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  1. Thomasina

    You 👏 are 👏 so 👏 beautiful!

  2. Cherokie Carter

    Obsessed with your look !!! Actually stunning

  3. Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo

    The ABH glitter in Pink Sapphire is gorgeous though. Probably my favorite glitter ever (but I only have one glitter from Lit heh)

  4. Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo

    Yes! Holiday 2018, scratch that, 2018 as a makeup year was pretty terrible.

  5. luluRae Embury

    Bless you for mentioning that stained glass eyeshadow. Just bought some 🤩🤩 omg. The colors!

  6. bendietrees

    Why does Hailey Beiber look like she's 40 years old?

  7. Pamela L

    The BH thing…. YEAH! I was also excited that they were doing this. To have a series of 12 small palettes that I thought would be different, cool color stories. UHHHHHH-They really F'd this up. Every one has been a snooze. Seriously, who did that?

  8. Marygoroun


  9. Amanda Alexander

    I'm always tempted by ColourPop everything but as of yet, I haven't bought the orange palette. I probably will, at some point. I do enjoy the monochromatic and 9 pan palette formula. I want to swatch the Lorac palette; I still like Lorac, even though I neglect my palettes from the brand, haha.

  10. Sonia Tavares

    Are the Stila Suede Shades going to fly under the radar? Common…

  11. Corvette Shrell

    I'm with you on the body oils who the hell are buying these?! Love Colourpop but I need to use what I have from them first before I buy new stuff! I did just get my Halo Top super shocks in tho lol. And BH is almost canceled they did my sign LEO so wrong! They are playing up to me wanting to buy anything with LEO grrrr. Tfs.

  12. nudgese

    Lauren, I have a 1oz bottle of the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt that I’ve only used maybe 3 times, I don’t care for how it smells on me. I’d love to gift it to you so I know it’s being used and enjoyed 💗

  13. K Vogt

    You need to get the orange pallette from colorpop and recreate the entire palette with your collection and then compare the prices along with colors.

  14. Cosmetology Memes

    I waited all year to see what the bh Leo palette was going to look like and it’s so disappointing

  15. Shendi Sackett

    I loved the Revlon butter lipsticks! I just placed a ColourPop order and I'm annoyed I forgot to add the lip tints. I love lip tints especially in summer. I got the disney princess lipsticks which I had wanted but waited for a sale and then I got side tracked by the jelly much shadows which I’m obsessed with!

  16. Taylor Putnam

    I love how sassy you are today.

    ANd I love your lewkkkk

  17. Allison Gookin

    I definitely recommend trying out Sugarpill's shadows in the future. They're my absolute favorites, and pretty much the only shadows I even use right now. There just so pigmented and blendable, so they go a really long way too

  18. Katharine Hudson

    Your eye look is STUNNING. I’d love a tutorial on it. I couldn’t stop staring.

    The only release I’m potentially interested in is the Fenty complexion – and only if it is a B.B. cream type product. Maybe the Stila, too. I buy foundations once a year or less but it would go in my list to check out.

  19. Thea Axelsson

    ugh I love the eyeshadow blending in to the blush! we need a tutorial <33

  20. Ivvie

    I clicked on the video and immediately had to fangirl and call my bf over to tell him how cute you are! I have such a girl crush it is unreal!

  21. Amelia Lugo

    Tutorial on this look please!!

  22. Knowledgeandbeauty

    Am I the only one who thinks that lorac palette looks just like the violet Voss palette that was in boxyluxe

  23. Mara Willman

    with the body oil shimmers, are these people not wearing sunblock? I'd mostly use it for legs and shoulders when going out for dinner or drinks. the lorac pallete I really liked. I may get for my sister, she doesn't wear or own much makeup and I think she'd love this. it's great for replacing or starting off with some neutrals and some that are great for evening.

  24. C.C. L.

    I love bareminerals but I don't rely on them for anything colorful. I have colourpop and ABH for that.

  25. Marie Frioni

    We're slippin' and slidin' all summer long 😂

  26. Celist

    Yessss! I love this! Also, I adore that you use and talk about more "out of the box" brands, and bring something different instead of just the same stuff everyone else is talking about!

  27. Detective Always Write

    I love that eye look. Like I would attempt it with a tutorial

  28. Melba Peach

    13:13 hey you should talk more about new perfumes, its interesting and that was the only part of the video where I honestly hadn't heard anything about the new product yet

  29. María José Millán

    This make up look is gorggg!

  30. Dream Time

    Essence coming out with another Pac Man Collection actually makes sense for the European market, because not all of us here have access to Wet n Wild products

  31. DayITL

    The lorac palette also reminds me so much of the Violet Voss palettes.

  32. DayITL

    Glamlite's food palettes turned me off in the same way! I can't believe more people weren't weirded out by that.

  33. Kelly Wolfe

    Great video 💜💕💛 I love your whole overall look so bright and beautiful 💚💜💟💛💙

  34. Christina Woosley

    When I saw your look in the thumbnail my brain went 🤩🥰! So beautiful!!

    Kind of sad that I’m not super interested in any of the new releases, but I’m in a stage of trying to make more intentional purchases and it’s been hard to get excited about any new releases. I love love love hearing you and Hannah talk about them, however. I literally will sit on the releases I AM excited about for months and buy them if I still want them after the hype dies down but it’s fun see what’s trending and which brands are embarrassingly missing the mark lol

  35. rhodeisland1017

    Tutorial for this look pretty, pretty please!

  36. Josyliz Rentas

    I love your style so much ❤️

  37. Sai Priya Chodavarapu

    You're right, BH cosmetics can do so much. Is someone even designing them or.. wtf

  38. Sai Priya Chodavarapu

    That dress is so beautiful and fun! Yellow of my absolute favourite!

  39. BPhlyy

    It's me, Im buying all the body glitter oil. But I won't be buying the Sol one. Just doesn't appeal to me.

  40. Zzzgomot

    I love everything about how you're presenting yourself today! awesome look!!

  41. Lisa Rose

    You’re looking very summery! Love it!

  42. Min42

    Continue saying YES because I see such a beautiful more positive look and attitude…Like good vibes….Love the colors on you…..Thanks for this review.

  43. Jenna Tubolino

    this whole look is stunning! i love the vibes its sending and you look so happy! 🙂

  44. Angelica Reveles

    Hi Lauren, I am a big fan of you, and your content, thank you for all the fun and informative videos!
    I used Ace Beauté and Menagerie Cosmetics, and I understand your comment on confusing them both. However, in my opinion, these two brands cannot be put in the same league.
    Ace is interesting in terms of color combinations, but the shadows feel sometimes dry and chalky.
    Menagerie is amazing in staying power, opacity and the shadows are very true to color on my latte skin. I would put them up against Coloured Raine or Natasha Denona any day of the week. Plus their packaging is nice and sturdy and they sale singles, if you wanted just a few shades to try.
    Try Menagerie shadows, you will not regret it!

  45. Suma Srinivasan

    You are the epitome of summer in this look. Love it!

  46. Lea Hathaway

    Lauren, I freaking LOVE how you look in this video. Your makeup is so unique and pretty and I love how everything goes together. I am obsessed.

    Also I immediately dropped everything and went and bought that dress from Eloquii so thank you for that <3

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