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  1. Anthony Delamare

    Great video, wholeheartidly agree. Eat as natural as possible, avoid foods with a long list of unrecognisable ingredients, cooking from scratch if possible, thanks for the video!

  2. JerseyLexi

    Obesity has sky-rocketed over the years
    Um… Anorexia and Bulimia has sky rocketed farther!

  3. Candice Jones

    The chemicals are the difference? Not the fact that we're consuming more high-calorie products and not moving enough? Chemicals aren't that much different from what they used to be. Chemicals are simply what make up a product. Beef is beef is beef. The "chemicals" that make up beef aren't different from 50 years ago. It's more accessible and our modes of transportation don't allow us to move as much.

    Jebus, you need a nutrition 101 course.

  4. Hootyhaha Hootyhaha

    @lakeview255 You should make a video showing the foods you do buy so those of us that get frustrated while searching will know what to go for.

  5. craftyJessica01

    very helpful

  6. Lika Fifita

    ssooo helpfull 🙂 lol shes funny

  7. Matt Rolling

    So inspiring, thanks for posting this video..
    I recently lost a lot of weight as well. I used the bellyblast program..


    Have you heard of it?

  8. Larissa311

    this was so helpful!

  9. Ænimas

    lol wtf? "Europeans are getting fatter, just like us (Happy Smile)!". Theres a big difference between the diet of northern european countries and the southern. In south of europe we have the Mediterranean diet which is the healthiest you can get.

  10. hippyh24

    bu bu but…. i thought diet coke was my friend :'( darn it!!! x x

  11. lura garcia

    ty for your vids!

  12. babygurl10490

    I have a habit of eating late at night or during the night. Is there anything I can do to make myself stop eating during the night?

  13. montyloree

    what do you think about raw foods?" a raw food diet will help lose weight

  14. Ivori Rose

    Right on !
    I love that you took us to the store with you 🙂
    No joke about the ingredient list ; we are eating preservatives ! AAahhhh !

  15. Lindsey Burton

    "polysorbate 80….thank god it's not polysorbate 79 right??" loll you're so funny and such a great insperation!!

  16. Alissa Feudo

    You have great videos, this one is my favorite so far!

  17. SoftHeartConviction

    I luv how she just screams at the sight of the cupcake, ding dong, twinkle display LOL

  18. moccamu

    Not bananas…. They put a juice inside them…

  19. TREX LEX

    great video

  20. Laia Bertran

    Excellent video , thanks for putting it this way.

  21. TheBMXlee

    this would be a good video, if it wasnt for your patronising tone.

  22. ash trix

    great advice!!! no labels for me now!!

  23. Erik V

    lol usually i stop watching vids like these after a min, but this one is different and interesting.lol. thank you(:

  24. Sharon

    It's not just people food also the food we feed to our pets, I can't find healthier food for them at my supermarket it, if I do they just won't eat it. Do you want to eat bones/meat from who knows where?

  25. mysticnekoji

    we can blame chemicals all we want but i bet my grandma and my great grandma did alot more physical work then i do working on a computer sitting on my butt all day. if people would just get up and do somthing the obesity rate would drop, chemicals are one small problem compared to the fact no one puts effort to burnning energy anymore

  26. alanna4858

    She is delightful. Seriously.

  27. alanna4858

    She is delightful.

  28. alanna4858

    She is delightful.

  29. alanna4858

    She is delightful.

  30. alanna4858

    She is delightful.

  31. alanna4858

    She is delightful.

  32. Lauren Arrow

    say it sistah!

  33. LighterCurves

    I agree with all of this… good for you.

  34. Kerri Sharoni

    i think what you're doing is very awesome!
    do you have any videos on healthfully losing the last 5-10lbs!
    love n peace

  35. Interlude118

    This vedio relli amazed me!! Brilliant advice,, sure I am going to cut off the artifactitious food,,,

  36. krelbar

    A lot of them don't cause it, but they do stimulate appetite, causing someone to eat more…potentially causing obesity. So it was more of an indirect reference.

  37. krelbar

    why do people think counting calories is so difficult? You can eat WHATEVER you want as long as the calories you consume are less than your body needs. As long as the meals are somewhat balanced. If you are on a 2500 calorie a day diet, you don't want to consume it all in bacon!

  38. goanyways

    youre so great

  39. lyn fig

    thanks for good and rigth info im gonna stick to it for now on thank you again well done

  40. 9carley

    i really love ur videos 🙂 u have alot of knowledge on the subject and aernt just showing a "quick" simple way to loose weight,, fad diets etc, its about being healthy and the weightloss as the bonus , relli good to see,, dont listen to the negative cmmnts either,, ther unhapy with themselves, and they like to try share ther misery with others. dont giv them wat they want 🙂 keep the vids coming ther greattt !!! xx

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