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  1. Vilouth Phommajack

    I would go crazy if my kid goes missing…i can only imagine what they are going thru…but something doesn't seem right about the situation…

  2. Omgitsjoetime T

    Watch the video That Chapter did on Deorr

  3. PaulXT1200Z

    I wish George Knapp would host C2C, not just occasionally.

  4. Thoth EmeraldTablets

    Interesting how the wacko Grandfather laughs at all the questions pertaining to that poor little boy. One of those scumbag parents knows the truth. They should all be locked up NOW!

  5. Laural B

    This is so sad… It made me cry. I do not believe the parents had anything to do with it. I do believe mountain lions or bears had got to their children. Nobody knows but God himself. I hope the families of these missing children find some closure and realize nothing is their faults….but maybe God needed these children back to him. Prayers for these families. I'm sorry this happened to you. <3 love from Las Vegas, NM

  6. Crystal Lotzer

    I'd be happy to do that that list for for free for those lazy bastards. They should be ashamed!!!

  7. Ronan Barthon

    Did Issac have a toat or duffel bag? Did anyone check his stuff. The kid was only 20 some lbs. A person that will do act of this kind, will do it extremely fast.

  8. Sarah McGee

    If the place is "unsafe", why do people continue to go there? This is SO strange to me!!! I'm pretty sure he was "eaten" by some wild animal. I blame the parents for putting this child in "harms way". You can camp in your back yard or in the park close to your home.

  9. skrt daw

    That little kids jacket kinda heat tho

  10. Slamma pro Slamma yt


  11. Kristen Browning

    People need to wake up! All you have to do is watch movies or tv shows to know what’s going on in our world. Do you really think that people have that great of an imagination? There are other dimensions. Watch Extremerealitycheck and Tiffany FitzHenry

  12. Lashawn Washington

    No animal got to these kids it would've been traces of blood nearby. I bet u a lot of blacks missing there too

  13. Lashawn Washington

    U let your child walk back alone? They were idiots. He will not let her talk. He is nervous as HELL. Jared dad know ppl close to him took his boy

  14. brenda poole


  15. {1765} Join, or Ðie {2019}

    Obamas administration probably the ones who kidnapped them and took them to those elitist pedo islands which is why they know so much about it.

  16. B Unit


  17. Bernadette Keane

    Could be those Russian Troops In Underground Bunkers..

  18. Wagon

    Just be smart and either have the kids walk up front or have 2 adults.1 on point one on the rear

  19. khem127

    These series holds a new meaning for me, now that I understand about all these upper level sex traffickers(Epstein comes to mind)in our world.

  20. Gypsynurse Cathy

    Underground tunnels! So very sad. We do need records from the National Parks!

  21. Berlinda Moustafa

    Birds can make a body of any kind dissapear completely bones and all..I've seen that happen with animals

  22. Lizbeth Cortez

    im currently expecting a baby boy and watching this just made my heart crumble ☹️

  23. Daniel Washington

    Nobody wants to put blame where blame is due. Local, state laws say that if a person is injured, killed whatever on your property it's on you-the land owner. People disappear on federal land the govt needs to be responsible. This is what I truly belive-with govt/park services not keeping/trying to sell/lying about nonexisting lists of missing people, I think they are in on it because regardless of location/terrain, civilians are not allowed to possess a means to DEFEND themselves from anything they may encounter in the wilderness. ALL parks(state/national levels) do not allow hikers/visitors the safety of a firearm while they are out. Tell u what-& I put this on everything I love-if something/someone runs upon me in the wilderness bent on causing ME harm-I'll come back with a very DIFFERENT story for you. It's time we start defending ourselves/loved ones. It's a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. Also, If it's so safe out there-WHY do RANGERS carry firearms??? Just something for EVERYONE to think about…

  24. NadrianATRS

    Being together for five years and not being married is ridiculous. Just goes to show how they don't trust each other

  25. Lewis Gray

    isaac did it

  26. Victor Freeman

    All evil roads led to Freeman county Colorado.the elits have tunnels all over America hide in NORAD and have there devil's worshiping baby eater's sackrifice .

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