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  1. caris clo

    she doesnt even need a single make up omg

  2. Star Blue

    I use nothing on my face at all.. and I only cleanse with water. My skin is amazing! Sometimes I wonder if all these products the industry tells us are needed actually are…

  3. Manasa Rani

    Hair looks perfect

    Miranda: I forgot to brush my hair 🙄

  4. Night light

    She looks sooo young and so beautiful all the time!

  5. Nik Nur Nadia Rosdi

    gorgeous babe 😍❤

  6. Tegridy

    She sells that heart shaped rock to rub your face with for 73 aud. Wtf is wrong with us?! I don't think I've ever heard her talk without trying to sell anything.

  7. Isabella Campomanes

    Again pregnant?? Somebody needs birth control

  8. Patrick Beckwith

    Oct 1 1985 – Oct 1 2004 …

  9. St. Barts

    I love 💕 her!!

  10. Sara G

    Her dimples 💝

  11. Clara Veres

    Ok wtf is pregnancy beauty?!? 😹😹😹

  12. itsallaboutya

    Miranda means it when she says a little something

  13. Wild & Belle

    She looks amazing pregnant! I listened to a podcast with her talking about Kora Organics and it was great, she really knows her stuff.

  14. TheAlexanderMagnum

    Am I the only one who keeps on looking at her chin and the unblen concealer?

  15. Andita Indra

    Shes the only one who always beauty without any routine

  16. bleumarin1968

    sorry but décolletage is not the correct word. It is décolleté.

  17. Jason Morris

    Suplement with Collagen I recommend the brand honest nutrition it has elastin and hyloronic acid plus take phytoceramides and liposomal Hyloronic Acid watch Leda Lum channel.

  18. Mikoto Chenmai


  19. I love life

    sorry, but I find this videos not good- because we are not in that postion of this ladies- which are on the top of income and wealth… I don´t adore people for showing off which expensive products they use to be young and beautyful…the whole message is- be rich- that´s the only way to look beautyful and young; not my truth…

  20. Riyakhan 94

    Gorgeous 😍

  21. Janat is YouTubing

    you don't need makeup honey :)))

  22. RoseGold

    "Super dark pigmentation" girl, you have no idea

  23. maheen tanweer

    Love her so much 💕💕💕😇

  24. Hilal D.

    Her voice is so soothing i like it

  25. ラリサマノバン

    randa says "oi" 😻

  26. Ania


  27. Yanga Ndamase

    i love how her products are almost all used up. she’s the realest and most down-to-earth celebrity of our time. love you Miranda x

  28. hana Nuhes

    I really love her😍😍😍💜💜💜
    She is my Favourite model💜💜💜
    I don't know how to describe my love😍😍😍😍😍 it's infinitely 🙈🙊🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
    Love U Miranda, my super Angel🤰🏽💫💎🧚🏽‍♀️
    One day I buy "All Kora organic products"🥺😍it's my goal💪🏻😇💎

  29. N D

    Sorry are you all idiots over here? What perfect skin She's wearing creams on top of makeauped face !!! And the order is not correct. After the cream and before the eye oil she got red but when she moved to the oil she's pale again. They prob cut it about a million times to re apply foundation before moving to next steps lol. Also these cameras have filters hellooooo! They're lying to you again but in a more sofistivated manner than in the old times! Also, yes big gold digger Evan Spiegel looks like a cockroach it was a set up by the Arnaults that were common firends! Also for those of you who don't know google her name with Jho Low, James Parker or Steve Bing! There are pictures as well… She's pretty but she's slept with some pretty disgusting men… I love her videos and her whole vibe but I'm not impressed with her story. Never tried the products but I'm sure you can find equally good organic products at 1/10th of the price at whole foods! Also, she's pretty obsessed with Grace Kelly and copying her in all sorts of ways you can imagine if you do your research! Still love you Miranda!

  30. Michaela Cernova

    She is beautiful woman inside out

  31. Thuy Le

    Did she use sun screen?

  32. inspiration lo

    She had a makeup already before applying all her products.

  33. pinchuap canad

    She's always pregnant🤔🙄

  34. Anne

    How is this woman always glowing! She's beautiful ❤❤❤

  35. David Patrick Boreanaz JR

    Up close the makeup looks nice but by far it looks terrible, it looks greasy as if you've put the cooking oil on your face

  36. Yara Yohn

    The botox is soo extrem overdone that there is no facial movement at all…. love u miranda

  37. dan darth

    Not so pretty. Who is this?

  38. Pyridam

    When i hear smt about Miranda Kerr, I always ends up thingking about Sehun😂😂😂😂

  39. Abbie Langford

    I swear she's been pregnant for like years

  40. Urbo Turbo

    Lea seydoux please

  41. H R

    Jho low’s ex mistress lmao

  42. Rahul Gupta

    does she even need any make up ??

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