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  1. Jenna Shea Markham

    Thank you for this. You look amazing and you always have, but I'm so happy for you that you're getting where you want to get and that you decided to make this. I'm just starting my weight loss journey, my goal is to lose 80 pounds, but even that seems far away and hard to do sometimes, and a lot of what you've talked about I identify with so much. Thank you for making this video, it's good to see honesty and it's been inspiring and helpful to know someone else goes through these feelings too. You're amazing, you got this 💛🌟☀️🌻😊

  2. Mia

    i love you

  3. rebecca shoe

    What a true inspiration you are you are a beautiful woman god bless you!!

  4. Gilbert Cervantes

    Great effort n great job done girl keep up the fantastic job👍👍👍👍👍

  5. nikki goumas

    We went to school together and I came across this video and I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you. You probably may not even know me but I’m over here rooting for you and it breaks my heart to see how you look at yourself and think you’re not beautiful. You are beautiful. Beauty is more than just your image. I look at you and see bravery, kindness, a truly authentic woman and you don’t hide who you are despite what you’ve been through. I can’t imagine how hard this journey has been for you but I admire your courage, your strength, your dedication and ambition. I’ve never been overweight but I deal with the demons inside me. I’ve been through two suicide attempts and I have dealt with sever depression and anxiety my entire life and I’ve always struggled with acceptance and self love etc. I fee your pain to an extent and I want you to know that you are perfectly and wonderfully made and keep up the hard work. You are an inspiration to everyone ❤️😭💋

  6. Rakhi Singh

    Only half way in this video and can't resist to comment…I know this struggle… you are amazingly inspiring…and really beautiful before and after….👍

  7. Detrix Hogan

    Such a pretty girl. At any size. I have that realization but not that motivation. Congrats to you young lady. All praise and glory tho God. Yes I am morbidly obese myself but much older than you. Old enough to be your mother. Yes I have a war raging inside of me too. For years…

  8. lucie Joseline

    I watched this and I feel like I know you from my own struggles with weight and mental health issues x I absolutely love ya and I think your stronger than you realise x

  9. Ray

    I felt that too when I know myself that I'm losing weight, but I feel that I'm still gaining even more. I so relate to your story. Thanks for sharing and inspiring people like me who wants to change our lives.

  10. Miss ChiChi

    Definitely some mental illness there. I saw it so much at the beginning of the video. Especially when you said you cant see what it is thats happening to you. Well i can. Its as if you have demons that are using soft power to torture you. And its way more than the weight issue. I know this cause when it was coming off you started wanting attention from men. Well i dont know where you get that problem from or at what point in your life you inherited that behavior but all along its a spirit of wanting attention. Wanting to be seen, liked ect. Trying to get into certain behaviors that subconsciously you feel you missed out in life being that you were raised Mormon and sheltered and having no need to look beautiful. I believe that is the source of the problem and it grew over time. Then You eat alot to feed that spirit and when you stopped and started working out the spirit is now out to get other source of attention again back to that little girl stage. Sort of like taking you back in time. Spirits will do these things. Well i hope you keep doing all the right things you're doing.

    Be careful with all the strangers you meet online so you dont run into an unexpected psychopath. Stop having random sex it will only invite strange spirits and confuse things the more. Try practicing celibacy the best you can it will also kill that attention urge. Also stop all the drinking but just enough wine is ok. Hopefully you'll land you a nice looking guy that is mentally stronger than you to help you continue and give you all the sex you want. But most importantly realize that you have an attention seeking spirit and it shows up when ever things dont go its way. Learn to control it by recognizing it and maintain mental stability until it passes away. And also you are at an age where most of us can get depressed jsut for the hell of it but you will pass that stage soon. You dont need any medication. Just recognize these things. the ability to control yourself is within you. No medication. Speaking from experience.

  11. Tierney Battle

    😭😭😭 omg I feel the same…. it’s sooo hard

  12. phoebe bailey

    get this to sundance, this made me feel so much.



  14. Emma Reese

    i can relate to you so much and it make me cry because i know what its like to look in the mirror and just be so unhappy with yourself. its such a horrible feeling that no one else can help you with. you have to work thro it by yourself. learning to love yourself isnt easy im still working on it

  15. Emma Reese

    where do u live i just wanna hug you!!!!!!!

  16. Yordanos Tesfamichael

    I honestly love you but at the same time being positive will help you alot. Don't cry your so wonderful and cute I love your shape!!!

  17. torij95

    This is amazing you’re truly beautiful, coming across this video is helping me through some tough shit and you’re such an inspiration. I am just starting my weight loss journey and I needed to see the behind the scenes instead of just before and after pics. Thank you so much, you’re beautiful inside and out 💗

  18. Brenda Ramos

    This video is sooo real! I love it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️

  19. Lib Vas

    This is just…so real.


    inspired! thank you beautiful

  21. Faye Watkins

    U r more Beautiful than the Language you're using.

  22. Jamless Gucci

    What's the song in the beginning?

  23. Prophetess Queen

    Darling, you are too hard on yourself. What was your goal weight? Did you make it there?

  24. Paula T

    Thank you. I needed to hear so much of this. I'm starting on my weight loss journey. There is so much below the surface. It's a scary proposition. Just want you to know you were always beautiful.

  25. Esmeralda Medina

    😢😢😢 this video inspired me so much ❤️

  26. Līna Sirsniņa

    Girl you sing so well omg 😭 and you and your story is my most superior inspiration in the whole world 😭❤️

  27. Līna Sirsniņa

    Your story is so inspiring 😞 I have seen only like 15 minutes till now but it really makes me cry and inspires me and I can relate to the feelings you were going through.. This video is everything 😞❤️

  28. Karrina Fuoco

    omg chills u r so beautiful !!!

  29. myrthe hermans

    You are fucking bueatifulk

  30. isabella nuñez

    this was so honest and it hurts my heart but i'm so beyond proud of you. i don't even know if i have an eating disorder. i rarely eat and i do exercise but i'm still at the same weight. i drop 10 pounds then gain them back. i've been to a nutritionist but they told me everything i knew. i don't eat meat, and i drink a lot of water. idk,,, i'm 15 and just don't know what to do.

  31. Damon Harker

    Hi I know I'm seeing this video a little late but I wanted you to know that I am proud of you. I understand your struggles throughout the process because I am also a plus sized female. I struggle to look in the mirror without feeling disgusted with myself or crying. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and a eating disorder. I also have no social skills because I have isolated myself. I have started my own weightless journey I'm 17 turning 18 and I'm around 280-290. Wish me luck girl!!

  32. Jill DaSilva

    You have no idea how many people you've probably helped with your transparency and truth. You're amazing <3

  33. Jamilla nkenzie

    Your such a champ 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  34. Stephanie Woods

    This was the realest thing I’ve ever watched. Cried a lot! Girl you are beautiful and gorgeous! Don’t give up! Don’t quit!

  35. calamariSafari

    Not even halfway into this. I feel this so much like you took every feeling I have a said it. I can’t wait to see how well you do and watch you succeed

  36. Jennie Theobald

    I’ve only just seen this as it was recommended ! I suffered with anorexia and now have a binge eating disorder , so it’s came full circle , watching this has me in tears at times as I can relate with you , on so many levels , so thank you for being so raw and so real . I can imagine you have helped so many people just by posting this , absolutely fantastic work honestly !!! You look unbelievable, all that hard work has really paid off! So well done you ! ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Edu Sam

    Strong respect

  38. charity !?

    You look beautiful the way you are

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