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  1. Susan Stetson

    I wish urban decay would do some retro vice inspired mini palettes.

  2. Nicole Smith

    I looooove the Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection – those colors are gorgeous

  3. Habristriel

    The melt pallettes have me shooketh

  4. Mr Theron

    omg JUST LIKE the bite agave lip mask hahah

  5. Aqilah Banu Abdul Majeed

    Wait is the nose ring new… never noticed it before.. but it really suits u…wow i believe different designs of nise ring would really suits u..looking gorgeous and lovely as always… not getting much makeup for this holiday as im on a strict budget 🤣😂🤭

  6. goodyougetastar

    Hm, I kind of thought that the whole point of the Shane series was the MAKING OF the palette. The collection is kind of just the by-product of the showing of the process of making a collection like that.

  7. Victoria Stargle

    To me, UD has always been doing the “neutral
    + pop of X color” and I’m over it??? And now tarte does it and it makes sense why I don’t have any of either brand in my collection

  8. Kristine Gustavsen

    I am so on the fence for the tati palette..I like colours, and I have colours in my two other palettes. But for basic every day looks I feel like I have to mix between the palettes, so I actually would get a lot of use out of the Tati palette. But it is soo expensive with international shipping, taxes and import costs 🙄 I just came from another of your videos, and yet again, I have to compliment your eye makeup 😍

  9. hannah baird

    if i had the money i would 100% buy shane’s palette

  10. Shannon Prince

    I feel like the Shane palette is making a fool out of all of us beauty lovers. Just showing how anyone famous can rob us of money and we will idiotically buy it. No. I hate that whole thing.

  11. Laura Sauriol

    I still don’t know what Mercury in Retrograde means and I don’t care, but I would be interested in seeing your review if you do decide you “need” it.

  12. emilia anne

    I love how you transitioned into the Disney collection 😂 insert eye roll lol

  13. Tyger

    I just saw the last documentary where Shane showed the palette and I want it so bad!!

  14. Haleigh Janeen

    I’m buying the WHOLE line of Shane’s collection

  15. skyski90

    So tired of the not eye safe glitters. You know where people are going to put them! Just make them peeper friendly sheesh!

  16. Corvette Shrell

    Eye look is beautiful!

  17. Margot J

    I totally agree about your comments re the Melt holiday collection. It's so inspiring.

  18. Brittany Nichols

    I bought Tati's palette. It was just so pretty. I've been enjoying all the tutorials and the different looks. It just seemed like that one palette that no matter if it was on it's own or paired with another it would look good. I will be purchasing the Shane and Jeffree palette as well. I've always wanted to try Jeffree's formulation with his eyeshadows and I love Shane as a person so why not now. And the shadows look really good.

  19. Lisa Nguyen

    Yes please on the hooded eye tutorials! 💕

  20. Amanda Ford

    Hudas antics and behavior completely turn me off from buying anything from her brand.

  21. Andrea Rowe

    In love with this eye look!!!!!

  22. Kourtney Bowden

    I do want the shanexjeffree palletes, but I don't want them at initial release. I mean, I do, but my wallet doesnt lol

  23. Macy Manning

    Im really excited for the shane jeffree launch. I havent bought anything in a long time so i am really excited to get my hands on that.

  24. BFam1

    I love your eye makeup!

  25. WickedFrozenHeart

    Tati’s pallet is expensive, but as you said pallets now a days are expensive. Usually I wouldn’t drop that much money on a pallet but I do a lot of Disney cosplay and I can use that pallet for literally every single character I do, plus I’m basic AF so I feel like I will get enough use out of it that it’s worth it for me. Plus I Stan Tati and am happy to support her launch.

  26. Emma Chase

    Love your eyeshadow!

  27. Gianna S

    i think the tati palette is so pretty and nice!! i ordered it mostly for the glitters but i know ill get lots of use out of it!! i cant wait to review it and do a tutorial! i also dont really plan on buying the jeffree and shane palette

  28. Kay Young

    My favorite thing ever is http://www.ismercuryinretrograde.com. It’s so funny 😂 my best friends live in LA and SF and you can’t help but get into out there lol. Great video ❤️

  29. Kylie Dubois

    I got the Tati palette for myself and got one for my sister as well ! I think it’s a gorgeous neutral palette for everyday and I cannot wait to play with it. 😍

  30. Kelley W

    I love makeup window shopping too! It makes me excited to use what I have.

  31. Sd sd

    The Huda new nudes concept reminds me of the Stila's mini palettes released many years ago… i used to hv the medium one from Stila

  32. Stephenie McGlaughn

    True story mercury is in retrograde starting the end of the month lol

  33. rebecca hesser

    Preordered 3 kalidos highlighters can’t wait for them super excited. Have to have the huda mercury retrograde palette and bought the nude obsessions they are gorgeous. Love the makeup Lauren it looks gorgeous on you the eye shape is perfection!!!!!!

  34. Melissa Dhillon

    What lip products are you wearing in this video. Im loving this look

  35. Tilde Bigum

    I just found your channel. Absolutely obsessed! You’re so pretty too. Love this💋

  36. Sandra G

    They are all cash grabs, def getting the Tati Palette, beautiful useable colors with what looks like a beautiful buttery formula. Huda overpriced

  37. Becca Bee

    I low key really want that new Huda pallet but I always balk at the price of it, I've never spent more than $50 on eyeshadow and I'm not familiar with the formula.

    I'll never buy anything from Kat Von D and I honestly think it's hilarious that all her stuff is on sale now.

    Great video!

  38. mamma-raptor

    The Mercury retrograde pallette is SO perfect for you… So much so that you already have 100% of the shades

  39. Stefanie Islas

    I'm gunna go look at the j* x Shane palette/ collection before I buy it.


    I agree about Tati palette. I like neutrals but I’m still not interested.

  41. Alison

    Every single eye look you do is my favorite

  42. Charlotte Finn

    I tried the Marc Jacobs new highliners and they’re pretty bad! They are the kind of metallic formula where they crackle on the skin. Also insanely hard to get off. I went out with friends on Saturday and here I am on Sunday night trying to scrub it off without damaging my eyes. Def skip!

  43. Stefanie Islas

    I want the huda beauty palette so bad but honestly I'm gunna wait for a dupe palette to come out cuz 1 will and just buy that cuz I'm not gunna pay $67 for it.

  44. Liz Nerdly

    Finally!! You said it…it’s THE longest palette launch in history. I feel like no one is allowed to say anything against JS & Shane. I love Shane’s vids usually and I also enjoy JS tbh, but holy cr*p am I bored of this series. It’s basically a LOOOOOONG ass palette reveal. It’s all “omg!” and “I’m so scared to release this vid” yawn The behind the scenes sections, which in all honestly are very very short, are interesting but I’m over it. All of it. Bored.

  45. Kelly Wolfe

    Great video 💗That melt palette looks so so so beautiful 💚♥️💜💛💗💙

  46. Finding My Tiara

    I’m definitely planning on picking up the new Huda palette and I really want the Melt palettes! I’m passing on Tati’s palette and Shane’s. They don’t interest me at all. ~Patricia❤️

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