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  1. Peter Hanna



    get dirt don't use wood !!

  3. DariGamez YT

    Bruh you have done this like 187466463728287 times

  4. Samir Grg

    Do you have secrets base

  5. manik play

    Кто знает русский???

  6. Sensior Z


  7. meet gaming

    Hii jelly please play the RL craft

  8. Julian Vassallo

    What happend to kwebblekop?? Just a question

  9. love shawn

    i use creator code jelly in fortnite,because jelly is the best and i have a green bed in minecraft because green is the best color in the world!!!#1 fann over hereee!!

  10. Chanelle Dixon

    Why is it not oak wood

  11. Chanelle Dixon

    Oh no he's green

  12. Chanelle Dixon

    Do the floors lava

  13. Jay Priestley

    Jelly you are dying in your self

  14. Adam Jabbar

    July I love your videos

  15. Kevin Ochoa

    Acid is green Jelly's favorite color

  16. Hridaya Ahire

    What’s up with your hair man

  17. MATRIX boi

    Jelly should play more rdr2 like so jelly can see

  18. robloxpqz100 PLAYZ

    Play gta 5

  19. Taj Yassine

    Jelly you are the best

  20. Milano Grow


  21. Ryder Gruber

    Jelly Your Minecraft house is upside down in robust town

  22. UningyPlayz

    i hated this all for this jelly lost!

  23. Ranjini mischelle

    Slogoman turned your house upside down in robust town survival

  24. Join Du

    This is a game

  25. Bilal Aman


  26. Dobbys Playhouse

    Play more gta 5

  27. Leona Dee

    jelly why you don'tplay fortnite no more

  28. Saksham Chourasia

    I need friend like you , l will text this the n your every minecraft video

  29. Stiven Velecela

    I thought it was 20 sec he liesss

  30. 000 956

    you should become Muslim allah will grant you heaven laillaha illahaillala say that with two people

  31. XxBlack WolfyxX

    Make a part 2 where you guys dont go up.. but DOWN!! Its water that kills you, AND WATER DOESNT GOES THROUGH BLOCKS!!

  32. JomiGaming

    Where is jordy

  33. Phillip Halkett

    Jelly looks so nice and innocent but watch a video from a few years ago it's a whole new story. ………

  34. Lance Gamer

    What is a ur secret base

  35. sobat begum

    jelly is losing his subs help him

  36. JAY SON

    Jelly please make a Minecraft survival series.
    Like if you want jelly make a Minecraft survival series. 👍👍👍👍👍👇👇👇

  37. Troy Carino

    Jelly. Slogoman fliped your house in your small town village he trolled you

  38. Pikablue769 Animations

    Oh man, it’s not the good kinda acid?

  39. CheeZe YT

    True jelly fans

  40. Connor Doyle

    jelly go to minecraft and have a look at slogoman and kwebbelkop house

  41. Oliver ProGamer

    The first zombie disappeared because hostile entities can despawn


    Chicken:bak bakbak bak

    ACID: its time to cook some yummy chicken

  43. darren santiago

    Do 30 sec black hole is bigger and stronger

  44. XxmatejaxX x

    Th zombie is da Bing 6:24

  45. Joshua Crowley

    hey jelly


    Is jelly green and the toxic is green

  47. mhelai ramirez

    i dot love jelly

  48. Cam's Catch

    You should do a video everything you touch turns into a mob

  49. Manani225


  50. Ankush chaudhary

    He is triggering me he isn't using dirt!!!!!!!????

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