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  1. VenusRising


  2. Richard Bell

    Hi Tom, Are you saying you had 6 separate lesions treated, or has it been 6 sessions of mutiple to treat the same tumour ?

  3. Tom Cat

    I have had 6 moh's surgeries and going in today for 2 more biopsies on my nose. I am sick of this procedure. I look like a chucky doll.

  4. Josette McMichael

    This is excellent! A great resource, thank you for putting this together!

  5. Nirmala Mano

    After biopsy what's the treatment

  6. Frank Whitty

    Great video.  Dr. Stephen Kovacs is a fantastic dermatologist.  He has done this procedure on me before.  It was a success, and I look forward to a similar result.

  7. Alyson Easton


  8. Peter Kelly

    Excellent video… very thorough explanation by Dr. Omlin and his producer

  9. Edith Nieves

    Great video!

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