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  1. HisDiamond 85

    Can i pair this with my 30% off 30

  2. Brittany has arrived

    Where is the $10 revlon coupon from?

  3. M C

    Hey Dawn
    checkout women’s shelters for donating the makeup. A lot of times they need it. They take any shampoo, conditioner, feminine products also.

  4. Noreen McCool

    Two great Walgreens hauls

  5. Noreen McCool

    Is the dove bar soap 6-pack also included in the buy one and get one 50% off

  6. ALPHA

    girl ill take that makeup off your hands if you don't want it lol – pls msg me if you wanna give your makeup away 🙂

  7. Melissa Joyce

    Does anyone want to be couponing friend

  8. Karel Ganzini

    Good job!

  9. Natalie Roman

    What can i do if some digital coupons did not worked 😤 annoying

  10. Victoria

    This is great because this is stuff everyone can use and the makeup deals are not that great for everyone, thanks for the video 😀


    Great deals 😍

  12. Juarlesa Williams

    Awesome 👍🏾I don’t want no more makeup either 💕💕💕💕

  13. Feleshia Judkins

    Love your videos. We use a lot of the same products, so I love all of your deals.

  14. Stephanie Simmons

    Great way to use the booster to get what you need! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Heidi Talley

    Great Walgreens Beauty deals/Hauls 💯✨🤗💕

  16. Deborah Nolin

    Dawn you seem to really understand Walgreens. Can you do a video on when its okay to pay with points? I'm accumulating so many because I'm always afraid to use them and possibly not get my points or register rewards. Thanks! Love your videos! 😊

  17. Amy Jacobs

    I’m going to do your deal, I love Dove. Happy Birthday 🎂 to us.

  18. Amy Stotts

    I saw someone on IG say that they put the makeup into bins and take them when they meet with bundles so they can sell it like add ons. I know how you feel about having too many cosmetic products.

  19. Veronica Castaneda

    Do register rewards count toward your spend amount then? I have never used them in a beauty event so I dont know how that works?

  20. Alexandria Barnett

    Happy Birthday!!🎂🎁

  21. melodie washington

    Send all extra makeup to extreme couponer it want go to waste at all. I would love it take care if all if them appreciate you.

  22. Wendy Rodenbaugh

    I didn't even count to 5, and my girl was already at the Dove lollllllll 😀😀

    We know our Dawn loves Dove, and Clorox liquid bleach. And Gain lol 😇 . Great job👏👏

  23. Shadreka Scott

    Hello Dawn. I've looked for your Walgreens video all day today. You have some of the most helpful Walgreens ideas. Tfs.

  24. Deborah Nolin

    hi dawn Where did the beauty perk that you took screen shot of come from?

  25. Sass

    On my $10 off revon/almay coupon the mgr had to push it through it didn't take,,, great deals,, love the double points back!

  26. Carrieann Holmgren

    Wow, love this deal. I would so use the Dove 🙂 Thank you so much.

  27. Joanna Sandoval

    Omgeesh $8.91 for four Dove products 🙂

  28. Awesome

  29. tennille hartsock

    Where did you get the coupon from?

  30. JT N

    Is birthday month a benefit for everyone with a Balance Rewards card?

    September is my birthday month but I didn't get anything.

    I contacted Walgreens through chat and was told only select customers get them. 😞

  31. Latonya Atkins

    Great haul! Love the dove deal!

  32. Tina Trillslime mom

    This is what I did I’m tired of makeup 😁😁

  33. Jennifer Cooney

    I feel you on the makeup. I passed on that too. However, I wasn't about to NOT use those high value Revlon/Almay coupons. I used mine to get the same Revlon kiss balm, and Almay wipes. 💞💗😍💗💞
    LOVIN the Beauty event!!

  34. X Mas K

    I love that you do dove deals thanks so much

  35. M Cole

    Hi Dawn! Homecoming is coming up… Maybe you can do makeup grab bags and give them away to girls in need?? Just a thought 😊🤷🏿‍♀️ Thanks for sharing

  36. Charlotte Johnson

    Those are my favorite revlon products

  37. Kelli Hobbs

    Can you share a screen shot of the 7 for spending 35 beauty.

  38. baby girl

    Wow amazing savings at the beauty event at Walgreens.

  39. Shapelle Ivory

    Can I get bar soaps

  40. Forever Scher


  41. Lydia Gutierrez

    Nice 👍 so the 10 off is working for the spend 25 get 7 I thought it wasn’t

  42. 2Bryte Savez

    Great deal! You got back a lot of points! You are right! It is 100 for every $1 that you spend. I'm so glad that your digital worked with your RRs. I always have so much trouble using RRs and digital coupons.

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