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  1. Steve Gagnon

    I can imagine a knife like this might come from a knife maker who does copies of those knives of the month.

  2. Shawn

    If I were to have a custom Busker made, this is about how I'd configure it. Excellent piece Nick and so glad to see a happy end out of a sad beginning!

  3. Duh Doy

    That thing looks awesome, I hope you enjoy it

  4. John Barnes

    Looks like the pingo

  5. Ces Bma

    Toothpick knives series.

  6. Greg Hill

    Beautiful, Nick! Glad You Got A Very Nice Replacement!

  7. Yan Doroshenko

    Important question: can you stick your finger in the biggest hole in the handle and cut yourself?

  8. Mick Keim

    I want one too…no I don’t.

  9. JP Stone

    Gaudy as hell. I believe that is the colours of SIN and happiness. And I love it. Do it come for left handed folk?

  10. Rene Johannsen

    I love the olamic Cutlery Busker. But I liv i denmark and dont know how to get on 😢

  11. Alex’s Knifebox

    Nice replacement.. looks great

  12. DatGrunt

    Were you a voice actor? Cause your voice sounds so familiar.

  13. D’s Knives


  14. avihsnis

    sorry for your loss nicky, but that knife is a blessing in disguise

  15. Scott Bailon

    Don't take it to Vegas..

  16. That Dude

    That knife is amazing looking 😍

  17. Taz's World

    Wow what a wonderful ending to a otherwise sad event it's a very sexy pocket saber Nick well done sir

  18. Jack Paris

    Busker Deux looks worth the wait!

  19. DarkFox717

    That looks awesome, and I bet it's even better in person. Makes me wish Olamic did lefty models…

  20. pendulousphallus

    If ever anybody needed convinced that aesthetics can only ever be subjective, I'll show them this video and make sure they listen to the gushing praise the object featured gets washed in. I'm very happy for Nick that's he's found something he's pleased with and can attach some sentimental value upon, but I think there's a very small population that would be able to do the same with this particular knife. It's…unique.

  21. J.R. Peters

    Good for you nick. I know the feeling – mine was a g10 harpy 😭

  22. keifer225948

    Sweet blade. 👍👍👍👍👍

  23. jerry millett


  24. Rob from Oz

    I got one based on your original Busker review, and I’ve never been so sure you are a brilliant man. It cuts great, carries well and fidgets like touching it instantly transmits a brain-reorogram (a word?) that makes me want to pick it up whenever my eyes land on it. I’ve had to put it in a drawer. It’s the only way my other knives have a chance for pocket time.

  25. Jeff4air

    I'd hit it… I love my Largo Busker too. Congrats.

  26. Cris Cummings

    I like that blade a lot. Glad you have a busker back in the collection

  27. Night Raptor

    i've never liked speed holes, but for some type of "punk" look, this actually looks incredibly good

    congrats on the new knife

  28. R A

    An ugly fidget toy / pocket jewellery for people that don't use their knives as knives.

  29. Bob B.

    Nice Busker.

  30. Steven Rassmussen

    I guess Nick really took the idea of “Never The Same” to heart on this build. This one is not only radically different from the previous, but that Entropic finish really doesn’t seem the same at every angle (in a good way). Poetic closure in knife form.

  31. fourtsix andtwo

    Really diggin what olamic is doing. Congrats on getting reunited. Crazy cool piece

  32. TJ Pavey

    Looking nice. I have a rocks pattern with seabed finish. I think I'll deck out my whippersnapper!

  33. LarryEMorse

    Don't know if this sounds crazy, but I've stood up at a dinning table to find that the table cloth has "lifted" a knife of mine by the clip!

  34. Brad Hutchison

    Pretty sure that's the same damasteel pattern as the one on my wedding band. Nice pick.

  35. James Riley Strong

    The take away from this, is Olamic will make your knife look however you want. Even if its really not for everyone lol

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