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  1. Cliche Starred.

    I have found eating a small amount of sea salt helps weirdly.

  2. Chris Garty

    Mine is largely in my calf muscles. Flares up after exercise. My assumption is mild myelin deterioration. Things that seem to help me: multivitamin, b-complex, b12 lozenges (2000mg daily), bone broth (from powder… morning and night), magnesium (glycinate 400mg per day), apple cider vinegar and digestive enzymes. Just started Benfotiamine as well two days ago… unsure on that but B1, b12, magnesium, and copper help a lot with nerve (myelin sheath) health. Also I tested positive for Lyme disease a couple years ago so I use Green Dragon LB Core capsules and Samsara Tick Recovery powder because of that. The Lyme disease may have caused myelin issues or nutritional deficiencies or gut issues that caused myelin/nerve issues. Still working on things… but enjoying being super healthy in the meantime 🙂. I eat low carb paleo style with lots of salad as well. Keto would be the next step up but I'm not quite that desperate enough to change my eating that much just yet. Good luck!

  3. Ivan Jankovic

    ive had swollen lympnodes for years. First body side was 2011 then stop. Now 6 years later 1,5 year in again

  4. Adamtoo

    Literally everything is the same as you which I have. I'm only 19 and for me it started late March last year and it's still ongoing. I have other symptoms as well such as disturbed sleep and vivid dreams, strong pulse which I can feel 24/7 and headaches. The tremors and twitches are completely random there doesnt seem to be a set trigger. Btw for me this all started after I came off a flu, how did it start for you?

  5. Zesane

    Hello, I'm experiencing some of the same symptoms that you have. My wrist and sholdures have some rigidity and my fingers twitch like there's no tomorrow. The symptoms primarily fluctuate. There will be a period where I'm tremor free. I'm also having issues with my balance. These all have been going on for 6 months now.

    Had an MRI and was clear on anything that could be affecting my brain. Hopefully we will be able to find the solution to my symptoms soon. It can be quite distressing and anxiety driven at times.

  6. Shoaib Iqbal


    Thank you all for sharing your stories. Some of my symptoms are similar to yours (@Muscle Twitching).

    My Story: I'm a 32y old M. I started a weight lost program to shed some extra pounds which I gained over the past 4 years during my graduate school. I started this program in second week of Feb when I was 194 lbs. In next 8 weeks I dropped to 181 lbs. On the last day of March, I helped my colleague in moving out to his new place (It was an extensive workout/activity for nearly 5 hours, and probably the longest one in my life over the past five years). I didn't feel any muscle fatigue during first week of April. Starting from second week of April, I started feeling fatigue accompanied with joint pains in knees and elbows and mild fever. I didn't take any OTC medicines to relieve this condition (but I felt as if somehow I started developing arthritis, as my family history is positive in this regard). The real alarm rung one day after coming back from Walmart, when I noticed my hand and arms shaking and twitching due to carrying overweight bags to the third floor. At that point, I realised as if I lost some important nutrients as well during my weight lose.

    In third week of April, for two to three days I took some anti-inflammatory, analgesics e.g. diclofenac sodium and acetaminophen to relieve the pain and fever. My body shivered on some nights (as it normally does in high fever) in next two weeks. I also started feeling as if my bed, mattress, pillow are not comfortable. I also had one sleepless Saturday night (hardly slept for 3 h) during these weeks which exacerbate the fatigue and twitching condition. During these days my nights use to be bad while the days were better with mild twitching or shivering of thighs, shoulder and arms accompanied with pain in the knees, shoulder and elbows. During this time I also focused more on natural food sources such as, greens, vegetables, fruits and less processed foods. It helped wearing off the symptoms for a while but didn't completely cured. 

    Looking at this condition, I visited the doctor on (05/02) who suggested that it seems more kind of nutritional deficiency so you can focus more on veggies and fruits. I was also suggested to start some multivitamins (MV) and Magnesium (Mg) supplements. I also got my blood tested during second week of May which turned out to be normal with slightly lower value of good cholesterol. During the next few weeks, I took MVs and Mg for approx. 8-10 days regularly (I encountered gastric discomfort upon taking MV but not on Mg supplement). I stopped taking them while maintaining a healthy diet (I believe more on food with lesser emphasis on supplemental nutrients).

    On June 2nd, I ate almonds (around 15-20 pieces before going to sleep). When I woke up in the morning all of a sudden my problem of twitching was revived. I felt twitching in the thighs and in feet (for the first time in nearly two months) on that day. I blamed it to be food allergy. On the following day, I felt more generalised twitches (thighs, arms, shoulder) which lasted only for few seconds 10-15 times in a day. On the same night, while I visited a friend where I got some severe allergic reaction while sitting there. I saw some rash developed on my abdomen. I can't find any insect or tick bite so I blamed it to be food allergy as I ate some tortilla chips with salsa and watermelon. Also on that night while I was smiling for a picture, I felt my muscle twitches on face too. Over the last few days, I continuously experienced twitching, majorly in thighs, back, buttocks with some muscle fatigue too. I also felt tiredness and sleepiness right after eating food. I'm sleeping for 8-10 h from the last few days, which helped to some extent over the weekend to alleviate twitching.

    Today: I had worst twitches in my life although I slept 10 h last night. My biceps twitched constantly for approx 30-60 seconds, every 5 mins in three hours time frame during early afternoon. I also experienced twitching underneath the left eyelid during the same time. During this time my heartbeat was on average (90-95 bpm) as I was constantly monitoring it. My google search was more worrying as I found my twitching symptoms to be more ALS related.

    After watching this video and reading some of the comments, I'm feeling better now with only few twitches while writing this comment. I got skeptical of Lyme disease too, after reading some comments (there are still some rashes present on my abdomen). I have an appointment with doctor tomorrow and will update you guys. I am trying not to take stress, but it is worrying from the past few days and overall two months.

    Thank you for taking time to read this story. I will update you in near future about my visit. 
    Have a great time.

  7. KCM Tech.

    My man I got the same thing as you .
    Its like looking at my own hands.
    I am an mechanic I work a lot with my hands and six months ago I quit smoking.
    Did a blood check and it turns out I my body didnt have enough vitamins.

  8. King A -

    I’ve got severe health anxiety and thought I had All sorts of problems

    I was eating junk food abit

    And came up with symptoms after I had a flu ,

    Then I had heartburn , I started to google.

    Thought I had hital hernia , stomach ulcer , stomach cancer ,

    Then though I had diabties when I was getting tingling also I notice this weird shock type feeling in my left leg

    Before all this I was working crazy hours , cleaning job and my diet wasent the best because I was constantly on the go

    So no I’m digging deep doing more and more research I though I had hiv because I had a blood test

    Though what would my family think etc

    The burning sensation continued

    My hands was shaking constanty , heart was pounding

    Then I was getting crazy sensation like crawling , feeling like something on my skin , coldness , wet feelings ,weird and strange symptoms

    Done more research now I’m convinced I have MS

    I’ve gone to about 5 different doctors and they said health anxiety

    And I’m scared I’m 21 also what’s weird is

    I’ve go these lines in my toes nails that go across , looked on google , says it can be a serious illness

    Went to the doctors they said stop googling , they are common and nothing to worrying about I’m scared to death even now typing and even thinking about it my head is hurting , getting kinda weird pains on my head and scalp

    Also having nightmares etc

  9. Mista Twitcha

    Any recent update? I have the same symptoms and same story. I have muscle twitches/fasciculations all over my body including my foreheead, muscle cramps, tremors (in the hand after I've used it, in the face when holding a smile, etc.), and I have tinnitus in my ears that came on slightly before the muscle issues and has been pretty constant ever since. I have also had undiagnosed costochondritis from time to time, and I know it was from the muscle symptoms and muscle weakness I was experiencing. It started in January, 2019 for me. The doctors tell me it's anxiety, but I know it's not. Prior to the symptoms I was exercising regularly and quite vigorously every day without problems. Do you have cramps?

  10. Mista Twitcha

    Where is everyone with these symptoms located?
    I wonder if it's a virus or in a specific geography of the world.

  11. Marie Rene

    I have widespread twitching even in my chest which at one point I Swore it was heart palpations but all my ekgs came back normal they even left me on a monitor for 30 minutes but nothing showed . Suddenly I began to Experience acid reflux so I’m on medication for that . Doctor told me I could be having esophagus spasms but i don’t know
    If that makes sense because I get the twitching all over not just my esophagus and chest . It’s annoying but I’m trying to get through it . It doesn’t help to have this twitching especially when you have health anxiety 🙁

  12. Vašek Vochcalpádlo

    I have Essential Tremor + Benign Fasciculation Syndrome too. I think it could be solved by psychotherapy/Holotropic Breathwork/mushrooms (fear and anxiety in our subconscious mind established during childhood). What do you think, have anyone tried it yet? Thanks.

  13. Michael Neal

    is your skin dry? it looks like it might be dry. My skin is dry looking. i get the pins and needles briefly as well.

  14. wizzo 65

    Update? Same thing except fingers tremor but inside part of leg is going on every day. Plus ringing in my head

  15. Coco MiseRe

    Have you ruled out ms? Mri scans done?

  16. funnkxadelic

    Please keep us updated, over a week ago my symptoms (similar to yours) came on just suddenly out of nowhere and all at once too

  17. Michael Neal

    Having the same issues with finger tremors, twitching and it's been ongoing for 2 months now. It started around the time I had some kind of stomach bug, with dry heaving and diarrhea issues. Hope it resolves for you soon.

  18. tear728

    I basically have all the same symptoms, aside from the finger tremor. Basically exact same story too. This all started for me in September 2018, when I had some serious health anxiety. After 2 months of that, the twitching started.

    My twitching is almost identical to yours, especially your foot. Every single night for the past 2 months almost.
    Those fine twitches are not fibrillation btw. You can't see or feel those. Only an emg can pick them up.

  19. Cameron Guns

    Any updates?

  20. Sam Pacetti

    Have you been tested for Lyme disease? This is a common neurological symptom associated with it. Fasciculations and twitches began for me last year…after 5 months, the diagnosis was lyme. The fasciculations are on-going.


    I have very very similar symptoms to you, widespread twitching, almost in every body part, and the exact same tremors as you, thumb and pinky fingers (most notably) but other fingers also, side to side, up and down sometimes as well but mostly noticeable side to side, same strength and rhythm as you. I also have it on both hands, both sides of the body which is unusual for ALS. Widespread twitching is also unusual for ALS especially when they came all at once. I saw a doctor who gave me the all clear but am still worried about it, I haven't seen a neuro so will be interested to hear what they say about yours! I similarly have no perceivable muscle weakness, no balance issues, no trips or clumsiness. I do have some tendon pain out of overuse and constant strength checking, which is probably making it worse actually. I also have some IBS so i'm thinking malabsorption of vitamins might also be a cause, do you think you might be low on any vitamins also? or have a gluten sensitivity?

  22. Cameron Guns

    Any updates?

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