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  1. Mercy Gono BSN, RN

    Hey family, here is a quick list of things I talked about in the video to help you out ❤️.

    1. Have a goal ( Smart goal)
    2. Stop or decrease alcohol consumption
    3. Increase fluid Intake
    4. Be consistent
    5. Decreased portion sizes
    6. Do not over eat.
    7. exercise

    Has anyone started their weight loss journey this year yet? If so, comment yes ⬇️

  2. Martha ayalew

    So what kinda work out did u do?
    My tummy is so staborn! Cant seem to lose it.

  3. Asia Cruz

    Thanks sis❤️

  4. Simply_JodiAnn

    Awesome video as usual Mercy! I was able to LOSE 10 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK and TONE UP, I just made a YouTube video on this, and it feels amazing. Look good feel good :)!

  5. Tanja Petties

    Hello Mercy..
    I had bariatric surgery four years ago…I only lost the first 50 pounds..I'm now loose weight I couldn't…I drink water all day everyday with the zero calories packet..I'm so thankful for your Vlog .. It's helping with my morale 🤗..
    2020 I do believe I loose more weight than expected..
    Again thank you so much
    You look Marvelous
    Mercy your lip shade/ make up/ blouse..love love love
    Sincerely Tanja

  6. Camelia Moodie

    In one of your serious, could you do what you eat in an entire day ?

    Another video on excercise routine.

  7. My KE Escapades

    You look so beautiful today

  8. Adesina Eunice

    Amazing video. Can a nursing mother take apple cider vinegar please?

  9. lovess 40

    OK NOW

  10. its me karen

    Drinking green tea without adding anything is hard at first but I got used to it. The apple cider vinegar is another story, it's just nasty to me but I'm going to try again

  11. rjsmiley89

    Love this video

  12. Mayowa Osidele

    Hi Mercy what if you are still breastfeeding. How can u work around it. My baby is only 4 month

  13. Jeanne Muza

    Mercy I am 7 months postpartum and i am still struggling! For you to come and ginger me up ? I love it and i am dedicated than ever before. You are realistic person and keep up a good work👏

  14. Jenny Samuels

    You are such a great teacher. Thank you 👏🏾

  15. princessballer4life

    What are your thoughts on the keto diet?

  16. Marie Hillaire

    Yes.'Work, determination, time, patient, and consistency' is key. 💕

  17. Tricha Lugay

    Excellent video and so timely for me. Can a little honey be added to the green tea or not?

  18. Georgiana Adda

    Awesome Video Mercy, Happy New Year to you and your family, looking for to another video showing specific food recipes from you.

  19. Georgiana Adda

    Awesome Video Mercy, Happy New Year to you and your family, looking for to another video showing specific food recipes from you.

  20. chioma okwudili

    I used to take apple cider vinegar but wasn't consistent. Thank u so much for this video. I actually learnt a lot today

  21. REM REM

    Thank you girl and so are you 💕

  22. Njesh Kymani

    Ur such an African beauty!!!🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  23. Jeanne Muza

    This message came at the right time because I started my weight loss journey this Monday. Thanks Mercy for your motivation❤️

  24. Grace Hope

    Is it safe to use apple cider vinegar while breastfeeding?

  25. Twana Coleman

    Can you do a video on the exercises you did for your belly?

  26. Grace Otun

    Congrats on your weight loss Mercy and thanks for this video ♥️

  27. Fatima Diallo

    You're looking great God help me lose weight lol.❤ thanks for the tips

  28. Des


  29. Abisola Abiodun

    Why do I have Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) but refuse to use it? Because my goals are not written. So thank you, Mercy for the SMART goals reminder plus consistency. I am seeing my 12yr old daughter pushing me to learn driving and exercise with her. So today at 3.40A.M and being 10/10/2020, I choose to be responsible and be serious with my healthy life journey. Stay blessed and helpful. Cheers to our success. ♥️💯🥂

  30. Diana Rochester

    I’m now motivated to start my weight loss journey. Thanks a million Mercy❤️

  31. CAM

    🤗The best way to lose weight is to checkout and follow the advice of "The Minister of Wellness" videos on YouTube… 😇He has amazing advice on getting healthy and losing weight… I hope this will help your viewers…

  32. NotYaAverageGirl84

    You look great! There are many green tea variations on the market. Does it have to be straight up green tea, or can it be peach, mint, lemon etc.?

  33. Tiffaney LJ

    Body on fleek☺. You're looking absolutely beautiful☺.

  34. Patricia Jesus is in control babyo

    great video

  35. WLHMC Allnatural

    Hey girl what did yu do to loose. Chile.😍😍

  36. Latisa Wooten, BSN, RN

    Awesome Mercy!! You look great too!! You really motivate me!! TFS!! Keep up the good work!! ♥️🥰♥️😘

  37. Michelle Thermidor

    Does this work for a mom that’s 3 years postpartum 🤣😂🙄

  38. Meme Simone

    I wanna lose 30 lbs by March..😫😫😫😫 I'm struggling

  39. Margalyn Payne


  40. Sleek Uno


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