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  1. Silvana Grira

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  2. True Youtuber Sumi

    Very motivational story,I too lose 30 kg in 10 months with proper diet and home exercise ☺☺

  3. Suyog Parajuli

    Nice one Pukulu!

  4. Sangita 07

    Sikha… diju💕 lot's of love…
    Did you notice… noo dislike till now…💋
    You deserve it 🌹

  5. Jenima Sapkota Aryal

    It’s okay to be fat and still love your body self love is important. But being okay with the fat that will eventually harm you and make your body a house for disease is bad.
    So happy to see you realize and sad to see that you tried and didn’t work out!!!!
    I am really really happy for you!!!! You are an inspiration for many of us. I am one of those who have been overweight till date and this video gave me hope😄 thank you di❤️ I think i’ll just try this out too!!!

  6. Kree Teeka


  7. Roniva Thapa

    I think i wanna start too💕

  8. Archana Shrestha

    When i saw ur and ur husband picture on routine of nepal banda from that time i was ur big fan and follow u on instagram and even finding u chubby i really loved ur skin and the way u carry urself and following wat u want in ur life in nepal people have bad concept about everything if u r fat nothing good gona happen to u or u wont gona get husband and thats not true actually loosing or gaining is a mind game all u need to be happy and in the whole journey of ur holiday i find urself a very happy person and just blooming the way u r and carrying ur self on such a positive way

  9. Sudha Adhikari

    Always waited for this type of video🤗🤗 u r a true source of motivation 😍😍

  10. Mannu Giri


  11. Sauhard Dhakal


  12. pooh syne

    This is so motivating.
    Some of my friends are experiencing more than normal hair fall after being on a keto for a month.So personally this hair fall thing is stopping me from getting in keto.Have you also experience any hair fall issue?
    And do you suggest keto for someone like me who only wanna loose face fat but the body is still tiny?

  13. Kenzu Lama

    This is so motivating 😍😍
    Do more video of keto meal
    Always there for you 😊😊

  14. Gam Er

    Btw your not obese at all your like ok weight

  15. pritika adhikari

    Keep it up😍❤️

  16. Sugama Gautam

    Keto diet for vegetarian?

  17. Nishchal Ghimire


  18. Pratiksha Bhandari

    Nice job dear

  19. subhekchhaya bhandari

    Shikha di I think u hav change a lot.

  20. Ashma Shrestha

    Did you exercise?

  21. Nibedita


  22. Maya Gurung


  23. Anisha Thapa

    Keto flu xai kasari lagxa i didnt understood d😬

  24. Suvekshya Neupane


  25. Shirja Neupane


  26. Shreya Thapa


  27. niyanta parajuli


  28. Samu Pokhrel

    This is so motivating ♥️♥️
    Always there to support you babe 😘😘

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