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  1. Luv Nest


  2. Charnelle Botha

    Please people i have been excercising from January till current and have lost 14.5kg i started at 81.4kg current 66.9kg!! And also adjusted my dieet alot

  3. Maliek Hubbard

    its clear you should exercise and eat right. some people eat right, but can't stop eating. OR Have mental disorders

  4. Rhonna Marsden

    I think eating disorders aren’t just physical, oh Im not hungry or i feel full. thats all in your head for some people. sadly even people who get the surgery start to gain all the weight back too.

  5. David Lord Vonderhaar

    People are to fat and lazy to exercise I always believe in good old fashion working out and eating healthy

  6. Zetoria

    How about this: eat less and exercise???

  7. cbrcoder

    In other words this pill is invoking indigestion :D. What about long term nutritional deficiency due to this? I wouldn't call it "No Side Effects"

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