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  1. Manny Mua

    THE DAY IS FINALLY HEREEEE!!! Whos ready for this Wednesday?! 😱

  2. golden.s

    ill be buying these iluvsarahii said its the best formula on the market

  3. KelseyLea Stoneking

    Kinda looks like fenty

  4. Hannah Snow

    I’m just not with a whole ass brand getting all its inspiration from sailor moon and it being ok like moon prism powders really

  5. Lisaa

    I'm shocked at the price and not in good way and we can get better highliters at drug store also why is weight dif from each other and shocked that you still get good comments.

  6. Kawaii. Coverage

    Omg Manny I'm so proud ❤❤❤❤

  7. Caidence James

    It’s so cool because I think that mercury would look really good on me and one time in class my teacher accidentally called my crush mercury instead of Mercer. 😍

  8. Matthew Garnham

    Nice to know people still watch this guy after everything

  9. Mrs. Mia Wallace

    A bit late to the game, but now I've watched this and I cannot fucken wait to get my hands on these. I don't have a highlighter like Mars. You bet your ass I'm getting that shit. Congratulations on the launch! I hope you keep coming out with more quality cosmetics!!

  10. RoseVampireGirl4

    ME! Im in LOVE! Need!

  11. Lena Rey

    I bet he doesn’t even watch anime lol

  12. Twinkle Sharma

    I really really wanna know what lashes are you wearing???????

  13. Jeremiah Taylor

    y'all will say anything just for a few likes. fenty beauty's highlighters are damn near $40 but all of a sudden $26 is too expensive…. noted.

  14. Terri Vasquez

    I just ordered the venus one. I know it will be awsome

  15. M a r co b c

    Package looks cute, but the colors are Booooooooring, 26 dollars are not worthy for a boring product I can get cheaper in other brands.

  16. Paul Chaney

    Who are these people who loved life’s a drag?

  17. Yesie Marquez

    This is so Sailor Moon! I LOVE IT

  18. Br at


  19. Jim Pickens



    Ugh I love you ❤️

  21. Disassembly Edits

    People still are fans of Manny? Wow.

  22. Marisa Brongiel

    It’s called “Moon Prism Powder,” but they’re named after planets…

  23. Pstronger

    Jupiter and peachy ones are my favourite

  24. Tedi Hollingshead

    “Fritz Bernaise.” 🤣

  25. SweetSummerTimes

    Nobody gives a fuck about your make up lines, chill

  26. Alejandro Cole


  27. Ashley Prasad

    Manny worked hard on this y’all. $26 for a good highlighter is actually pretty good, stop complaining fr

  28. Sarah JK

    such a waste of plastic:(

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