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  1. Dusty Melton

    Ur supposed to swipe foumdation on, not stamp so much like a beauty blender. I think anyways. The other reviews ive seen (Laura lee and Kristal K beauty) did the swiping way and there foundation was very smooth and flawless

  2. Holly Brooke

    Just a note: when using it for foundation you should swipe it on like you are using a wipe to wipe off your makeup. It has more coverage and is smoother while using less product.

  3. Jodi Burdine

    What I've noticed watching other videos is if you swipe it it works better

  4. Hestia Barci

    Instead of tapping the foundation in, you should swipe just like you did with the Artis brush

  5. 1vwilliams

    I can't wait to get mine cause I am really curious about this.

  6. finessence808

    I think the Blendiful looks more textured for the liquid products and that's disappointing bc that's what I was looking forward to. I also noticed sometimes things look patchy and unblended in your videos idk if it's the camera, product or color. I've been watching your videos for a while so I notice sometimes.

  7. Adele E

    'I feel like' you didnt watch tati's upload on how to use it lol

  8. j h

    I think the tati blender did REALLY well with the highlight😍 it is like melted into your skin. Thank you for showing us when you washed it. I'll def be subbing to your channel❤

  9. Kareen

    I want a mascara from her I love the recommendations I can afford of hers when it comes to mascara

  10. Shelly Liban

    Dude..you didn’t even use the spongue right! Come on..was excited for the video and it was pointless to watch since I used it wrong and didn’t read directions In Beginning!😩😩

  11. stephanie grace peterson

    Am I the only one wondering why she meaning Tati has not completely demonstrated the product.

  12. modtomodern

    Yes please show us the condition in 0one month. For the price it should last a month of daily use and cleaning I hope.

  13. La Flores

    Thanks 😊 for your honesty review

  14. Lisa Monique Beauty

    If it wasn't Tati, no one would be buying, lol. It might "work" but it's no easier than beauty blender or brush, and just seems so unsanitary!!

  15. Stefania Bella

    Thank you for your awesome review!! I think the foundation, contour and bronze was better with brush! I do use only one pump of the same foundation, so the blendiful is absorbing to much product. I agreed with you, it's good for travel, 😍👌🏻

  16. Stefania Bella

    Wow, gia' arrivata! 😁👌🏻

  17. lali Rubio

    I totally agree with you, Tati should of definitely did a tutorial on HOW TO USE with her blendiful reveal. Absolutely missed opportunity there.
    I love her textured nudes palette vol #1 ! But this? This is a hard pass for me.

  18. Nazanin

    When you washed it a couple of times let us know

  19. Nazanin

    Great review

  20. Taylor Deralph

    i think this is a cool product but definitely has some flaws!

  21. Minoo Verdi

    I remember Kevyn Aucoin hated these puffs and always used circular sponges that nowadays you get with compact foundations.Last year I did such a good job of talking my way out of buying stuff. This didn’t take long to say no. I have this nagging thing, after all the reviews at all levels of makeup I was expecting “exquisite” products, innovative products. But I just got the normal run of the mill. Also last year I did not buy anything the sale. The money I saved I am spending now on new things. I reckon if I really want to buy something I have to be prepared to buy it at normal price because it would send me insane not to (bearing in mind sales are dead to me). Buy it. So far so good. Sales just make you buy stuff they couldn’t sell. No more for me.

  22. Nikki_1413

    PS. WOW! I need that spot cleaner that worked awesome for days I wanna clean it quick!!!

  23. Minoo Verdi

    1:28 am but I am still watching before I sleep.

  24. Nikki_1413

    I can’t wait to get mine!!! I wasn’t gonna do it but I’m glad I did! Really interested to see how I like it! & I agree I wish she uploaded a more in depth video too!

  25. Its done Bye

    I know she said to kindve swipe the makeup on instead if patting motion and it'll be quick and full coverage..at the beginning you were just patting that might be why it wasn't full coverage up front and when you swipe it on your literally done in seconds. Did you get standard shipping??

  26. c77hoff

    You got it already? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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