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  1. Kyle Ansley

    It truly is the battle of the mind. When I first started I was really hard on myself but through help with my aunt who has been living this lifestyle and other friends they taught me not to be too hard on myself. If I mess up the next meal is an opportunity to do better. That helped me to get where I am today 100lbs gone. Now I have learned what works for me. I have a cheat day every week where I eat a few foods that I have been craving throughout the week and if I feel like I have had too much food I fast for breakfast the next day. Learning to enjoy life and change your lifestyle is one of the most important parts of weightloss in my opinion. Keep up the good content John your one of my inspirations and one of the reasons I started my journey. I've still got 50lbs or so to go but I'm a lot closer to my goal than I was yesterday.

  2. Emma Nolan

    thank you for this video, it was very compassionate of you , i subscribed now

  3. Jade McL

    You the vibe of an American Tom Holland

  4. maulick thakkar

    Say junk food ..not food coz no one struggles with carrot addiction

  5. Debra Bobebra

    Dude, you have great hair. 😀

  6. Ozzy G

    Bro keep it up

  7. Jennifer Dunn

    I had to laugh a little at the “chew and spit.” I do that a LOT at work because I’m a cook… I have to taste things to make sure they’re right, but I won’t feel well if I eat a lot of the things I taste. This makes my journey of healthy relationship with food and weight loss a pretty perilous road at times. 😔

  8. Robin Berg

    In this world you only have to beat one person. Yourself.

  9. JustFor Fon

    I ate zero calories yesterday and will only eat about 700 calories today, I know this isn't the best way to lose weight and can also reduce your metabolic rate, but the trick is to have a feed day every so ofter and just eat what you want all-day,

    I am doing this to lose weight fast as I have a wedding coming up soon, (next week) and my 2 years Aniversary the day after I know 1 week isn't enough to lose a lot of weight but I have been doing this for a few months now and have lost about 2 stone that's 28lbs, mostly fat, might have lost some muscle but hey I can get that back easy with a clean bulk.

    My plan is to keep losing fat until I am around 10% body fat, then I will slowly increase my calories to give my body time to adjust to the new calorie intake consisting of high protein, some fats, cabs, and vegs and combine this with the heavy lifting

    I will increase my calories to my new maintenance level and stay there for 2 weeks to let my body adjust and then go from there either adding 200cals for a week or 2 and then just keep adjusting or maintaining until I get to where I want to be

  10. Divina Garcia

    Thank you ✋✋✋

  11. VR Strat85

    Thank you so much for your YouTube channel and content. I just started watching and you and your followers make me feel less alone. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. Food has always been an obsession of mine. I even cooked for a living. I was becoming more positive, healthy, happy, and more fit, in fact, got to my lowest weight in 12 yrs and then boom 💥 lost my job . I honestly believe my positivity was making people uncomfortable and that’s the reason they let me go. I was working around some pretty insecure women. I lost my positive outlook 😞. I got depressed, still have insomnia, and started binging and then purging. Food has ALWAYS been my security blanket .It’s been 4 months and I’ve gained 11lbs. I hated myself. After watching you tubers like yourself talking about your experiences I started to gain my positive outlook again and I’m not going to let negative people effect me anymore. I joined a gym a week ago, started counting calories and working on my mindset again, I went cold turkey on purging . I haven’t lost any weight and right now I’m fighting food poisoning. But I know my metabolism is so wrecked it’s going to take time. It’s crazy because even tho I feel terrible right now I’m still thinking about food, but you give me inspiration and hope that I can conquer this obsession ❤️❤️. The only people in my life right now are positive thinkers, but I know that’s not going to last especially when I start losing weight. I know what the warning signs of negative thinkers are ,and I now have the confidence again to get those people out of my life. ❤️💪. I’m sorry so long . It feels so good to get this secret off my chest .

  12. Northbdc96

    No more intro? 😱

  13. my mind and body

    Michelle khare made a beautiful video with a girl named Jazz that was a transformation video. Jazz said she wanted to eat healthy and workout to help her mental health and people on Instagram saw that she was eating healthy and attacked her and bullied her saying "we thought you were body positive." And flipping out on her. She mentioned it in michelle's video and it makes me sick. I wondered what you and your other viewers feel about it?

  14. pushvanjay

    I can totally relate to this. I succeeded in losing a significant amount of weight and I have kept it off but I have gained psychological issues with food. 😕

  15. E.T. Official 2020

    You related to Tom Holland?

  16. kollmorgen1

    I did the same thing but I would fast for 3-5 days and then go off the rails. I had the same issue with food.

  17. Evander Fisher

    Hey bro check this out https://youtu.be/YLfhT9e0m2A

  18. BlueSteel

    I feel you, it’s my birthday soon & I don’t even know I wanna have something more indulging, but I feel I maybe gaining 20 pounds if I do, or I feel my fat coming back

    Why can’t I just have a burrito and be happy

  19. TheTripstraps

    i think binge eating comes sooner or later if a person has too strict diet, too low calorific and excludes some foods one wants. i had a stric diet, lost a lot of weight but excluded many foods and at one point cracked and lost all control and begun constant binge eating period where i gained back all the weight i lost. so im pretty sure most of the people who want to loose weight and maintain it must eat everything and dont take so big calorific cut. ofcourse more fatty and calorific food should not be eaten constantly and portion sizes must be correct but basically nothing should be excluded. weight will go down much slower, but you are able to maintain it without binge eating. because you are able to satisfy your need in a reasonable manner. i now eat everything i want, but its a matter of portion sizes and how often. also one has to include more healthy foods to ones diet, but mixing them with more sinnful ones its not hard at all.. for example i eat the meat dish i want but cut the portion and add vegetables and fruit. so its tasty but also healthy and much lower in calorie. i think our body has memory. i have so bad memory of that strict diet and binge eating later that i cant even think about going to some strict diet ever again. that strict diet and later having constant pain of stuffing my insides of huge amounts of food felt so horrible that my mind and my body does not allow me to do that stupedeness ever again. people need to learn about proper portion sizes and also caloriic value because it helps to make good choices. and allows you to eat everything because it helps to make daily meal overview. when you eat something more calorific, then cut down somewhere else by eating more vegetables etc. person should have an idea how calorific generally something is and how big are the portions. so i think in the beginning calorei counting in that sense is a very good tool. to learn what one has done wrong so far. by analyzing foods calorific content you see fast why you have grown so big. because foods calorific content is hidden so good:D

  20. Christina Hill

    The ending is so cute lol

  21. Andrew Choi

    This hits me hard. I had this EXACT scare during my diet, as I felt I was never going to be able to enjoy delicious food ever again. I didn’t purge or anything but I would go on the scale after a slice of pizza and beat myself up. Looking back, that was REALLY stupid. (Guys, please don’t go on the scale right after a meal).

    GREAT video dude! 🙂

  22. Gabriel M

    That's crazy man I've lost 59 pounds in 3.5 months 310 to 251. I do this exact thing now it scares me…

  23. faith119

    I don’t like the mic

  24. Francisco Gastelum

    I cringe every time heard someone talk Starbucks language, thank god, I don’t go there that often, maybe 5 times a year.

  25. whoa there bro

    For me, my goal is simply to enjoy life and stop having such horrible self image. I'm 15 and I've already lost 50 or 60 pounds, hoping to lose 40 more

  26. Seiferboy Gaming

    I plan on starting a "diet" starting Monday. It's not really a diet, but eating a variety of foods, including high protein foods. An example: a couple hard boiled eggs, yogurt and some type of fruit juice. I have been eating high fat foods such as fried food, tons of pasta, ice cream, ect. I'm hoping to lose at least 30 pounds by changing my diet. I should probably exercise some, too. I'm gonna meal plan ahead of time so I'll have a step in the right direction.

  27. Kevin Burciaga

    Thanks for sharing.

    I remember the constant struggle. I kept thinking sugar, calories, and food in general were my enemy. My only enemy was myself and the inner hell I had created.


    Once I broke the sugar addiction, I no longer felt hunger. It took me 6 weeks of Keto. Then I was able to fast on command. I have not felt hunger for 7 months now. Sugar of any kind or any source will keep the addiction going. I can see any sweet now and not even care.

  29. molly lowe

    I’m struggling so bad because I try to count calories and use apps like my fitness pal. I get really restricted and I become woozy when I don’t eat the right amount of food. My family is really sensitive with blood sugar levels ect so I become sick. I’ve dropped the apps and just eaten healthy protein meals when I feel I’m hungry.

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