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  1. arik singh

    damn! Feminist to female.

  2. Alex Green

    I know you already hear it but Jordon im proud of you. You changed your life for the better. I hope to lose 120lbs so far 8.7 lbs lost.

  3. Janel Witter

    I just found your channel and this video made me cry. I am dealing with my own weight issues and feel hopeless. Your transformation is amazing and I love your personality in all your videos. Your channel helps motivate me. <3

  4. jo jo

    The voice change has me SHOOK

  5. Rebecca Pesthy

    You give me sooo much inspiration! But now my weight just don't want to go down… have you ever plateaud? When yes, what have you done? Thanks for the tipps!

  6. Erin Pilgrim

    That studded jacket 😍😍😍 you are so beautiful!

  7. The Fitter Fox

    Wow Great work. I hope I can do as well against my goals as you have!

  8. Wrinklies

    I believe a weight loss of 2lb a week is supposed to be the healthiest amount to lose 😘

  9. Meadow Rae

    This honestly made me cry. I developed an ED at about the same age after major weight loss. I went from 215 to 125. I'm 5'7" with a bigger frame, so 125 was very unhealthy looking on me. I battled with anorexic behaviors and "purging" through exercise. I gained most of it back in recovery, but I am happy to say I am a happy, healthy 140-150 pounds now. Thank you for sharing your story-it is more common than people think.

  10. Erin T.

    Currently I am at your starting weight and I’ve never really known or seen someone my size be able to stay with a diet and seeing this video just made me realize that it a possible. So thank you. And I think you just changed my life.

  11. It’sSimplyMe MzRedd

    Completely motivational your journey was an eye opener because weight loss is a struggle for most I just started my journey by taking a 30 day challenge my daughter gave me I’m gone document the results on my channel and keep pushing myself thank you for sharing

  12. Johnny La Salle

    Great job I am on a similar journey https://youtu.be/6bbXvd_UtDc

  13. ItsJordanaaa

    I recently stumbled on your channel and watched your video about what you used to eat when you were 300lbs. I loved your personality and subscribed but dang seeing this video, it really is amazing what you’ve done to turn your life around. You are definitely an inspiration to many girls and women. I’ve never been that overweight but I have about 30-40lbs to lose and struggle with restricting/binging. I love working out but I don’t have the best relationship with food.. I’m working to overcome this. We can all do this together 💪🏻

  14. Michelle Hall

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while now , this video is so well made and so inspiring , thank you so much for all that you do ! Keep it up ❤️😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  15. angela c

    I really want to start my weight lose journey ughhh it’s so tuff tho I will make it this time I know I will

  16. Nakita Melo

    Thank you so much for continuing to share and be open with us, Jordo. I have just started my weight loss journey again, for the hundredth time lol the difference now is that I took out a birth control implant that’s I’ve had for ten years which seemed to be the cause of my ever increasing depression and anxiety. Now that I’m nearly a month without it, I feel like a new person. I feel motivated and focused.. and most importantly, hopeful. I’ve been going to the gym now 4 times a week for almost a month, and I truly don’t see that stopping until I reach my goals. It also helps that I’m getting married in a year and a half so I really have a timeline I can stick to!

    This video is just what I needed to see, thank you so so much! I look forward to what 2019 will bring me.

  17. Sylphadora

    So inspirational! 😭

  18. Micki Rain

    Came back to this video. I wish I filmed my progress. I am currently 45 pounds down and only 15-25 more to go depending on how I feel about myself. I could never go any lower than 25 pounds without looking sickly. I didn't grow up over weight but going to college and being in a toxic relationship made me have a horrible relationship with food that I never experienced before. The worst part was the pain that came from my stretch marks. I gained 40 pounds in 2 months which made me feel like I was gonna explode out of my skin. Now my stretch marks have faded more. I feel like I'll go crazy if I stay inside all day. I get full faster. If I'm gonna eat a lot I log my calories so I know how much I can fit. 2019 will be my year.

  19. Sara H

    I can relate immensely to the picture at 2:15. Can I also say your eyebrows have been on point all these years lol

  20. Fidget

    Sometimes I come watch this just for inspiration. I struggle so hard with weight loss and have given up many times, not this time! In it to win it, thank you for being you Jordan. <3

  21. Mymindmaywonder

    I'm down 15.4lbs you give me so much insperation and I wish I could contact you . My journey is just beginning. 90lbs to go!

  22. mia

    you look sooooo much younger. wow. incredible how losing weight changes EVERYTHING. you are my inspiration. 9 pounds down. 36 to go.

  23. Chocolate Princess

    This was so encouraging I almost cried

  24. Emily Torres

    Thanks! I needed this reminder right now, I'm struggling!

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