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  1. peace& love

    peace and from Egypt I love USA

  2. Rev.Dr. I. Johnson

    Not sure if you believe in Miracles but heres one! 
    This is not a spam it is real.

    Cancer is a deadly disease that kills!
    “Revyve” Spiritual Tea
    “The Drink Of Life”

    Rev. Johnson is a Licensed Ordained Minister/Miracle Healer.
    She's a phenomenal Spiritualist and a courageous pioneer with a new approach to fighting cancer with her Spiritual Practice and Spiritual Tea’s. Revyve Spiritual Tea's has been proven to stabilize one of the deadliest cancers Cholangiocarcinoma. Cholangiocarcinoma is compared to Pancreatic Cancer because of its high death rates. Rev.Johnson has the ability to stabilize cancer there would be no longer need of Chemotherapy, Radiation or Cytotoxic Antineoplastic medication. Revyve' Spiritual Tea's has been proven to excrete tumors.
    Contact Rev. Johnson 203-434-1722
    Email; rev.ijohnson@yahoo.com
    Mail: Prayer Request to P.O. 7911 Greenwich CT 06830
    Facebook: revyvespiritualte

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