and less complicated than herbivores (often having multiple chambered stomachs to get all the nutrition they need from a plant based diet). Ours are more acidic for a reason – digestion of difficult to break down foods not in the vegetable family. Our 'long' digestive system (small intestines) are around three times our body length whereas a cows is 20 times their body length! Again, this is for a reason. Same reason that cows don't have canine teeth – we are different. As for obesity – this is not a trait of omivores – it is a result of glucose disregulation in the body bought about by the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats like cottonseed oil and even sunflower.

  13. Vega La Cerda

    KeyTJ, et al. Mortality in vegetarians and nonvegetarians: detailed findings from a collaborative analysis of 5 prospective studies. Am J Clin Nutr. 1999;70(3)(suppl):516S-524S.

    The upshot of this study was that there were no significant differences between vegetarians and nonvegetarians in mortality from cerebrovascular disease, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or all other causes combined. There were some effects on ischemic heart disease. Compared to regular meat eaters – occasional meat eaters were 20% less likely to develop it, Vegans 26% less likely and the healthiest groups were people who ate fish but not meat and people who consumed eggs and dairy but not meat who were 34% less likely. 

  14. Jason Stroman

    Is casein not in breast milk?

  15. Daniella Victoria

    Great video!

  16. dntlss

    Im not a vegetarian and never will be,need a little more substance in my life and i am also not a conspiracy nut BUT i am one of those people that believes that this cancer shit is a little more complicated than we have been lead to believe.  cancer is eating our society and there is some connection with the food we are eating and cancer itself. do you go to bed at night and all of the sudden you wake up in the morning and you have cancer? how did that happen and why? i also believe in the connection between cellphones and cancer,no doubt about it,you got these little machines spewing out waves everywhere, what makes us think we are immune to them? problem is the cellphone industry is HUGE,they are not about to pull the plug on it and send us back to the stone age,just like that guy at FORD said years ago,"its cheaper to pay the lawsuits than to recall the cars" i know im gonna die of cancer,its just matter of time,we all are,also what is the connection between old age and cancer? i know little kids get it and all that but it seems that when people get old their chances of getting cancer multiply tenfold and then some people live to 100 and dont get it,why? genes my ass!! and all these billions and billions we get every year for cancer research,were does it go? i dont see much progress from the chemo that decimates you to the drugs that pump in you and make you sicker,sorry for ranting but im really tired of this cancer shit and seeing loved ones dying from it and having our hands tied while this bullshit eats us up!!!

  17. Spazztica Fantazztica

    Something I wanted to bring up.  I am a vegan myself so I am not trying to argue against you.  Correct me if I am wrong but human milk also contains casein.  So how is it that casein is the agent in milk that makes people sick?

  18. Mullcrum the Sage

    This is about to be proven scientifically, some would argue that it already has. I didn't believe this until I researched it myself. This is some scary shit, call it a conspiracy or what ever you want but it's real. What changed my mind was going through my grocery store and realizing that some form of dairy product was in most of the food around me. I was a vegetarian for years but consumed dairy and I still felt like crap. I said what the hell, why do I feel this way? I stopped consuming all dairy and it is the most physically and mentally traumatic experience I have ever had. It has been over a month now and I still wake up with pains in my stomach like I had never felt before. My internal chemicals are all off, I feel like crap, hungry all the time like I can't get full. I also feel depression and I have never felt like that in  my life. I was told that my body will eventually flush out all of the toxins, I'll wait. So before anyone laughs this off as bullshit better do a little more research.

  19. BeautyHealthZoneBlog

    What do expect when they feed the animals with growth hormones, what do you think is going to happen to the people drinking the milk and eating the cow.

    Here they are promoting GMO at the present time and then people wonder why all these humans are getting cancer and dying.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the contaminated milk that has been deliberately tampered with and poisonous toxins added…..Did you know that home intruders not only steal your possessions but they can tamper with food as well.

    I know it is hard to believe but totally true indeed.

  20. Peter Matthew

    Damn you're beautiful.

  21. Bob Derps

    Typical Vegan. They're so ignorant about most things. I mean, it's not they aren't trying to do bad, they are in fact helping farm animals. They just parrot what PETA says. The problem I have is that they lie to so many people and trying to make things that do good for someone's health and tell them to stop doing that, which in turn destroys the health of the population. It's ironic how at the beginning she tells people how they're being lied to, when she herself is lying to these people. — The protein in milk is present in human milk. There, I said it.

  22. Face Mandella

    Do you have actually scientific sources for these claims?

  23. Banna Banan

    It's so sad that so many people think that dairy is good for them. Hah:( 

  24. Amy Neville

    I think meat and dairy is a form of population control by the elites. Reduces life expectancy significantly in the west, causes starvation in the third world. The science information widely exists but the media propaganda says the opposite – why is that???

  25. Zandria Waters

    There's a high-pitched background noise in this video. It really distracts from your message. I won't want to be one of those people who wines about the little things, but here I go.

  26. Amanda McDermott

    Where do you people who moan about protein think that cows, horses, deer, sheep etc get their protein??? yes that's right from the ground!!! from vegetation. I learnt so much about this when my horse was in foal worried about her protein and calcium intake but I needn't have she was fine just as she was in the field at grass and had the most amazing healthy little foal.
    Ghandi was right and still is.

  27. BussoPower

    Using elektronic divices that have wireless connection can cause cancer.

  28. gazing newbo

    can u put more before and after pics? ………………btw is there a reason why u never ever answer comments?

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