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  1. Kahlil Durano

    Can you guys do hair care as well? Pleasseeee

  2. Katrina Pineda

    Looking forward to your lip thing. I actually do use a bit of toner on my lips.. idk if that's safe but it's skin right lol

  3. Ashh Adrien

    7:13 Ed: I see ppl using it in long strokes
    Me: uses stick foundation in ridiculously long strokes all over my face

  4. lethe sunk

    Loved it

  5. sonia galilea

    finally!! I MISS YOU MAKING VIDEOS TOGETHER!!! YOU BOTH ARE AMAZING!!! BRAVOOOO from Spain with mucho amor!!

  6. serenle

    my fav makeup of 2019 was The Palette You Used On Ayno

  7. 정혜인 Christina

    It is already that time of the year! I do agree with some high end K-beauty brands such as H*** not that 🐷 pigmented. I guess their target audience do not care for the pay off on their eyeshadows. I am looking forward to Edward’s lip set coming to my 🚪 doorsteps. Take care and Happy Holidays! 🥰🙆🏻‍♀️🎄💝💕

  8. Helene Nguyen

    wow luv yall

  9. Neathen Alero

    9:14 MAKEUP ARTIST / GURU WHO WANT LESS MAKEUP — BLOWS MY MIND???????????? We are here for MAKEUP! I hate makeup influencers who preach about NO/LESS/EMPTY FACES — Talk about bikes instead and ride OUT of my suggestions page! LOL 😂

  10. hzansdj sdnmmm

    Why didn’t you say anything about the eyecandy comb🤣🤣

  11. hzansdj sdnmmm

    Being a person in the southeast asian cannot relate wearing ponyeffect shades 🥴

  12. Sushi Mar

    omg everything is in the description BLESS YOU MAN!

  13. faiiry liights

    Do you know what happened to mintheworld?

  14. Nataleya Slade

    I'm actually surprised because I hated the maybelline formula but I love these videos. Thank you eddy!

  15. Christy

    can you do more skincare videos? i really enjoy them lol

  16. Eating Conce


  17. Tabitha Adams

    Love eddies shirt 😭 wannnnt

  18. Blackpink Isn't in my area

    Primer for combination skin?

  19. Alisha Alexander

    idk why but i miss joan..

  20. Angelycca Zanches

    I love all the romand lip products and the peripera lip products

  21. farakiomi

    Ok, this is so random. I like to see Joan wearing dark color clothes. She looks so pretty! 🥰

  22. Sarah Ho

    I think i've memorized the ingredients and benefits to his lip softening set just from watching the promos over and over HAHAHA love you eddie!!! So proud of you ❤️

  23. Bruna Bravo

    omgomg i love you guys together

  24. clouds8D

    my eyes hurt from watching this video lol

  25. Jenny L

    hell ye i always look forward to these year end videos with the both of you 💜💜✨✨

  26. Jessica Schulman

    something is worng with youtube watch all the video links it will tell you what's happening to YouTube edward avila
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iCPpPpKDY34 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwDrHOe43E https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwDrHOe43E&t=17s https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ17JTncvgE&t=735s

  27. iiaa kk

    I pre-ordered his lip products and I can't wait cjdjjdkdjsjjdkdkdm

  28. Maria Morales

    My wallet is about to suffer but all is worth Eddie’s lip moisturizer ~

  29. _lil. x18_

    Edward looks so good in this Video !!!😍😍

    (ok lol edward always looks good )

  30. ayesha

    you are a GOD for linking the products

  31. ZillaVilla

    why is the video glitching

  32. Ruth Banderas


  33. tuna투나

    Can you do a video about skincare too?

  34. Jeeblets Morales

    I binge watched your videos yesterday and stumbled upon a vid with Min (MintheWorld), I checked his channel, IG and Twitter and he hasn't been active for 5 months what happened to him? 🙁

  35. OMG_ARMY03

    LOOOOOVEEE YOUUU GYUUUSSS , love from Brazil <3

  36. voidcanvas

    I love the Clio eyeshadows ;; I got the brown choux one when it was first released ;; and the street brick one looks so promising tbh. I wish yesstyle would restock it already 🙁

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