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  1. Tasty Mukbang Eats

    corn is my favorite yes it looks good

  2. Tasty Mukbang Eats

    Happy you doing great honey good looks yummy

  3. HNIC Roland

    What type of herbs seasoning use for your rice.

  4. HNIC Roland

    Food looks good 👌

  5. MrsParchman's World

    Omg that corn!!!!!!!🌽

  6. MrsParchman's World

    That is a really nice "happy" as we call it! (Special gifts)💙

  7. MrsParchman's World

    Food looks amazing, and I know those sausages are good!!💙

  8. MrsParchman's World

    I love your hair Sisterrow!!💙

  9. TeamDaveAndMon


  10. Iam Keva

    Yes sometimes the youngins can drop knowledge 🙌🏾

  11. Iam Keva

    Wow I need to get me some apples!

  12. craftlife4ever77 Crafter

    Food looks good. I always enjoy your video’s 😊

  13. Iam Keva

    You are so awesome 🤗

  14. Iam Keva

    I'm glad you love it 💜♥️

  15. Trinity Ariel

    That food looks good 💞❤️ How long it took you to cook that?

  16. Billy Bloomfield

    Love your vibe! Fantastic work my friend keep it up😊

  17. Issasnack or put it back

    Food looks yummy 😍. Enjoyed watching 😊.

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