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  1. sara bruno

    mother dirt mist contains the libra of all bacteria!!

  2. Julia Talks

    Your skin is BRIGHT! It looks so good. 🙂 I hope my skin can get to that point- my dermatologist and I are trying to kick some adult acne butt !

  3. Maggie Garcia

    Can you do a whole video about candida?!! Please!

  4. Janet Hana

    GURL yes I’m an RN at a derm office and seriously my skin has never looked better. I get mistaken for being 24 aaaaallll the time and I’m 30. I literally do all the stuff you mentioned lol chem peels, botox, a little filler in the lips and the medical grade acids in the creams #chefskiss IT REALLY WORKS PEOPLE

  5. Alison Corbett

    Jackie you need to try some Japanese and Korean sunscreens. They are amazing!!

  6. Emma Gerike

    Have you tried Versed? I don't know if they are a clean brand but they recently popped up at target and I added their dew point gel moisturizer to my daily sunscreen/moisturizer for winter dryness

  7. jordan dean

    Enjoyed this immensely. One day when I have a little more disposable income I’m going to try some natural lip filler. Just for me. Like you say I don’t think most people notice the things that bother us. I used to be a big time picker. It is so hard to stop. Every time the demur ato.ogist told me not to pick I rolled my eyes. If it was only that easy. I had a pathological fear of having whiteheads on my face. I’d pick until it was a sore rather than have anything pus like on my skin. I finally got my skin under control, which led me to picking less which started a positive cycle I was mostly able to keep up.

  8. Lesley Cruz

    Hexane free castor oil works! I saw results within a couple of months.

  9. Katie S.

    Watched your popping video, loved! Made me realize that leaning in was my trigger too. Now I sing…

    No, lean.
    No, lean.
    No, lean.
    Nooo, leaaan.
    Please don’t pop me just because you can.

    To the tune of Jolene by Dolly Parton. Hahaha

  10. Liz Rubio

    Can you make a video about your peels

  11. Lia Argevani

    Hey Kackie! Using benzoyl peroxide in conjunction with clindamycin greatly decreases risk of resistance. Combining the curology formula with even a low strength benzoyl peroxide like 2.5% may help!

  12. Mary S

    Yay, a skincare video! I have noticed a difference in my skin since starting the Marie Veronique CE Feurilic Acid Serum, and the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery moisturizer.
    I want to try some of your picks too! I have also read conflicting information on order of skincare, and I may have been one of the subscribers who mentionef sunscrean first. I wonder if this is true of the zinc based sunscreans or mostly the chemical ones, since the zinc ones are a physical barrier. Your results of your skincare speaks to the fact that you must be doing a lot right!

  13. Your Haiku

    “I’m a little hippy dippy and a little witchy and weird”

    Can we make that a t-shirt?

  14. Adriana Clark

    Yayyyyyy new video!!

  15. A C

    Wish cetearyl alclohol didn’t give me cystic acne 🙁 I love the protini otherwise but my chin doesn’t agree with it

  16. Kelsey C

    Your lips look so natural, I had no idea! I love them! I always thought I would get "shelf lips" if I got this done. *Frantically searches for good doctors in my area*

  17. Kim McConnell

    I use the Thrive every night, too!

  18. India Shehan

    You rock! Thanks for a wonderful video!

  19. SevdaJellyFlyLeaf

    17:49 I HAVE ACNEEE! 😂
    OMG can someone please make this a gif! I need it for as long as I have acne which may be forever 🤦‍♀️

  20. Sarah R

    Omg, there was measurable excitement in my home when I saw that you added a new video!!! Great information. I definitely have to get me some Mother Dirt. I've had angry systemic yeast from 21 years of antibiotics, subsequent to getting Lyme Disease. It's a constant battle, and partially the reason (I think) for my body acne (hot) despite being 41. Awesome video. Now I have to figure out how to get my hands on some Reviage. Someone mentioned the DE Framboos; also wondering if you still regularly use it?

  21. Amanda Hale

    Psa about zinc only sunscreens! You want to have both zinc and titanium because they work better at the higher and lower spectrum respectively. Check out Dr Drays videos for more in-depth scientific info that can help you pick sunscreens (Koreans ones too etc etc)

  22. Mary Ashcraft

    You mentioned beautycounter, do you still use any of the products?

  23. Brenda Eisenbeiss

    I’m so glad you mentioned your issues with Beautycounter. I’ve been using the very expensive Countertime line & experiencing a lot of breakouts. Which ingredients do you think are responsible for causing breakouts?

  24. Jerri Alexandrian

    Save me 😫 tell me the supplement you used 😩 to help stop the monthly problem from the auto immune injection. I have the same problems. And man if I haven’t tried so many damn things🙄 I don’t know if I have the discipline for all organic. Rather have a simple pill😉 but good to know all this either way. Geez. It’s always helpful and comforting to hear someone else has a similar problem as your own❤️ I have psoriatic arthritis. It’s the skin thing and painful joins plus the shots and compromised immune system 🤢 love u 😘 great video

  25. Louise Smith

    Ah, lovely ~ great video ~ thank you <3 More detail about the microbiome and probiotics re. skincare (and how you deal with psoriasis) please xxx

  26. ayimera

    Retinoic acid is basically tretinoin, which you can get through Curology if you want to consider changing up your formula. It would be a lot cheaper (but if what you're using works, then keep with it, just thought I'd mention it).

  27. sarah shoxx

    @Kackie Reviews Beauty I think I'm starting to like you. 😆 I have similarities in skin. (e.g.) I have dry skin and I like some "natural" & minimal makeup. I believe you're right the oil can break down the ingredients in sunscreen- if you mix it too much. I want to recommend colorescience sunforgettable face shield SPF 50.

  28. sarah shoxx

    🌬️sweet dude

  29. Jess W

    That is the exact formulation that Curology gave me, hoping to hear back from them soon as it makes me really itchy??? Not sure which ingredient it is or combination there of but it's not helping 😫

  30. mel conyeers

    Hey kackie! Wondering if you’ve ever tried drunk elephants eye creams? I’m choosing between those or getting the glossier one! I too have sunken in under eyes so I want something that plumps/ hydrates and is also good for under concealer AND night

  31. Alissia Chung

    Kackie are you still using the babyfacial and framboos in the winter?

  32. Amy Louise Mataczynski

    Oooooo scarf mate!

  33. Sumer Tatum-Clem

    I need that denim shirt. Where's it from, please? Also, I apologize in advance for the fact that I post comments while I'm watching, so…

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