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  1. Donna Warrior

    Thanks so much. I have a lot of pain when I get up and do any forward bending. Can you do an current video for low back annular tears in back discs. I need some pain help

  2. HiDaze


  3. Heather B

    A little confused here.. just watched a video where you guys gave some stretches for types of sciatica, and the stretched that matched my symptoms where knee to chest. But here you're saying that's not good for sciatic issues. Can you show more stretches for the other type of sciatic pain. Please and thanks!

  4. planning_with_patches

    Loved the prison joke!

  5. Deborah K Hill

    I watch you 2 a lot, but you messed up this one with the background noise

  6. Ayhan T

    You are talking about that "the nutrition is getting in to the fluid". Is there a way to help improve this process by for example eating the right food ?

  7. unevenspleener

    In the future if you make a live video can you please do something to improve the sound quality? This one has such poor sound that is almost unintelligible.

  8. Love 2

    I'm afraid to have sex and hurt my back? Herniated L5 how soon can i?

  9. Marie-Danielle O'Reilly

    Great video, guys ! Your videos help me to do my exercises every morning.🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭♥️♥️♥️

  10. vosgita

    A yoga instructor taught me to use my hips to bend over, instead of my back. It took me a while to learn. I was afraid to hurt my disk again, but once I understood how to do it, bending didn't hurt anymore. It really changed the way I bend. I use the same knowledge to pick up things from the floor, brush my teeth, or anything that requires bending. I don't even feel my back when I do it. I apply the same concept to regular walking. Massaging the glute with a lacrosse ball also helps.

  11. Bramble Bop

    Very useful video, but the sound is really defective.

  12. Kishan Sharma

    i have back pain like stabbing pain on my back like stinging pain electric shock like goes to my right waist but does not go down to my hip or legs, pl. help me with that, thanks to you both

  13. Janez Worster

    I've had steroid injections L4 and L5 and am still left with numb, tingly pain in S1 and S2 into my left foot. Now have right side sistica down leg into upper calve. Disc bulge with leak in lumbar. How can i treat this snd keep my back healthy?

  14. Karen Fountain

    Hi guys. I have a c5 c6 narrowing of the spine and a L5 pars defect small disc bulge. Also iv had a lumbar hernia done. Now my right side from neck to knee is in pain and pins and needles in arm. Can't walk far now. Pain in hip. Want to work but when I do hard work. It all starts again really bad. I'm a cleaner is this job not good for me. Been trying to do your door fame push outs but pins and needles in arm not good when i stop. Help me please. I been of work to long 10months want to go back. This is getting to me.. 😥

  15. Lukas Rosov

    Is there a recommended rep and set scheme for this program?

  16. Helen Kirk

    I find your videos really brilliant. i dont know what my problem started as – herniated disc, bursitis, paresthesia meralgia, piriformis syndrome – but i do all the exercises and everything is getting better. my bulging disc l5-s1 shows on the mri scan, but the bursitits i think really started off a year of pain, pain and more pain. anyway, i no longer need a walking stick and as long as i keep doing the exercises its all alot better – still a bit of bursitis pain, but not nearly as bad, thank you and i recommend your videos to everyone i know with back problems,

  17. Lotta

    The sound is bad, but the advice is great! 🙂

  18. Jack Brown

    You mentioned that you’ve done all of your YouTube’s on the para form us problem can you specify which one it was so that I might be able to watch it or could you repeat for another one so I can pick up on it thank you

  19. Rosemarie Nadiahan

    Hi sir I’m from Philippines currently working in Russia Moscow.i really like your videos very helpful. Last 2016 i had my MRI and according to the description of my mri i have a protrusion of dics: meridian-parameridian L4 and L5 is 0.25cm in size. In my thoracic spine protrusions of disks Th11/12 0.2cm in size with unsharp deformation of the adjacent secrets of the dur al sac, the minimum effective sagittal dimension of the dural sac is narrowly narrowed to 0.98cm.the signal from the structures of spinal cord (T1 and T2) is unchanged.there is changes in my thoracic spine/ osteochondrosis, complicated by protrusion of Th11/12 disc signs of spondylarthrosis at the level of Th11-12 segments physiological kyphosis of the thoracic spine is smoothed,blurred-sided deformation in the thoracic region. Please help me to understand this description because my neurology here can’t explain well because he can’t speak English.thanks and looking forward for your reply.

  20. MultiYjohnson

    The sound is really bad, tinny,and choppy. But I really like almost everything you guys do.

  21. Ossama Radwan

    My biggest problem is sciatica when I wake up. Sometimes I wake up from pain.

  22. Trix Lock

    I have a 2 prolapses and a stenosis which was discovered recently. All this is scarring me. I am working out with a biokentetist and chiropractor.

  23. Trix Lock

    Hi there from Zimbabwe. You have just scared the bedeezers out of me !!!

  24. g g


    Everyone please BELIEVE me when i
    tell you my HAPPY story because of
    a stretch exercise i learned here at
    YOUTUBE from Brad and Bob…

    65 years old, male, waaay obese

    About a month ago i got ambitious, and even though i am terribly out of shape, I did 6 1/2 hours of yard work over 3 days…

    Well, i ended up get VERY SERIOUS CHRONIC PAIN in the lower back and left hip…

    (the left hip is a different issue that started 4 years ago and i'm working on finding a way to fix that so Brad and Bob if you are reading this, any tips for 'chronic hip stiffness'?) ….

    i took EVERYTHING possible for relief, and nothing below was effective for long term relief:

    1. I have a 2 motor vibration plate machine

    2. advil

    3. heating pads

    4. moist heating pad

    5. ice ice and MORE ice

    6. hot baths with either epsum salt or magnesium flakes

    7. TENS electrical stimulation

    8. rest rest and more rest

    9. thumper massage machines

    10. pain patches

    none of the above did anything but very short term relief…

    well i had seen Bob and Brad's videos before as i have been suffering with what i think is undiagonsed athritis (at least i am very stiff in my lower back and left hip in the mornings and doesn't get too much better throughout the day)

    well i was suffering TERRIBLY… couldn't stand up for long…. felt a lot of discomfort laying down… felt sciatica type pain going from my left buttock to my knee and sometimes to my foot…

    and it became worse sitting down…

    in short… I WAS A MESS!!!

    so i came across one of their videos in which they called this particular stretch the #1 stretch for sciatica pain…

    and given the fact that i am VERY fat…
    there are too many stretches that i can do…

    well all you have to do for this one is to…
    lay down!

    specifically lay down on your stomach…
    and if you can, recommended Bob and Brad,
    try to get up on your elbows…
    and eventually extend your arms with your hips glued to the floor…

    now what i'm about to tell you might sound
    unbelievable… but it's the 100% truth…

    i did two '5' minute stretches, back to back… first laying flat on my stomach and my head resting on my hands… and the second time i was able to get up on my elbows to increase the stretch…


    my pain relief was at least 50% after the FIRST TIME i did that stretch!

    i thought maybe it was a 'placebo effect'…
    so i did not want to write my report — here — until i was sure it was GENUINE and LONG LASTING RELIEF…


    within 24 hours (and twice a day stretches 10 minutes in length) … 80% of my pain was gone..

    it's now been 8 days since i started the daily 'on your stomach' stretch…


    i don't need ANY of the 10 remedies i listed above to stay out of pain…



    p.s. if you don't mind, i'm going to spam your other videos with this message in the hope that i can inspire others to try your MIRACLE STRETCH!

  25. schaughtful

    Could artificial fluid be absorbed into the disc, or the disc holes "plugged" by glue?

  26. schaughtful

    Please make a version of this for cervical issues.

  27. Jeff P

    Extensions don't hurt but they don't seem to improve

  28. Therese Banks

    I think I have a disc problem but the pain is messing my legs up so badly. Can't walk, leg feels heavy. Are these exercises work?

  29. mr. jinks

    I had pain down my leg, not in my back. Had a laminotomy/disectomy and now have no pain in leg but pain in back. I have arthritis, bulging discs, stenosis, loss of disc height at L4-5. Surgeons want to do a fusion but I don't want to go through that at 60 years old. Am doing pt now without much help. 30mg oxycodone daily. I was a weighlifter and a golfer and haven't been able to do either in years. Have had numerous cortisone injections, nerve blocks, ablations, all with no effect. Mornings are the worst so i will try these movements. Takes me two hours just to straighten up. First surgery the surgeon said the nerve root at L4-5 was adhered to the vertebrae. Finally retired and now have to live like this. Physically and mentally draining.

  30. Hootymae

    Love your videos.

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