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  1. Tom Weingarth


  2. ChickenMonster18


  3. Wyatt Walkenhorst

    Fuck rice gum

  4. The2099Spider

    Only real fans remember when Nikan got the Wi-Fi banned at the NY FaZe House because he illegally downloaded Minions

  5. KEPHGaming


  6. Xx Zodiac xX

    What race is nikan?

  7. Colin Evans

    To anyone that watches this video either for the first time or for another time. Don’t skip meals that will only hurt you because then for your next meal you will eat even more. Don’t worry about working out right away, start eating healthier and just focus on losing weight. Once you have lost weight start working to build muscle. But most importantly just do what you can and try to stay motivated.

  8. cj pasion

    I remember alway watching faze apex and rain and in some of the montages I saw faze nikans trickshots and hoped he did YouTube now he’s here

  9. DaveeDoo

    He’s big again

  10. Ymg LoveBlue

    Imma always look at him as a fat guy

  11. Jhope and his sprite

    KSI laugh tho 😂

  12. Jhope and his sprite

    3:25 ⊙_⊙ 😂

  13. Raju Dusanjh


  14. Athanasia St. Eugene

    Wait I thought you lived in Canada.?.

  15. Nanobot C


  16. Kawsar

    FaZe Nikan is my inspiration

  17. Bc5 3

    2018 anyone

  18. Raju Dusanjh


  19. Taniyah Eline

    rice looking so sexy

  20. owen ward

    Eating soda

  21. H4RRY T4YL0R

    Bruh im the opposite im 6’1 im 12 but im well Skinny but I eat loads

  22. Ashos Sultan

    Who else thinks that Ricky looks like Francis from the series Reign?

  23. Strainzey

    Nice dude good job! I lost 20 pounds in 2 months from cutting down on food intake and working hard in baseball

  24. Jake Cuddire

    that’s amazing🙌🏻🔥🤟

  25. Jake Cuddire

    that’s amazing

  26. Beef Go Moo

    I still like the old nikan

  27. Pedro Perez

    Feels Bad, I Was Eating Cheetos When He Said Don’t Eat Cheetos. Was The Same Bag Too😭😭

  28. Sentless

    10milly worthy

  29. Zheydi

    You have ascended past a ascended saiyan………. you are now a super human……. 3

  30. Alien Optic Leader

    love iran

  31. Hello 123

    Ur still fat though

  32. espee123

    @ksi in adidas store wearing nike ? " are you kidding me ( might as wore a kkk hat) .. meaning it was just wrong.

  33. ricegum tutorials

    At 9:36 rice though u were talking to him when u were actually talking to ksi 😁😁😁😋♡

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