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  1. DJ

    Thank you for sharing…struck a few chords…to hear this from you, someone who seems to have everything and seems collected and grounded, made me realize that I'm indeed not alone…I guess it's how each of us respond to these issues…I'm learning…thank you.

  2. chady kanaan

    Thx u for sharing loved this video very inspiring xoxo

  3. Farhana Abed


  4. Sherry Thompson

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, for being real. Very well done!

  5. Dana

    Great video. Would have liked more info like how you get melatonin at night?

  6. tabaraq aljabbouri

    This was so helpful, thank you so much for sharing ❤❤❤

  7. Cecy Salazar

    first time i am giving a comment to something i like but i just loveeeee all your videos and this one it is just a super great one that makes you think about everything in life…..thanks so much for your video…

  8. pinki3dt

    Great video. Thank you! You look amazing.

  9. InTheName OfTruth


  10. Robyn Staton

    Wow! Thank you, Dominique! You are so refreshingly real! I so appreciate your videos! 🤗

  11. Julie Spratt

    What a wonderful conversation I’ve just heard 💖🥰❤️

  12. Jan Eberting

    Wow, just wow!!! Love your vulnerability and honesty. I thought you were one the lucky ones that never dealt with extra weight. You are so spot on with your advise!!! Thank you for the blessing and being real. And, girl, that tummy ☺ Shut the front door. Now I'm motivated. At this age you can look and feel better than you ever did because you're more mature and confident. Thank you Dominique. God bless you

  13. kimprimatic

    Thank you for sharing your heart of service with us! I just found your channel recently, and I'm enjoying it very much! You inspired me, and I bought a new fall line of makeup from the drug store, for about the same cost as three items from the department store. 🙂
    Is there an application technique or product that I can use around my mouth that doesn't accentuate lines by the end of the day? Any advice is appreciated!

  14. L A

    Many things you mentioned in your video, resonate with me. It wasn’t until I forgave my mother that everything I wanted, including a better relationship with her, fell into place. Better diet without effort, weight flying off despite regular exercise, changing my thoughts/beliefs, that then led to using my words to uplift others, and then inspired action that reflects the well-being of others. Your message consistently mirrors the path I am now on. Thank you. You are SO refreshing and just what the world needs.

  15. Yvi18

    Can you please talk more about Hormonal replacement Therapy, which one are you taking Dominique and what kind an improvements you notice in yourself, there is very little information out there about it.

  16. Lorena Balaguer

    I love your voice. You should do some meditation videos. Loved this video.

  17. Shelley Wall

    Thank you for your encouragement. I’m at the place in my life when I’m figuring out what it means to take care of myself and be good to myself. After a couple of very difficult years, the time has come when I finally listen to God, many people and now to my inner voice. So counselling, practicing forgiveness, setting boundaries, exercise, better diet and rest and of course so much more but those are my starting point.

  18. Gail Karabell

    Thank you so much for your inspirational video. I am on a constant roller coaster up down up down very inconsistent with working out and my eating style. I struggle with depression and low self-esteem. exercise, when I do go which is only 1 to 2 times a week which does makes me feel better, so why do I sabotage this & do this to myself? I guess the answers are somewhere very deep within ourselves thanks again for your honesty and transparency.

  19. Ms Ramos

    Beautiful 🌷❤⚘ Love Your hairrr ⚘

  20. Marylin's Adventures

    Wow, thank you so much. You have truly made me think of so much. Your such an inspiration. I have let myself go and you’re video really hit home.. God bless you.

  21. Cherry vb

    This is whyI follow you.. because you are a real human being .. I ❤️ U Dominique Thanks for share !!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 A big hug from Tijuana Mexico 🇲🇽

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