New Beauty Launch # 34: My thoughts on the new makeup release! Yes? !! Or not? !! | Lauren May Beauty

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Hello everyone! !! It's been a long time since we talked about the new cosmetic launch! !! !! I know many of us haven't bought it yet, but that doesn't mean we can't … Click here!Miracle Moringa Supplement (view mobile)2019 - Updated - New Physical Product On CB! The Only Complete, Tested And Proven Superfood That Supports Overall Health.


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  1. Glam Goat

    I just bought my first Color Pop palette. Only looking at it so far. 😆 ❤ 🐐

  2. SirThinks2Much

    I’ve got my eye on the bh crystal zodiac solely for the marble shades. They’re in the galaxy palette and I’ve been hoping they’d make more. Waiting for it to hit stores first though.

  3. Kelsey Girl

    The pastel bh palette was suppose to be the Libra Zodiac palette. Which they didnt release until….end of December? Which was bs and now I only buy bh at Marshalls. Petty? Yes, but it was super annoying.


    I have heard that ND palette can only really create one look.

  5. Corvette Shrell

    It is so funny as you started talking about Bite products I was applying the Bite Powder. It's my 2nd day testing so no opinion yet but how you like Becca highlighters is how I feel about testing different powders right now lol. Tfs.

  6. Allie Dee

    The "it's all good" palette is basically the same color story as the juvia's place mini palettes.

  7. Casey Kurnath

    Apparently the Becca year of the rat is just their moonstone highlighter with a rat embossed on it. The Mac lunar new year is also an existing shade in double gleam.

  8. Tanu Kaur

    The ABH Amrezy palette has two pressed glitter shades! I really hope this trend of pressed glitter in palettes dies soon.

  9. Maybe Today Satan

    Good analysis of all the products!

  10. Madi Stephens

    Watched this so I wouldn’t shop and ended up buying the managerie cosmetics violet ink palette lol

  11. Amanda Fairly Made

    The Becca year of the rat is just moonstone repackaged. The Mac lunar highlight is double gleam repackaged.

  12. Hannah Smith

    Hey Lauren! I got the MAC lunar new year dragon highlight at Macy’s! It was super expensive and I didn’t realize until I got it home that it’s actually a repromote of a permanent shade of highlight that they already have so if you really like the highlight shade and aren’t just in it for the packaging you can definitely still get it 🙂 just a heads up!

  13. eleanor sweetwood

    I bought the clinique highlighter this morning through the Clinique website. Like I need another highlighter, haha..

  14. Colleen MK

    Your makeup here looks flawless

  15. Aging Ophelia

    Very interested in Bite's complexion products. Skin-loving foundations are kinda my thing.

  16. Randi MacDonald

    The new Bite foundation has fragrance.

  17. Mo'Love2you

    Yes colourpop should've popped that red cherry 14:09 😝🍒 scuse my mind.

  18. tuna noodle

    I want a PMG Lord of the Rings collection tbh

  19. Parker Mallory

    i can’t stop laughing at the tarte release when she was like “the brushes are just hilarious to me” 😂😂

  20. Erin Gillen

    I loved how thorough you were in this video, with talking about the different things(criticism/critical thinking) about each product. Love these videos from you

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