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  1. Shankoty 1

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  2. The Tears of Jungkook


  3. Stian Arstad

    I love fat guys

  4. Christian Dave

    Report this channel it's not useful

  5. Pasupathi Pasupathi

    2:17 fake photo not match the tatoo

  6. Kath Bae

    1:24 wade is dat u???


    The music is fuckin stupid

  8. Piccola Piccola


  9. Maydatul Qolbi

    Kok bisayah aku ajah uda sering olaraga kok badan aku masi gemuk 🙄

  10. denis conway

    Special effects are amazing who made this crap

  11. Lush Palms

    6:08 LMFAO He bit his lip like he's gunna get lots of girls now.

  12. Lush Palms

    0:12 Guess he ain't with Shaquita anymore, lasered that shit off😅

  13. NinJa Park

    Please do not watch my video! Don't click the link below.

    It will change your life dramatically.

    Just 3 minutes.

  14. elvalentin 26

    me recuerdan a mi,me llenan de orgullo

  15. Gautam Sharma

    Guys its fake

  16. rahul prajapati

    Kaise kiya ye

  17. Cefear 86

    90% Fake, wo sollen die hautlappen bei manchen hin sein …

  18. Dark Assassin MK


  19. more esspreso less depresso

    FAKE! The muscles are paid actors!

  20. Martin Golding

    Need cosmetic surgery to get rid of excess skin from been over weight but I see no scars

  21. إلياس ولد النّاس

    The masters of photo shop

  22. Prasad Krish

    Dislikes from aliens 👽
    Hi 👋 dude, you are inspired me 🔥

  23. Col Lol

    Basically bull shit then, it states it’s about body transformation, but then then states no one used the blue print, so how these even get there body

  24. Fernando Aries

    🗣🙌🏾 EVERYTHING🌈‼️‼️‼️😎

  25. Hareem Fatima

    Video starts and rip headphone😓

  26. Michael P.


  27. toma nic

    Nice thumbnail

  28. James Lama

    Nice photoshop

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