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  1. Nada 55

    Who’s the fuck gives her 119 dislike bitches she’s a fighter🔥💪

  2. Tara Pineda

    Omg I like u

  3. iHalliex

    Taking bits and pieces of this and making it my morning alarm

  4. Selma Brt

    I started 1 month ago i lost about 7kgs and even tho i eat healthy and exercise and i can’t see any results in the mirror this kinda frustrating me and gets me to think about giving up 😭😭😭

  5. Kay Nicole

    I lost 65 pounds and gained it back. Just started again and lost 21 pounds so far!

  6. super mer

    2020 is going to be my year 👌 I'm starting from now ….☺ thx for the motivation

  7. Cereal_Quilla

    That hair color is it

  8. Jazmine Hernandez

    You the real MVP.. You are what you think.. Stay beautiful😘

  9. KymberlyAnne14

    Liz I just wanna say thank you so much for sharing your story and motivating me and so many people to be better versions of ourselves! I found you a month ago when I began my weightloss/fitness journey and girl I’m so glad I did! Seeing how dramatically you changed yourself for the better simply by will and determination gives me the will and determination to do the same and keep going regardless of how hard it’s been. I haven’t been weighing myself or checking measurements BUT I’ve been noticing the inches drop by how my clothes and towels are fitting me. Idk if you can relate but towels used to not fit around me unless they were the huge super sized ones and today I showered and put on a towel that used to only cover my chest and it actually wrapped around my body! I was so happy I couldn’t contain myself. I still have a long way to go. I started at 198lb and my goal is 145lb and I know I will get there! My goal is to be able to wear what I want without feeling self conscious and to have more self confidence thanks for encouraging me to get my shit done!

  10. AshBri Garcia

    April 25th 2019… 183 pounds
    My goal is 135. No more excuses

  11. Moriah Montoya

    You are so beautiful and so motivating

  12. Skylar Belcher

    I’m sitting here crying right now thinking about how much I’ve let myself go. I went from 129 to 225 since sophomore year and now I’m a senior in high school. Friday will be my prom and I’m already regretting buying my dress and everything because I know that imma look so bad. It’s hard for me to get motivated but when I am motivated I’ve been known to lose 30 pounds in like four or five months. Anyway you’re so pretty and I love your accent.

  13. Bailey Alexis_XO

    This is so motivational

  14. Andradee Andrade

    4/20…….your BEFORE body is my now body. I'm down 36.4 today. From Jan 2-now. I hope to work for the body I want for tomorrow, thank you!!!!!

  15. Megan Gonzalez

    Love it.. How did u tighten up your stomach ?

  16. Wtf Des ;-;

    My goodness you are so beautiful ! I need to lose weight and I’m contemplating on getting back out there tomorrow. I used to work out in my backyard but I always felt weird because I felt like neighbors watched but I don’t care. I’m focusing on myself to look and feel good for myself and for my boyfriend so he doesn’t keep his hands off of me hehe 😛 thank God he’s there to support me as well to eat healthier meals along with me and to workout with me as well.

  17. Mariana Herrera

    When I started I was 249 now I’m 218 but I’m still so big I don’t look 218 why ? 😭

  18. Eureka

    I'm 5'8, my weight is 152lbs, and my goal is 100lbs.

  19. Maria Mariah

    I am just starting my journey. And this mad inspirational. Thank you! Get my shit down yes! When I get down I’m definitely playing this video.

  20. Samantha Simmons

    this inspires me TREMENDOUSLY!! after i gave birth to my son i gained 60 pounds, plus 36 due to birth control. i gained 100 pounds in a year and it’s depressing…

  21. Katerin Salguero

    Imma watch this video everyday to motivate me

  22. Rosi Guti


  23. Melissa Ivy

    Gurl you are my inspiration….you look soo good 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  24. nina mccoy

    She is constantly talking In circles

  25. Leonor Perez

    I always say today is the day and then I fail and just give up😭 thinking I will never reach my goal! I used to get really sad looking at others reaching their goals and me staying the same😞 but since I been watching your videos non stop for the past 3 days I am promising my self no more diets just eating healthier step at a time and I will succeed😍 #getyourshitdone starting weight 199 (4/3/19) today (4/5/19) 196.4 😭😭😭😭 I'm so happy thank you!! I'm doing it slow and I know I will be at 135 soon💗💗💗💗💗

  26. Sarah Agrusa

    Stay at home mom here I been exercising home with Zumba, and working with dumbbells at home. Is it possible to lose weight this way? Other then the gym. I know the gym is great ! But is it possible ? I been eating healthy also

  27. Carla Rios

    Starting my work out today this viedo really inspired me !😭❤❤❤ thank youuuu

  28. Leah__ Holt

    I NEEDED to hear this today. I been stuck in a depression and gained so much weight. I have not been getting out of bed. I even lost my damn job. But I needed to hear this and you have inspired me and motivated me to start. Ty 💙💜

  29. vIzOroxclassov2010

    Needed thiss

  30. Hilary Tran

    I am so happy I ran into you in my recommendations. I reached my highest weight and felt torn because I felt so terrible in my own skin. You’ve really inspired me to keep going. I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight. You make me want to keep trying and I feel like you’re there for me even tho you’re on a screen. Thank you so much. I’ve never seen a YouTuber so relatable on this topic. You motivate me when no one else was. Not even my family. Thank you so much. You do not know how much this actually means to me. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. J'Marie Naranja

    I’m in the first week of my weight loss journey and I found this vid of yours! This is all I need to hear right now. You’re 💯 right about the 2 hardest challenges of this journey— the starting point and consistency. Thank you for being so open 😭 ahh I just need to get my shits done! 💛💛💛

  32. Flamethrower 13

    I like the way U speak with good intention with such firmness. Nice!

  33. nona nona

    I love her ❤️❤️❤️

  34. MissGingerSnap

    Honestly the most truthful thing i've heard. "Don't let anymore time pass, because that's the only thing you don't get back" That's so fucking eye opening, shook

  35. jahyrara?

    wow thank you, truly

  36. Scarlett JY

    I started eating clean and doing hiit, it worked somehow as I dropped some weight and I thought of going to the gym but was kinda afraid as I have not been the gym before….damn

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