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  1. Isabella Skys

    Im 18 and i want to lose 70 pounds so if i go slow i wont have any extra skin

  2. Ballsweat McGee

    Spoiler: The bitch just eats up your time and never shows her loose skin

  3. Cheyenne Lin Elizabeth French

    I found my dogs twin!!!! Your dog and mine look so similar!!!!

  4. mn

    You say it s not d end of theworld.. but it is for some ppl.. if u r unmarried indian girl with lots of dreams it isdend of everything

  5. Rob M

    I hate purposely misleading thumbnails. 👎

  6. Nicole V

    No before and after pics?

  7. antonio rod

    Ive lost 70. Pounds im 17.

  8. foxiefair123

    I lost 100lbs, and have kept it off for 6 years. I am working on dealing with the disappointment of loose skin. It's really, honestly, loose and wrinkly, even though work out. However, I can honestly say that I don't regret my weight loss.

  9. Natalie Gambrill

    I lost 30 lbs in 30 days by consuming 1100 calories a day (and then burning 300-ish at the gym), was looking great (looked kinda pale and blue, but still, was noticeably more attractive), and then got a job and upped my college class load. It led to low exercise and poor diet due to restricted time, and I gained it all back and 50 pounds more in the span of 3 years. Coupled with the fact that I don't have a thyroid this time around, I am SO scared of losing weight and hard it'll be this time around.

  10. Chelle Weatherspoon

    You don't have lose skin because you were never fat and you are really young and fit. 79lbs is not that much to lose. Plus there are people who have more elasticity and their skin snaps back better than others. People who lose too fast may not snap back as quickly. Skin can also shrink too. The personal care products and water intake also matter's. Natural skin cleansers that are exfoliating are better than those that are not because the encourage collagen and new skin regeneration. Skin dies daily and hourly. Scrub off the old cells and force younger ones to form. It is a gradual process as well but with steady practice of this you will see a difference.

  11. Lydia C'est bien moi

    you have really beautiful hands lol

  12. Jacob Gallegos

    How long did it take u to loose the weight ?

  13. wnc817

    Dry fasting for loose skin..

  14. Richard Petitclerc

    smash, on a daily, baby plz

  15. Andy Harrier

    I lost 60 lbs and while on a medicine that is notorious for making ppl gain weight. But I'm dealing with the skin too. I still have 30 plus lbs to go I want to hit between 180 and 200 lbs.

  16. Sam Dowdy

    I was 400 lbs and lost 150 lbs and had I think 8 lbs of loose skin. I would run and it would go everywhere and it affected my sex life to the point I wouldn't take my shirt off during sex and I could go on and on so I decided to have it removed surgically and it was the most painful thing I had done but it was worth every second of the pain that followed for weeks after.

  17. Amanda Rebc

    What i noticed since going 90% vegan, is that my body looks a lot different (i am already quite thin) but i haven't lost any weight. Sometimes i catch myself into obsessing over the number not going down on the scale and i feel so crappy.

  18. lgal56

    You look like dj tanner

  19. Maz Dela Cerna

    Great work! A lot of people don't know the hard work that goes behind creating on Youtube so massive thumbs up!!

  20. faten Sham

    u so attractive . The way you talk and ur personality seems so natural and close to the heart

  21. whyjordie

    I’ve lost 100 pounds and I have no loose skin, very strange – I was expecting a lot

  22. Susan Hawson

    Brilliant! No wonder…. ☹️

  23. Susan Hawson

    Any advice for those of us who have nut allergies ?!?!

  24. Erica BruCe

    All this advice is great.
    I would add, while you are dieting, take special care of your skin using hydrating and anti-stretch marks creams, taking cool showers from now and then and so on. It helped a lot of people I know.

  25. annie finley

    Is there like a weight we’re you start to get loose skin? I want to loose 20-30 pounds I’m not overweight I just want to get a little less chubby.😂can you get loose skin from loosing that much?

  26. Harry Minot

    I have a LOT of loose skin. Last year at a local beach I overheard a couple of young women expressing their disgust at my appearance. They must have thought that I am not just old but deaf, too.

  27. BoxBees

    I love Jordan! She’s so chill

  28. Katie Marisol

    Okay so I'm currently 200 pounds, not proud of it. Anyways my quinceañera is in like 4 months. If I lost like 20 pounds in that span of time would there be loose skin? I mean I doubt I'll lose 20 pounds but it's a good start for my weight loss. Id lose around 3-5 pounds a month I guess. Some people say 10 a month is fine but my skin probably couldn't do with that :/ my goal is to lose 40-50 pounds so by the end of the school year I hope to be there. I mean I'll obviously have loose skin somewhere and my stretch marks are a part of me but idk I guess not having a lot of skin would help.

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