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  1. Mainou Vue

    You hyping yourself up is such a mood 😂 #relatable

  2. MsButterFlySting80

    Went to see the ingredients, of all 4 of their new face base products, only one listed the ingredients & that was the new setting powder. Their packaging is so inviting & wish I could afford them. Thanks for sharing & have a great day today!

  3. Erica

    You are a talented queen foe making the shade work. I hate when face mist gets on my clothes lol. I just put a towel over myself when I spray.

  4. Karly Rose

    Danggggg girl! You made it work! Super impressed 🙌🏻

  5. Hannah Fresia

    It would be amazing if you did shade comparison swatches with your other foundations and concealers. Your reviews are already quite comprehensive, but I would totally find that helpful.

  6. Emily Hicks

    Wow you did make those shades work. Love that blush on you, super cute ❤

  7. Fanny Mae

    How on earth did the end result with those colors end up looking like you picked the appropriate shades?! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 yo I don’t get how you do it lol

  8. Tori Bertrand

    Wait. Stop. The hoodie you have on at the end. What? Where? Explain. I need this. Love the look of this foundation on you. Makes me wanna try it.

  9. Damiyanna Berry

    You look so freaking gorgeous with your glasses! Girl!!! You look beautiful when you did your check in❤️It garden hosed me as well when I first used mine. And then I read the directions and it says to shake very well. Once I shook it very well the mist was super continuous and fine like the morphe continuous mist! The difference is that the morphe one doesn’t make my makeup last whereas the beautybakerie took away the powderiness after i set with powder and made my makeup last all day!

  10. skylilly1

    The micro concealer. LOL Thanks for the review and try on. I think I'll try out that miracle sponge.

  11. chola-goth513

    Page!? I really love ur videos, but ur quality is just shit… I think if u higher quality u would have more viewers, specially when u do ur foundation reviews which I love!

  12. Michelle Smith

    Blue baggage 😊

  13. Lori Coocen

    Because I'm so bored with foundation reviews, i was kinda glad you picked such a funny shade lol. Made it more entertaining lol

  14. Keeks Glam

    i just live for your videos and so glad your reviewing these , i thought about picking these up.

  15. Marie Johnson

    You kill me Paige , first the the dark foundation I’ve been there and got a foundation out of the package and got a weird color. I thought the concealer was a free trial size until you compared it to the others, and the sprayer it practically attacked you! First it was a fine mist then babaMM ! Thanks for having relatable videos , you are the best!👏

  16. mary fair

    OMG Paige it looks orange from my screen! You are so brave, I don't know how you do the miracle work, but gurrl you can:) Who makes this foundation haven't read anything about it? Love you, one good thing you don't have to use bronzer:))

  17. Georgia

    Your shirt is aptly named as it brings us back to the “old school” days when us fair queens had no options in foundation and concealer.
    If you have very light skin or dark skin you understand the struggle. Companies have gotten better at recognizing a broader range of skin tones… unfortunately, it still continues for the opposite ends of the colour spectrum.

  18. Morgan McClure

    I am living for your skills! I thought the foundation looked good on you, but that tiny concealer….no thank you.

  19. Chelestina Shaeffer

    You seriously had me laughing about that shade but you ended up making it work so beautifully!

  20. 805Bird

    Paige the miracle worker ✨👑

  21. Tara Lynn

    Ooooh shooot… Paige😮 That shade…🤦‍♀️ Seriously, I commend you for still continuing to review by making that shade work.. with the concealer it was easier to see past the shade being oompa luumpa🍊🍊 You are a total bad ass👌🙌❤

  22. Katie Lemos

    Well, you won't need to bronze.

  23. Darcy Lyons

    Your fun attitude reminds me of Kelly Clarkson and I love her can't wait for her talk show. I saw her February when she was hear in Michigan and OMG top 5 favorite concerts. Does anybody anybody ever tell you remind you of her? You talking voice you sound just like her.

  24. Tanya Wood

    Girrrrllll, you are a hoot!! You are also a magician b/c you can make ANY foundation color work!! When you put that first swipe on your face I said well I guess Paige will be looking like a cheeto today! I don't know how you do it but you can make anything work!!! The overall final look was great!!! Always enjoy your videos and the outtakes!!!!

  25. iHeartZebraPrintt

    I have oily skin but I don’t set foundation. You should do a video where you do things the opposite of how you do it. So if you do foundation first then do eyes first. You set your foundation so don’t sent the foundation. Idk

  26. Verni Bar1

    That rrinky dinky concealer looked like a deluxe size sample.

    I just picked up MUFE self setting HD concealer yesterday..

    If Sephora offered the same points program as Ulta, I’d be in trouble.

  27. simplybri

    The shade range is horrible 🤨😐 I went in the store and every shade was like a 2/3 shade jump and orange. Compared to her first foundation launch this was a fail.

  28. Linda Cormier


  29. RareBeautyEnvy

    What the hell were they thinking with that damn concealer size ! Lmao i got big hands

  30. Carol Turner

    You had me on the floor…LOL

  31. Jeanette Young

    Is that orange?

  32. GlamRight

    U trying to take Nyma Tangs job? Lol

  33. t M.

    The dark shades surprisingly are horrible! And what is glass about it? I find pat McGrath's foundation more glass like dewy than this.

  34. Julie Brown

    The Queen of "We will make it work" foundations did it again!!!👏👏👏👏👏daggum that was a miracle..SO 🍊you are beyond awesome🧡

  35. Nora Bolles

    Whoa….you TOTALLY made that work! Gotta say that the finish on that foundation looked beautiful on camera.

  36. Donna McManus

    Their shade finder picked that shade for me too. I'm fair neutral.

  37. Tonya Sullivan

    Aww lol so flipping funny

  38. Melissa Brockman

    😂😂😂the COVER/wand of that concealer looks bigger than the bottle.

  39. vkpsych

    Beauty Bakerie numbers shades dark to light hence pastey people being in the higher numbers.

  40. Mary Beth Wylie

    Favorite Paige quote: "Shhhhhh…. I'm very busy!"

  41. Kristy Kelly

    I think it was Kandee Johnson who used to use two different coloured foundations. She'd use a much darker one on the perimeter like countour/bronze then "highlight" the rest of her face with something more like her shade.

  42. jaymie cyrus

    OMG…I don't know which is worse: the foundation shade or that tiny ass concealer for $20😂🤣. You really did pull the complexion together pretty well though. So how do you think this foundation/concealer would work on very dry skin?

  43. Jennifer Johnson

    I feel like it should be mandatory for websites to post swatches On actual humans LOL. Those little smears of color do nothing for me LOL

  44. Sally Brannon

    Paige! You are gorgeous! How the hell did you make that color work? Because you nailed it!

  45. Jill Gabriel

    Okay, I'm amazed you could make that color foundation work for you!

  46. krista gunn

    Yes! Looking forward to this! Hated the original and another michigander review, i am here!

  47. Kelly Wolfe

    Great video 💜💚💟 the sprayer really can make or break a setting spray especially if you can't change bottles💛💟💜 great video 💜💚💟💚💙

  48. Neve Sharp

    You are a miracle worker getting that foundation to look like the right shade on you!

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