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  1. Camille Hernandez

    Good job! You look handsome before and after!

  2. rise & shine and win

    Failure & persistence 💪💪💪

  3. Some Dudes Fitness

    Shoot man! What a great video! I am so pumped to keep grinding after watching that. So inspirational! I look forward to more videos

  4. Gabriel Antonio Trejo

    Keep it up!


    Had mt weigh in at the doc's Tuesday…have lost 53 lbs since the end of May with another 44 to go to meet my target weight of 150. No real diet except I cut calories back to 1200-1500 a day. I already walked a lot and have upped my on ice goaltending activity to five times a week. I hope to hit the gym shortly to tone up what I have. At 60 no real interest in becoming buff again, just slim, trim and fit. As an aside I had to discontinue my BP meds of ten years with doc's blessing as on them my BP had dropped to 89/64…I felt horrible. It had been 125/85 for a long time…it is still 115/75 more than six weeks after stopping them despite still being over weight. My pant size has dropped from 44 to 36 already and probably will be back to 32 at 150.


    The secret is watch what you eat thats it.

  7. Arik Romi

    what was your start weight?

  8. Nathan Cunningham

    I’m struggling rn with weight I need help honestly I need a meal plan


    You r awesome dude

  10. Hoodie Vert

    This is motivational bro even tho it’s been 2 years I still remember when I decided to lose weight too
    I went from 280-190 and now I’m trying to lose another 20 pounds
    Nice video bro honestly

  11. Kevin Bell

    Great job! Can you specify what changes you made in your eating habits please? Thanks

  12. #1 Campos Family

    You were one of my inspiratons i related and i also took action

  13. blacky chan

    If I lost 100 pounds I'll weight 38

  14. JNadez

    Youre awesome bro

  15. Adam Heartnet

    Bro i dont even know you, but you did good.. Not only you inspired people but you also motivate them by motivation yourself.. It changes people

  16. Luis Felix

    Felicidades broo

  17. Balder Perro

    Respect for all this!!

  18. Ivancrg hagámoslo juntos

    Que gran cambio, espero lograr algo así, gracias, aquí dejo mis avances

  19. Aime M.

    Dayum you lookin extraaaaaaaaa good. Continue with your journey, nothing better than feeling good and obviously looking good. Health is #1 y’all

  20. Ana flavia bincadeiras

    Parabéns gerreiro

  21. Jeremy Hendler

    This is awesome to see! Congrats! I’m only 23 and let me self go teaching 308 pounds. I just weighed in today and I was 255, 53 pounds down!

  22. My Fitness Journey

    Congrats!!! Good motivation video. I just started my journey.

  23. Moss Coln

    Great song choice

  24. Abdul Hameed

    Hard work reveals success

  25. Matt

    You can conquer the world with that attitude. You rock, bro!!

  26. BoWHeLLo

    Jesus and here i am tripping over 30 pounds but then again I’ve never been this big

  27. Karthik Ganapathy

    Very good from India

  28. BBW Queen

    Maybe i should do this, maybe not
    You was hot big or fit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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