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  1. Andrea van der Colff

    Michael, you would be the most amazing parent! As soon as your kid even THINKS of being sassy Que theoretical scenario
    Kid: Yeah, well I wasn’t asking to go out, I am..
    Michael: Don’t, DON’T

  2. Danika Burkett

    She is literally smiling when talking about how she fell… she is a lost cause

  3. Angel A.

    At this point I honestly wonder if she's got a living will and POA. Her channel is becoming the end of a failed my 600 pound life episode

  4. Aiyanna Lewis

    Your makeup is pretty "Awe your blind"💀💀💀😂😂

  5. Julia Harvey

    I fell one time when I was doing squats and I cried on my walk home. Idky. I guess I just felt like I failed and was also a little embarrassed

  6. Izzy C.

    What's with all the tongue smacks and pauses…wtf is not cute. She can't say a full sentence in one go. 🙄🙄🙄

  7. Ashley Wilcox

    Yo destiny’s mom is pretty!

  8. Heather MayLeigh

    When you almost called Willo your gay son all I could think was that scene from Heathers, "I love my dead gay son" 😂

  9. Shae Rowe-Bembridge

    can we just get a shirt that says "messy"? I would buy the fuck outta that

  10. fadnama

    1:09:21 it’s crumbs from having just ate fast food in the car. Notice how the entire time she’s talking in the car, she’s sucking food out of her teeth.

  11. C Elizabeth

    Who still watches DVDs lol

  12. C Elizabeth

    She keeps saying- it did happen and this is not a lie

    Why say that if it’s actually true, but then again why would someone lie about that

  13. Amanda Tomczak

    "Whatever it was, it was unchristian" omfg Michael, that made my Sunday. Almost spat my coffee out 😂😂

    "It's a layover, the layover is the stoop" omfg… deceased 😂😂

  14. A c

    1:16:39 did she really say that?

  15. nope.


  16. Alexis Navratil

    She's a lost cause.

  17. decker jay

    i HATE how she acts like shes the only one in whole world who breaks out because she's stressed, had a period, or eats greasy food

  18. nope.

    that room was prolly steaming with hotdog breath and sour stank.

  19. Rachel

    Omg dish towel smock. I always thought that too.

  20. English-Inquisitor

    I can try to do a DR Seuss rhyme for you

    I will sit in the shower
    I will sit all I can

    I will not stand
    for Ham I am

  21. xisobelx373

    Amberlynn legit looks like tweedle dee..or ..DUM

  22. xisobelx373

    1:35 "WE'RE gonna make …"=No. Dusty is going to DO it all, AL's lazyass is going to DO NOTHING but run her damn mouth

  23. KumaJoey

    I can believe that she engaged in oral/hand s-e-x with the black guys in the cinema. There was a video where she said she's not racists because black guys like her a lot…She always attaches race to things.

  24. alirpa77

    Lmfao …. obviously the caramel apple is because MODERATION. 😂😂😂

  25. End

    her eyebrows are ghosts of their former selves

  26. Creamy Pasta

    becky didn't go to gaddyland?

  27. Skittles & Sunshine

    My gma and me have a Brita pitcher because we have well water, honestly it looks rough sometimes but with that thing it’s better then bottled water. Just use that and a refillable bottle smh

  28. SheWoreLemon83

    What satisfaction does it bring her to keep Twinkie obese? For as much as she loves that dog, you'd think her priority would be to follow the vet's orders and get Twinkie down in weight by not overfeeding her so she lives longer. It's not like she has to deprive herself of orange chicken or candy so what's the damn problem, Amber?

  29. Ipce is my best friend

    You're so savage, I can't. 😭😭😭😭 I looooove you

  30. Seiji

    Her and chantal have no ears when you look at them in the face

  31. me muh shell

    “Blow jobs or hand jobs whatever it was, it was sex and it was unchristian” 🤣🤣🤣

  32. The Pissed Off German

    @ 1:20:00 😂 this is the level of pettiness I subscribed for 😂😂😂

  33. Free2LoveDorks

    This would be a very different website if anything went skeet, skeet, skeet 🙄

  34. Kimberly Lozano

    At 1:37 right after the wine cooler she is so out of breath and you can even hear her blow out a deep ass breath. And that was 100+ pounds ago.🤦‍♀️ When will her wake up call be? Its not falling, fitting in chairs/seats or being 85% housebound so i wonder if she will have one.

  35. Kimberly Lozano

    Mr. Gattis pizza sucks and its BUFFET! Lol 570lb ALR goes to a pizza buffet and plays games bc the coins are included(for kids duh)but she says “an arcade” leaving out the we stuffed ourselves on pizza. Why else would you go to a buffet?

  36. Isaac Silva

    Poor dog

  37. Mystical Kumquat

    Someone told Austin McBroom to do a house tour when he's in jail. I can'tttttttt lmfao

  38. Maria's_tarot journey_with_me

    Your blind😂😂😂
    I'm dead😱😱😱

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