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  1. Shalini Mandal

    I will soon be sharing some healthy meal options for lunch / breakfast too😊…I hope you like the video ❤️
    #gethealthywithme #healthymealplan #whatieatinaday

  2. Asma Sharief Mohammad

    I thought… its Deepika padukune… Talking

  3. neetu Rathore

    I think a diet which is sustainable and seasonal would help more in healthy lifestyle… Those all fancy stuffs should be avoided coz these are not in our roots…. Stick to a diet which you can continue till ur lifetime…. It's very important to try to have home made stuffs like ghee and all… ACV should not be taken without straw

  4. Meghana S

    Do more what I eat in a videos since I also have pcod I would be helpful for me

  5. Pratibha Sanganeria

    Is this rolled oats or steel cut oats?

  6. Gayatri Deshpande

    I like your workout outfit in Thumbnail. From where do you got that leggings?

  7. Preetha M

    Shalini plz tell me ur mac shade my humble request

  8. Rashmi Jadhav

    Can you please share your workout routine 😛

  9. meenakshi jasht

    tm jo b kr lo shalini mandal tm lgti badsurat ki badsurat ho m bss islie tmhari videos dekhti hu or tmhe islie subscribe kia hua h ye dekhne k lie ki haa dunia bht bdsurat h or m khubsurat hu bht ….logo ka rng kala hota h tmhara to rng b kala h or naak muh kch b acha ni h sry to say all this

  10. siri chandana

    Can we take biotin multivitamin and mineral tablets without consulting a doctor? . I am 20 year old. Please reply!

  11. doctor BD

    Whatever recipe your eyes have to make me completely drown, i swear to god its beautiful. More than u can even think of imagining…. And i dont want to float. M dead happy with this feel…. Whatever this is. Yes, i do have a tnt crush on this bhopali girl and iski aankho me ajab si ajab si baatein hai…..

  12. usha rao

    Please make video on dinner options…

  13. Mamta K B

    Very nice

  14. Swathi Suri

    Hey M Dr.Swathi. m a dentist. Love ur videos 😍😍 but one thing. Pls don drink the acv water without a straw or it's better to avoid acv or any citrus drinks everyday for that matter as these cause erosion of ur teeth as days goes by. It happens in a long time. U won't know but later after a long usage of these u l feel sensitivity on ur teeth which is not good ! Jus an advice from a fellow subscriber☺️

  15. Miss Mazumdar

    U look so pretty…. Ur sharp features are 😍

  16. Ruth Diana

    Hi dear did u add milk in the protein shake ?

  17. Suveetha Jothi

    Hi gorgeous,wat shade or brand ur lippies 😆

  18. Ayana Basu

    Plz do a review of Mama earth oil free apple cider vinegar moisturizer…plzzz…

  19. Arushi Tanwar

    You must drink ACV water using a metal straw other it would damage tooth enamel

  20. shraddha singh

    Great video 🥰 helped a lot. Please share your workout routine please

  21. Shalini Verma

    Salt contain sodium and chloride… Not potassium…

  22. Sonal Chauhan

    Dont eat milk products in pcos …

  23. sameera baig

    Thank u so much for this informative video

  24. Jyotika Kain

    You have pcos and you dont suffer from acne…so lucky 😄

  25. URI KPOP

    You are my favorite YouTuber….You deserve more subscribers dii😍😍😍

  26. Jaswanti Baag

    Meri age 24 h to kya main anti ageing cream use kr skti hu plz cream bataye

  27. Saba Khan

    Day and night skincare routine plzzzz

  28. Eve Rose

    Drink ACV with straw 🙂 ACV injures enamel .. 😘 replace plastic straw to some other alternative

  29. Gurpreet Kaur

    how to get rid of hirsutism….facial hair problem

  30. bhavani naidu

    Very nice

  31. sharanya p

    ACV water is not good for teeth enamel. So please use straw while drinking that 😊

  32. Nandita Saha

    Plz share your skincare routine

  33. tannu rai

    U r so beautiful

  34. Shruti Hande

    Plzzz share ur workout routine diiii plzzzz🙏🙏🙏

  35. priya deva

    Very useful video sis i have pcos..i dont want weight loss becase already i am lean..can i follow this diet routine??

  36. sonia aggarwal

    Nice is ozvia is really great

  37. kameshwari kapal

    Really liked oats and chickpeas wala recipe…

  38. sun light

    My doctor advised me for pcos/pcod,Must avoid all kind of dairy products
    ex: cream,milk,cheese,butter,even banana also
    And should eat all kind of citrus fruits like
    Pineapple,papaya,strawberry,green apple so on
    Non veg more fish less meat.

  39. Liza Hossain

    Apke face aur body ka color bilkul same h plz uske upar koi video banaiye plzzzzz

  40. Mahalakshmi Gandavadi

    You look perfect,why do you have to reduce weight

  41. Zoyaa Syed

    Hi shalini nice video❤️

  42. Madhulina Ganguli

    Skin is glittering

  43. Mousumi Sikder

    Helpful video shalini
    Lots of ❤

  44. Ray Dipti

    loved the salad receipe going to try it…. Love you Shalini😘😘😘

  45. Pranusha Dimple11


  46. Nimisha Moni

    It's insulin resistance. Not insulin "spike" ..in pcod u r prone to diabetes cz f inadequate insulin .. Wen u mk Ur videos, get Ur facts right

  47. sushmitha sweety

    Shalini please share your workout routine for weight loss

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