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  1. Payne Killer

    This "something else" vague non sense is what's gonna kill your channel. Just say what it is dude

  2. Chef Matt Hammerschmidt

    Beginning of the video. Huge stammering, stuttering, and stumbling. Couple that with fluttery shaky hand. Classic example of onset a seizure that will lead to a grandmal and possible stroke as a result of going way too cold Turkey way too quick. I am not saying this for nothing. He needs to get a beer in him and a good balanced meal. If anyone knows how to get him help, Get it to him. He will need put on an AED to monitor his heart. Skip to the shock pads. Keep him in rescue position on his side in case he throws up that he doesn't aspirate.

  3. Pandalicious

    Dude, you've been AWAKE for the past 24 hours! 😂

  4. jay rider

    BUNK BUNNIES want to come over and play tonight? Where and When?🐰🐇

  5. Paul Sommerhalder

    You're young and that helps the body recover pretty nicely. At my advanced age, I can't handle much of anything. Don't drink, Don't smoke…do what you-do!…as per the famous philosopher known as Adam Ant.

  6. xlady driver

    You need to lose the vape pen!!!!!
    People are DYING from vaping!!!!

  7. Steve E

    HVH transport flash closed last week

  8. Chef Matt Hammerschmidt

    DPT, as long as you do what you know was helping the channel, You will rebound. Not a doubt in my mind. I have an announcement tonight. Also, be cautious with how fast you drop weight.

  9. 2001 Monolithic

    You didn't eat tapeworm eggs for breakfast did you?

  10. santa claus

    Kraker…is u on the meth diet? 🤔🤣

  11. trucker grey ghost

    Wait a minute dread, you said before that you were losing weight due to illness, now it's because of your diet. Which is it slim!?

  12. Ed Wu

    I lost 340 lbs the day my wife left town

  13. Nick P

    I need your diet!

  14. Nick P

    A gallon of water weight a gallon obviously 😂

  15. Goat Rider

    Gd job


  16. The Goat Tree

    Careful don’t get that Al Sharpton look going… a giant head on top of a teeny tiny body 😂🤣😅

  17. spellerito reagan

    Keto Dreeeeaaad! I'm a trucker, lost 45 lbs in 2 months on keto 4 years ago. Kept it off and feeling great. Pass the DOT physical every two years no problem. Blood pressure is 111 over 77. Blood tests are great. Low carb is the way to go, keep it up and you will lose lots more weight and be more healthy. It's good to see you feeling better. BTW, Low carb (lettuce wrapped) double Baconators at Wendy's are a staple of my diet….YUM!!! Now they have Breakfast Baconators…double yum!

  18. Kenny Morton

    I need details for sure I have 90 more pounds to lose

  19. Fatty Fatty Two by Four

    God damnit…I thought the way ur last video was u had cancer or some shit…glad your alright man.

  20. Red Monkey Trucking

    Before you know it, your gonna look like "Tales from the Crypt".
    Eh heh heh heh

  21. JD Forney

    That's awesome bro. I do keto Lost 26lbs

  22. Jose Sanders Journey's

    Whats the diet?keto crack and meth?

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