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  1. Once Upon A Blink

    And all the fucking viral photos with her like oh my god she’s so fat she was wearing loose clothing that was generally unflattering like what do you think was gonna happen

  2. musicalpanda10

    When it comes to JYP idols being overweight, their staff ain't happy about it, like Jihyo during sixteen, she legit said "Jihyo you look fat" and checked to see what was wrong, in front of tv, and other staff and trainees, like it's so sad thinking about how these idols get judged for gaining weight

  3. musicalpanda10

    Why are they so nosy?? Even my mum doesn't give a shit about my weight, she's just like "eat well"

  4. Mikro Kosmos

    Can you do one of Kim Jisoo from Blackpink?

  5. Bla H

    I'm so shocked that she had to share her income with the other members despite them doing nothing MADNESS

  6. Javi G

    Who in the world does leetuk thing he is to say such a stupid thing?

  7. jungshook

    Thank you for always putting sm effort into these videos! It's important to know what idols really have to go through and that the kpop industry doesn't only consist of butterflies and sunshine 🙂 You nice, keep going ;D

  8. Hannah

    this is off topic but i was wondering if you could do a video on Seokjin from BTS? He's one of the taller members and has very very broad shoulders so i think his weight seems to look heavier than it really is. During his last promotions with boy in luv he looked especially skinny and smaller than usual. Especially his legs. And then recently on a vlive he revealed that he was only 59kg during promotions at 179cm. That means he had an bmi of only 18.4 which is underweight. (I think he may have honestly been smaller than jimin and yoongi but nobody really noticed since he's tall and broad-shouldered.)

    and in the past (debut?i think), he has mentioned about being put on harsh diets because the company would constantly call him fat and/or pig. I believe it was only a pack of chicken breast every day for a whole year . And it was so extreme that he refused any sort of vitamin which resulted in him suffering from malnutrition.

    He also does a lotta self dissing jokes or self-deprecating humor when someone mentions how thin he is or even just compliments him. and he rarely does eatjins(mukbangs) anymore and when he does its barely any food.

    i would like to just hear other peoples opinion about his weight through the years because i feel like he flys off the radar?? when it comes to it. if that makes any sense.

    Im just really worried about him idek. maybe im over-analyzing it ); nobody else seems to notice or care

  9. jaemin's uwu

    Could you do one on Nct’s Taeyong?? he’s worried me a few times…😔

  10. Marie Alessandra

    So glad I’m not Korean.. here people say I’m too thin, in Korea they would probably consider me fat.. 😳🥵 I feel so bad for these girls..

  11. Sarah Lime

    5:00 yikes I barely recognized her 0.0 she got really pretty now

  12. Y. Ryan Anthony

    she looks healthy not fat

  13. Mel Zam

    Yeees!🔥 Another awesome video… Great job! 👏🏼☺️👏🏼☺️👏🏼☺️

    PS: Can you do one about…
    – SVT – S. Coups
    – SVT – Hoshi *(I’m still not so sure, because as you said in the Yuta’s weight loss video: You can’t judge a weight loss by his face 😮)
    – SVT – Seungkwan
    – GOT7 – Youngjae (Again, I’m still not sure 🤔)

    But take your time, with no pressure… ☺️

  14. ·Zarina Galaxy·

    during that age girls body supposed to go through all the changes especially when they go through purberty its healthy for it to do that

  15. Staci

    Who is suzy's hairstylist. These bangs throughout the years aren't it 😂😂

  16. Lonely Soul

    You should do one on Goo Hara.

  17. Clara's Celestial Base

    the moment when you realise that you bought the make up which Suzy did a CF for without even knowing that she did that CF xD

  18. 리아 りあLIA

    Wow. I have lost my respect for Super Junior

  19. Tuan Mi Young

    Maybe she can lost and gain weight fast,I haven't finished the video but I just think she can lost and gain weight very fast so maybe thats why she's having a hard time maintaining her weight like I do,but I managed to control it but still gain weight very little by little,im also building up muscles so I guess I can say im in a healthy weight gain,I still don't understand why Knets make a big deal out of someone's weight,im seriously disgusted

  20. gdyong8 지디영8

    everyone bashing leeteuk because he told suzy to loose some weight😂 but come on. he was right tho. i would be happy and thankful if someone told me i should loose weight. because i would not want to look chubby thanks. if you get chubby. you should go on diet right away. just my opinion. but of cause. i guess it hurt her feelings so i do see why this was controversal.

  21. cat

    Being a female celebrity in a country where looks are hyper focused must be so hard… and she was so young when she debuted… 15… of course weight will fluctuate… we all had baby “fat” sigh… suju members… 🙁 dude come on…. I hope Suzy is happy and healthy now

  22. a !

    could you please do momoland nancy? her body has been such a sensitive topic for such a long time and nobody ever really talks about how the comments being made are affecting her

  23. maidmarian101

    i'd love to see a video on dreamcatcher gahyeon – her weight is always fluctuating and i'm really worried for her 🙁

  24. Dollydaydr3am

    Im shocked by the comment at 14:26… is that true that suzy had to share all her CF and drama money with the Miss A members? That isnt right…

  25. JhoeR12

    As a guy, I felt disgust hearing from him. Leeteuk didn't have a second thought before approaching a derogatory comment. He didn't have the right to hurt someone just to fit in the society and beauty standard. At least try to put in her shoes and see how painful and harsh if someone respond negativity towards him. Not just Suzy, but women in general who has gone worse than her.

  26. Ice Beam

    I didn’t even know Suzy’s relationship with her weight and the public practically started from her debut days. I just thought she lost weight because of that one time she was casted in something and and people complained. Most of this poor girls career and achievements were overshadowed by her weight loss and weight gain.

  27. Ice Beam

    YEEEEEEES you posted again 👌🏻👀😭👀👀🌸😅🌸😅💓😊🥴💖 ur doing great sweetie

    I am glad u still post on here, I wish I could donate to ur patron but I am seriously broke :((

  28. Baby Pink Monsoon

    Leeteuk is such a fucking scumbag (and so are most of the SuJu members, to be honest). And his "apology" was a joke. Saying blatantly that Suzy needed to lose weight and then saying it didn't come out the way he intended is like calling a black person the n-word and saying that you didn't mean for it to sound racist. He must think that we're as dumb as he is.

  29. IgottheJams

    Bae Suzy the OG Kpop Hair Goddess with a killer Body. She looked fantastic for Only U and Yes no Maybe

  30. kiki with a cookie

    Suzy's the most beautiful, and I mean the most BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS* being I have ever seen in my life, everything about her shines from her face to her heart to her voice. I hope she continues to love herself and, VAGABOND is doing great 💜

  31. VIXXStarlight

    Wow this makes me miss MissA their songs were so good and Dream High was one of my first dramas. Her weight Never once crossed my mind when watching back then. She was great ^^

  32. Sunny.bias

    Wtf is WRONG with SuperJunior members!!?!? So many of them treats women horrible and speaks so negatively on their appearance/weight 🙄😤 And they always get away with it, even tho they leave horrible scars that lasts on the girls mental health. Urgh I’m furious!!!

  33. Byun

    Love Suzy so much, she is so beautiful inside and out. Looks like a genuine person,super kind and loyal. She worked super hard for be where she is. I am so happy she is living her best life.

  34. Purinmeido

    Imagine being 17 and being told that you’re letting yourself go. 🤬

  35. A E.

    I love watching these videos of yours! Keep it up 👍😁


    I don't think Suzy was fat, i think is they big bangs who Made she look fat, se looks a way better without it

  37. Lily 098

    25:59 "do i have to update everyone everytime i gain weight? " 👏👏

  38. lili

    pls do loonas hyunjin

  39. WJSN101Weboo

    Oh my gosh I had no idea her Chicken diet was fake! 😮 People are always spreading fake info like they did with Yuta

  40. ShanLeigh.Art

    Suzy deserves all the fame she got and more. Her acting is of the best among Idols with Eunji in my opinion.
    Suzy worked her BUT OFF nonstop since debut never once complaining.
    She has no scandals and seems genuinely kind to everyone she works with
    Despite her fame she stayed loyal to her group and company to the very end.

    Shes both beautiful and humble and delt any criticism with class.

  41. Yan Bai

    People shouldn’t pressure idols to lose weight criticize their weight. It causes so much emotional damage on the idol, and it lowers their self esteem by a lot.

  42. vip5hawol

    I'll never understand the ridiculous methods these male variety hosts go through to find out a female idol's weight
    Like- wtf ??? The scale trick reminded me of the time a group (I think Girls Day) was secretly weighed onstage during an public event outside smmfh

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