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  1. Nenita Teoxon

    She's real Indian natural beauty,I love Indian beauty.

  2. Raymundo Rivas

    Good transformation, your mother in law such a beautiful lady looks good on her, her beauty shine more. Nice family as usual, Mrs Rivas watching from Connecticut USA. Shout out please.

  3. j b

    nice to see u have good relationship with ur inlaw

  4. marilou calunsag

    Wow she so pretty mother in law 😘😘😘 simple make up makes her more beautiful 😍😍😍 God bless SANA FAMILY

  5. Julie Montecillo

    shes so pretty,the lipstick it a little raspberry in color so that her lips will emphasize coz her lips so thin

  6. Brenda Reyes

    Your mother is very beautiful 😍

  7. jheny soberano

    Nakakainspired po tingnan ung family nyo po ,love watching your vlog😍

  8. jheny soberano


  9. Marcelito Ong


  10. Omar Bader

    How sweet your mother in law ate your very lucky too having her so kind and supportive understanding and she's beautiful also💝💖God you po ate all your family👍👍😊🥰🥰

  11. Adrien Tupe

    I love love love Mother in law. Such a great sense of humor and very down to earth. She looks very beautiful by the way.

  12. Sweet Sweet

    Gwapa kaayo imong ugangan dai 😊😊😊 napakasimple nya

  13. Rose Jarns

    Wow amma is pretty😍😍😍

  14. Mayann Calimbo

    She is pretty😘

  15. Vissia Adonna Pimentel

    I like the lipstick 💄 part. 'The pout' hehehehhe. Mother-in-law's fun side is slowly unveiling. Love yah Sana Family ❤️

  16. Loxley sings

    Bonga c Granny Nagamani! Hala lalo mai in love c Grandpa Kondalarao😎

  17. Emma salazar galzote

    Sweet talaga ni mommy. God bless

  18. Catherine Erwin

    She is so beautiful and funny!

  19. mitch susen

    sooo swt 😍

  20. only_ me

    Your mother in-law love you. Your so lucky ate to Have a Mother in-law like her. 🙂

  21. Chris Tinay

    How cute of you doing make up to your mom inlaw💕

  22. Annabelle Reyes

    Nice and pretty mother in law 😍😍natural beauty, mas lalo xa gumanda 😊watching here in toronto canada .

  23. MB TV

    Very nice family from ur husband side..😊

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