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  2. victor belarde

    Remind me of east ridges Tennessee

  3. Lana Michele Haun

    Goddess of go fuck ur self

  4. Mizz Harley

    Awesome song .. but why would u show a long dark haired woman and use the lyrics long blonde hair ? Haha

  5. victor belarde

    I wanna eat you, Victor

  6. Craig B

    Tera did great porn back in the day 💕

  7. Gordon Music

    Squeeze her ass but it's priceless.when she squeezes your ass back

  8. Mark Mathis

    Um, Tera Patrick is gorgeous regardless of lighting. Natural Beauty. Sorry.

  9. Mark Mathis

    God. I hate this single sound. The rap is okay. Tera is gorgeous.

  10. The Zodiac

    loved to have seen motley crue rip this in 86

  11. Raul Rocha

    Fucckkkkin GAY

  12. C Lee

    "Prettiest thing you ever seen in the dark " 😂 who else is here in 2019 ? Dive bar beauty 👑

  13. BHamTheLyricist Official Page

    It would mean the world to me if you guys gave this a listen. I'm a 30 year old, father of five, recovering drug addict. I have a lot to say, and my story may help others pull themselves out of a dark spot. Thank you. #GetHamSigned #BHam #BHamTheLyricist

  14. Kimberly Handy

    This is my jam great song especially like the end when the guy gets knocked out 😂

  15. Lawrence Gray

    Love this fucking song..im a biker so it gets my blood pumping first thing in the morning!…

  16. Jo Young

    Badass 💪 love it

  17. Rufus Lee Hung

    I gotta pet snake

  18. Kevin Hamilton

    Song good. Before n after sux tho


    🇺🇸🎄#KATIENOEL Y'ALL🎄👣🍃

  20. Happiness

    You go guys

  21. Denise Schick

    check out Rebel Red Hot Rebel new jam, love it ,and all their jams are the best and I'd listen all day if I could you know!! Bad Azz!!

  22. Black Wolf

    My type of woman! ha! Great song!

  23. P C

    Love the song, but, we all know , there's no dive bar beauty queen, lol, but a nice fantasy though…
    .. most dive bars have girl with less teeth than the amount of beer you bought

  24. rollin' stoned

    gotta like the bandits…gotta love Tera!

  25. Batman Bremen

    Oh Yeah!!! I like this Sound!!! Please Can i take this for my next Video on Scooter Szene Bremen Chanel?

  26. james ables

    Love this song

  27. Ray Findley

    Shiner Nation !!!

  28. Ray Findley

    Song kicks ass !!!

  29. LivinDeadGurl Zombie

    This song reminds me of the Gravenhurst Albion!

  30. Dina Cone

    Only thing better than this video is seeing them in concert!

  31. Betty Marcum

    Love this song !

  32. Douglas Lambert

    That was a great song&video 2.

  33. scottheathco

    2 things…why didn't they get billy bob thornton to play the old guy….and is that cameo featuring slash…

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