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  1. ex 14

    Hi Abi these are great videos. Why aren't they monetised. I had no ads which is nice yes, but you surely are missing an opportunity

  2. Joni English

    good video Abi –
    i need to do more of these types of excercise
    body too stiff

  3. John Starkie

    I am using these videos to try and sort myself out. Had years of "chiropractic" issues in the lower spine. Your descriptions of how I should articulate my body when I attempting these poses are really helpful. It seems to be clear what sensations I should be trying to attain.

  4. vishu v

    Really good


    This has been a great video. I do this video a few times a week in between kettlebell workouts and MTB biking. Please make more videos relevant to MTB biking.

  6. Rick Harris

    Enjoyed this, Abi – thank you. Ideal pace for me. The only request I would make is that there are no modifications shown for any posture – just a few spoken words instead. Would be nice to see that, but I understand that it would make for a different style of routine to do this – maybe a picture-in-picture insert would work?

  7. Mattis

    22:00 – unbelievable!

  8. Phil Ball

    Thanks Abi, I've just started using this session while rehabing a herniated disc. I feel much better afterwards, top marks, I'll be trying your other sessions in time. Thanks again, Phil.

  9. shawn collison

    I have had back surgery and am a cyclist. I would love a yoga routine to really improve my core strength without injuring my lower back. This routine is great. Very professional and easy to follow.

  10. TheWeaksoup

    I'm having some lower back pain after riding mountain bike for an hour, it sucks because it robs my stamina causing to cut my rides shorter. I will try this for couple of weeks. Thanks!

  11. Anna Davey

    Hi Abi, Great video, my husband and I both mountain bike every morning and we often have stiff lower backs. Is there any way I can download this? Or buy it to download it? My internet is restricted monthly so downloading is always the best option for me as streaming uses up too much interest. Many thanks 🙂

  12. lrevengek

    Hey Abi, I found your routine several years ago and it was super effective for me. Ever since, my lower back feels great.

    However during the day I work on a desk and very often I find myself in a wrong position that (I suspect) causes tightness in my neck and huge headaches.
    Besides attempting to hold a better pose in from of the computer, could you recommend a routine for that?

  13. Pedalante

    Thank you!!!

  14. Vic

    Hi Abi
    I like your videos. Is there any yoga vid for strengthening the core?

  15. Tim Mens

    I've tried this for the first time Yesterday since I started riding again after surgery on my lower back in April.
    I like doing it, but the half reclining hero pose really isn't possible for me and I didn't even try the wheel pose yet.
    Is it recommended to do this only 2-3 times a week or will it help to improve faster if I do it even more?

  16. mackay haedt

    I crashed 2 weeks ago and couldnt even put my socks on my back hurt so bad, I was getting 'stuck' in weird positions. 2 weeks of this stuff along with the hip video and Im back on the moto and bike and feeling much more flexible and nimble, and I can put my socks on again!

  17. espiritual

    very complet

  18. Jimmy

    Thank you for this is easy to follow functional yoga. It helps sooooo much with my poked lower back. Ill be checking out your yoga15 app.

  19. Travel ToHunt

    Loving this routine really helping with some muscle pain

  20. Matt Bingham

    thank you Abi Carver! I do this routine every other day to help supple me up. it's also helped wonders for my snowboarding. I really like your tone and how you tell us to concentrate on the simplest of things which really helps me! thanks again.

  21. Laura Vargas

    WOW! nice ssession! it really helps! thanks!

  22. Oscar

    Ok. I´ll give it a try. I guess (or I hope) that with a progressive introduction I can do some stuff with a lone resemblance to yours. If it wipes away my lower back pain and helps to keep me enjoying my bike I´ll be grateful forever. Thanks.

  23. MTB CDA

    Realizing I could barely do any of these moves shows me how much I need to stretch and how inflexible I am. the last few really opened up my hips. Felt like a rush of relief.

  24. Hamid

    I wanted to finally take care of my back pain after years , I tried couple of time before but not successful for different resons :), This time I saw your video as I researched for back stretches , Just because I Love the reality,power, and peace in You Abi and You give me power when I do my exercise with you , Hey I like You so much and I will do the exercise with You every day until I heal. Thank You .You are so cute and attractive by the way 🙂

  25. Rob Peterson

    Thank you ! How often should should this routine be practiced ?

  26. yetijoeyetijoe

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I had to stop twice today during my ride to stretch but it didn't help since I didn't have this video handy. I see that you recommend these stretches every few days. Are there other stretches that you recommend before each ride?

  27. Martin Blick

    rad routine.  the wheel one is impossible  but i really enjoyed trying. i get lower back ache after about an hour of riding and a few friends told me about this routine. hope it helps!

  28. Peak Torque

    Great routine and more thorough than the other cycling related stretching vids. The warrior definitely sorts the psoas out. Got the app, keep up the good work!

  29. Max Christman

    Thanks!  This has allowed me to get back on my bike!

  30. Jill Currie

    Thanks for this routine! I saw it on pinkbike and have been regularly doing it since then. I have been getting frequent headaches from a stiff neck, but this sorts them out. Thanks!

  31. Fan Wu

    sweet voice!! thanks for the rountie. feeling relaxed

  32. Trent Ellis

    Thank you for putting this together..  I will be using it for better health and well being.. Cheers.

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