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  1. Nikka dela cruz

    you were a pornstar?

  2. jb-barbell

    Love transformation stories! Great job!

  3. Jasmine Tooley


  4. Jeffrey Gashi

    Respekt 👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️

  5. Tanya Wilson

    Who cares if u were or not!

    But hell to the yes, GIRL!!!! U gave me added motivation!!!! Keep it going!!!! 😉

  6. Brooke Young

    Very inspiring. Thankyou for sharing.

  7. Shabira Anvar

    U have diastasis recti ..??

  8. Randomgirl

    Did you have surgery for loose skin?

  9. Maz Dela Cerna

    Apart from having a baby we have a lot in common ❤ good work babe and you should be freaking proud! Xx

  10. jas johal

    I love you

  11. Sir William

    Definitely a huge improvement!….Yeah, you were definitely living life in the fast lane if you were in adult entertainment. Along with the partying. Seems like you have straightened your life out. Thats GREAT!

  12. Kelly Martinez

    muy bueno!!

  13. Bassem B.

    Well done. Thank you for inspiring me. Your footage at the gym is great. Clean form. I hope to get to that point.

  14. Marinasa kaaya

    I am much sure X are pretty jelous of your great body

  15. iam Tajane'

    You go girl !!

  16. Mani Matter

    Congratulation to your transformation

  17. r k

    Very impressive and motivated

  18. Dr.Tajkera Chowdhury

    hey we are name-twins !

  19. Samantha Kelley

    Girl something about seeing you killin it at the gym is so motivating! Very glad I came across this video, I’ll be coming back to it a lot during my journey

  20. GamingGen

    Lost 45 lbs, 55 more to go!

  21. Unique Peach

    This inspired me

  22. Mozam Ali

    Plz tell me.. i doing skipping daily for 15 mint.can it work?

  23. Demi Spenxer

    I also want to loss my weight😣😣😣😣

  24. Sanpakueyes123

    Eating healthy exercising and having a good sleep do miracles

  25. Lauren Ficke

    What did you do to lose so much, i graduate in year and despeetly need to lose 80-100 pounds. can u help

  26. Kendall Marie

    Ugh I can't lose anything

  27. Mawahib Marof

    5عغ4 41 هففعببفق212 1 😡😡🎂🎂☺☺ في كل مكان ☺ كل عام وانتم بخير و الله ما عام وأنتم بخير. و ☺☺

  28. Zorka Kajak


  29. andrijana salkovic


  30. cathy bird

    way to go! You will inspire your daughter to reach for the stars!

  31. Marky Mark

    Women in North America just need to stop letting themselves turn into a hippo when they get pregnant. Maybe eat more food, but CLEAN food, instead of all the absolute trash they stuff in their face. Maybe also fucking go for light walks while they're pregnant and when I say light walks, I don't mean to the refrigerator.

  32. Tom Waits

    what surgery did you have?

  33. Anon Anon

    how to get rid of stretch marks from weight gain

  34. Amisa Aliu

    Me after watching this video: Ok, if she can do it, I can do it too ! *plans a schedule for tomorrow* Time to get my life back !!!!!
    The next day: *wakes up at 10pm* Ahh I missed my morning jog…… Oh well, time for ice cream. And maybe I'll binge watch something on netflix.

  35. FireFrei

    She lost weight and became… thot

  36. Tergas Assas

    I have been taking weight loss green store tea for 2 months now and I have already lost 15.5 pounds. I also noticed the energy boost. I practically rely on this product when it comes to my every day productivity. Because of this, I get to accomplish more things plus I get to exercise even after a tiring day.

  37. Makayla Davis

    just wowwwww, you are inspiration

  38. Liudmila Del Castillo

    I want to loose some weight thanks for the inspirational video… My b-day is on May 18 as well 😊🎉. Good job girl. 👏🏼👏🏼

  39. Kiki

    this is amazing!

  40. bharti official

    you did a fantastic job dear… i want to know about the song used in this video… luvd your video…

  41. Nasto Abdullahi

    you are beautiful girl and u wus

  42. Charlene Martin

    You go girl

  43. Angie Mathew

    Congratulations on your weight loss! You look amazing. I am working out and feel like I am eating well, but not seeing the weight loss I imagine I should. Can you let me know about your diet or let me know what you eat on a typical day? Thank you for your help and also your inspiration!

  44. Class !

  45. Allyssa Rose

    lol you guys are lucky i can never become slim thanks to my fucking body shape
    sigh God loves me… fml

  46. Sofia Bircop

    You lost 100lb?? There is no way you weighed so much before. You look maybe 190-200 lb on before pictures.

  47. gopinath ds

    I have already lost 23 kgs in 3 and a half months but the thing is I have to lose 6 more kgs but it's really difficult to do so , I have my 900calorie diet even though my weight is not reducing !!! can you prefer me some other diet ??

  48. Rita Lawson

    Amazing loss you looking good 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

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