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  1. Nicole Collet

    We never stopped eating late night snacks. We just made some swaps!

  2. Gloria Peña-Reyes

    All great ideas! Hope you guys and The Friends had a great Thanksgiving! Love this channel ❤

  3. Betsy Huggett

    I totally dig you two! Nicole has such a fun personality. And Kyle, I am laughing out loud!

  4. Veronica P

    Love it! ❤

  5. Charlene Dalton

    Did you use air popped popcorn? Popcorn is my kryptonite.😬

  6. Sparkle Canada

    Where do you find the strawberry jello?🤔
    I used to buy it a few years ago(and the sugar free orange😋) but can't seem to find any but Lime now.
    What is your opinion on the Light Whipped Cream in cans?
    I too don't drink. Hot Chocolate Night Caps sound 👌👍👍😎

  7. Dede Dinah

    Great snacks 👌😊

  8. Rachel Gannaway

    Question! Are you guys building muscle while in a caloric deficit? I’ve heard so many conflicting theories on this. Do you have a video on this subject? Love y’all so so much!! 😀

  9. Hadasha Patterson


  10. The life of Aurelia

    I love your channel! You two are so funny and these videos are helpful!

  11. Rebecca Dyck

    Those look like great snacks! I try not to eat too late at night. I get stomach aches. I think it comes with age… Lol
    I will try some of your ideas.

  12. Barb Robbins

    Not a fan of kale chips either.😄 I bought some of those Jellos today. While everyone else eats pie on our Thanksgiving, I will have my Jello with whipped cream.

  13. Sheila Sweeney

    Thank u for sharing. Love ur genuineness!!

  14. anna abramian

    Thank you!! 💕

  15. Pamela Groves

    I’ll be “checking it out”.

  16. Centsible Living With Money Mom

    What I really find helpful about your channel is you always show us what an actual portion is. Thank you.

  17. sunny cal

    Now I want some hot chocolate on this cold late afternoon. Did you purchase yours at Walmart? Love your cute personality.

  18. Eleece Clark

    Love the ideas! I’ve been doing the jello and cool whip thing and I love it!

  19. Is a bell

    I really want to try the apple one 🙂

  20. Ines Terway

    Try friendship 1% whipped cottage cheese if you can get it. It isn’t milky. Dryish

  21. Angela R

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both! 🥂💐

  22. Maggie Vicente

    This video is so funny. Thanks for all the good snack ideas.

  23. Mary Hamilton

    These snacks have motivated me to a new level lol

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