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  1. McKenzie Whiteman

    Is this book available yet? It would look like something right up my alley

  2. Arianna chwastek

    How do you wash yourself down stairs with a suit on

  3. Lisa loves


  4. Lisa loves


  5. Lisa loves

    Id love this

  6. Lisa loves

    This is real guys u are what couples should be llike

  7. clarinda Young

    Enjoyed the video..

  8. Bradly Peterson

    Isnt Imperial Beach beautiful? Thats where i live. Loving my van life as well. I own a 93 chevy astro cargo van.

  9. I told you not to look me up

    Very nice beautiful let see if I find the same supplement to be beautiful too. Lol great day 🌞❤🌷

  10. Joseph Pup

    Buy SmartWool socks from REI or online for cheaper. Once you wear your first SmartWool socks, you will never go back to cotton. SmartWool is wicking, dry, and cool. Very comfortable on your feet. You can wear it for a week without any odor. They have SmartWool underwear as well. I use that for long hiking. Well worth spending the money and it lasts very long time. I have mine for almost 8 years now and still good.

  11. Joseph Pup

    Check out the Rata & Co from New Zealand products. I find these at Marshall; otherwise, I order on Amazon. All natural and I have been using it for a year now. Love their products. I have what you have all the shown products for showering. Thumb up.

  12. Natalie Guion

    you are such an inspiration. your tip of going within to reach ultimate beauty is so powerful, more people out there need this in their life. thank you for putting it on broadcast for anyone to find! 🙂

  13. Dean Hirsch

    Great to see you thinking about cruelty free products. Next step a cruelty free diet? Vegan baby 💚🤙🏻

  14. Magic Hut

    That was such an amazing video! You truly are beautiful! 😀 Thank you very much for another great video! Never give up!

  15. Denise Filippini

    You should check out http://www.melaleuca.com... my mom is an independent marketing exec for them… they have EVERYTHING from vitamins to supplements to makeup to protein bars to whatever you can think of! No parabens, no artificial flavors or preservatives
    Let me know what you think.

  16. 1Warrior

    Your beauty routine is honest and normal …dont worry about what others think….your a gift from God….

  17. C. Victoria Ritchie

    Fascinated with this subject, always looking for new ideas! Of course its a little to late for me at 59 I use to be a sun worshiper 😪 trying to correct it ! I like coconut oil and mix some frankincense in it❤🤗😊 safe travels ! And #vbstrong

  18. Mr. J

  19. D'arcy Thomsen


  20. ava girard

    I can see pure love between y’all! It is amazing what y’all say to each other, with deep and wholehearted love ❤️! You guys are amazing and love watching y’all

  21. victor chen

    Boy that is a lot of effort you put in no wonder you look so good. Loved the video. Looking forward to ur next video. Love u guys👍

  22. Liz L

    Your absolutely right about washing your hair too often. I wash my hair every five days or more only if it's needed. And sunscreen always in all ways 😉😉 I just turned 44 and people are shocked when I tell them. I also get a lot of compliments and questions about my hair. Some people are a bit taken aback when I tell them about my washing schedule.

  23. Wings and Wheels Alaska

    Great video! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. You did a fantastic job. Safe travels!



  25. Stephanie Garrett

    Loved your take on beauty. Your natural charisma is what draws me to this channel. On another note, are those jeans pockets on the curtain behind you at the end?

    Drew, slow it down buddy 😉. Also, that face shield on the helmet helps relieve the wind squint. 😉

  26. laura parodi

    You are right about good thoughts, kisses from Argentina!! ♥

  27. Freedom Strider

    Is Drew eating cereal and crisps?!

  28. саша а


  29. 1Warrior

    I liked that you said you pray….I have not found any other van life people that openly talk about praying. God will always Bless you and take care of your needs….God Bless you.

  30. steve Q hanson

    great vid Brittany. Drew, I had too look up the Salton Sea. Had never heard of it.

  31. Jenna Karakatsanis

    Such a fun and different video! Great tips, and love hope you reiterate the importance of self/care and self-love! ✨

  32. Wilber Peebody

    Great video Brittany. I just want you to know, freckles are not a bad thing. Whatever you do to keep looking beautiful, please keep it up….it's working. Looking forward to your next installment.

  33. Mmm

    I’m so glad for you guys to have been present and alive for your Morocco trip but, NO VLOGGING! 😞 I was so looking forward to Morocco vlogs.

    Oh well, 😜 I hope you guys spend a lot of time recounting and telling lots of stories.

    And thank you for the great vlog and reminding me to be positive and love myself a bit more. ❤️

  34. J Rowe

    Unfortunatly the world lacks little cuties like you Brit!

  35. Papa

    Freckles are perfect. Another fun video.

  36. Toni Marsters

    This might be fate 🤗

    I'm enduring massive hair loss bc of hormones issues, my Thyroid has packed it in, what would be good to encourage regrowth, the itching is INSANE!!!

  37. Matthew Fuemmeler

    Writing on my husbands account- (girl here) I have a similar sunscreen, but mine feels really sticky after a while, especially in my arm creases. Is yours similar or not sticky? Also, I agree with comment below, you do not need any makeup, beautiful skin! I love your positive outlook and bringing a whole mind body spirit approach to your wellness/beauty! Bare minerals uses titanium dioxide which is a carcinogen, just fyi. Ever tried 100% pure or vapor makeups ? We love your videos, you both are super cute, fun people!

  38. Kye Alexander

    Incredible human beings. I practice. The same for my beauty. 😍 water love and a little sun 😘

  39. Allison Sherman

    I am in Carlsbad. Welcome to San Diego. Sweet video.

  40. reallycoolguys

    "you're looking at it" I think he was talking about his salad

  41. cabover camper darren thomas

    Great video, fiesta island looks cool, it's ok to overnight there?

  42. Sara DeAnne Love

    You are right, When your beautiful inside. your beautiful on the outside 🙂 Beauty comes from within 🙂 <3

  43. Raynette Waltrip

    What is the sunscreen you use on your face?

  44. The Nomadic Frog

    I just noticed those pockets on the curtains . 😎 Idea

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