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  1. OTaki Taki

    When you crack his neck wich point you are targeting

  2. OTaki Taki

    الشيخ منا دايها في روحو بزاف

  3. T-RoY

    No chiropractor in NY takes an xray that I've been too. I have been to a nucca doctor who did a 3 dimensional CT scan. One before the treatments and one about half way through. I went for about a year. Still don't know if it even did anything lol but people swear by it. I'm still skeptical

  4. rudyluna777

    I need to head to Orange County to come in and have you work some magic and get adjusted

  5. yaw kean huat

    Dr Thayer, why was the 2nd adjustment failed ?

  6. Caity V

    I still love seeing your handsome face and wonderful work:) xxo

  7. JayR

    How much does this cost ? I have the same issues as this guy

  8. David Kerwin

    Hi Doc, have you considered the paper that doesn't crinkle for these videos? Love the vid, keep it up!

  9. Majid Poureftekhari

    It would take years for medical and chiropractic society to accept the Thayer method as the most effective one.

  10. Chris Reynolds

    The mustache is what provides relief.

  11. tom slick

    Also with such bad aligne ments. Do you recomend matinence even if you get them to 100 percent. I kid you not my chrio has over 300 patients a week. I did get good posture and rid of the hunchback neck forward thing. Does your adjustments do anything for arthritic knees?

  12. M- Draggo

    Are you using a new camera?
    Your voice sounds very different.

  13. Hendra Martadinata

    "Thayer Technique" sounds better I think

  14. tom slick

    My neck dont allways move. Hate that. Alot of chiros are not good at that.

  15. tom slick

    Chicago has the worst chiros. All assembly same adjustment.

  16. H Maccas

    You sound like you have a cold Dr

  17. Julie Russell

    I feel a little wind blown, this went by so fast. Lol Is there a part 2? Anyway, I always laugh a little cause you say 'tons' so often. Your patients collectively tho, literally see tons of doctors and get nothing. And they paid tons of money for nothing too.

  18. prince hector

    Haha your funny doc ace😂😂😂😂😂 another chiro and another and other hahah

  19. Jon Ragnar Ragnarsson

    Do doctors not like each others

  20. Scott Cochran

    Nice job doc 👍

  21. MegaMad Maniac

    Bring back California girls! Its more californiary

  22. Ze Wu

    Haha the beginning

  23. Gamerz Grip

    Wish i had someone like you in Chicago. I too have tried many different and none so far can help me all they do is a small crack and then electric stimulation. Still have headaches and can't sleep easy because of my Neck. Not one did an x-ray which really upset me.

  24. Matias Uppstad

    I will get to you one day. But student loans are heavy and Norway and SoCal are so far apart.

  25. Costa Mesa

    I'm on vacation. But your new video I watch that must be. Great as always! Get well! Greetings Socky

  26. Alex

    Hey doc ive had a hernia around my upper back and lower neck would a chiropractor help… i always get upper back pain along with my neck

  27. Adnan A

    Those are both big problems nowadays

  28. tommyboy923

    THAYER METHOD. Niiiiice. Are you trademarking that?

  29. Malissa

    Like always you rock Dr. Thayer. 😃

  30. Martin chela

    It's hilarious that I got an add for the Joint chiropractor, and them saying that they don't like him

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