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  1. Dragons' Den

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  2. sleepy_cat

    The dragons all look so fucked up, and horribly grumpy

  3. joe bates

    Paul hollywood, what u doing in the den?

  4. Godot

    “Dr of Chinese Medicine”
    So he’s about as qualified to give medical advice as Dr Dre?

  5. Molly Cuddle

    Well, the doc has brought Paul Daniels back to life, brought him with him! Is that not beyond proof?

  6. Neithan

    I'm in the field of neuroscience, concretely in the spinal cord. I can't express enough in words how much damage these make belief products and speeches end up doing to the population: either convincing them they should drop a real treatment, wasting money on these unproven gadgets (and still have pain issues) and the most common which is a worsened condition by using these toys or being treated by these inadequately trained idiots.

    When he said he was "a doctor of traditional chinese medicine"… oh boy. Placebo woo doesn't help people with real medical issues. No matter how much it helps your pockets. Like with the toys: it cost them 18 pounds to make but they sell them for 99 pounds. Tuka: "There's a good margin" xD. You can tell they're really into health care.

    Someone should drag his ass to an actual trauma unit and see the damage his legendary knowledge and toys do. Bloody idiots.

  7. Other Barry

    Appreciate Jenny saying "I am out" instead of "I'm out" to mix things up a bit

  8. policemanandrew

    The Irish fella Shane looks like a paedo.

  9. Iain Gold

    Trotter brothers "Inframax deep-penetration massager" this is a cheaper version. 😁

  10. Ben Martin1304

    They definetly had a good night the night before their pitch 🤣

  11. AH H

    Jenny just did her back in and for that reason she’s out…

  12. JesusCommando

    Tej and his on-point analysis made it too easy for Jenny here to do what comes naturally

  13. GVG Clan

    some one breathes
    no one
    not a soul
    not even the aliens in area 51
    Jenny Campbell im out

  14. Rob Tecau

    Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm out.

  15. James B

    I cant believe an actual doctor uses an anecdote as proof his product works

  16. Katherine

    Sounding like a snake oil peddler at the beginning…

  17. mixed berry

    Thought from the first Moment They look like charlatans…..🤣

  18. MikeT

    Would you like to buy part of Moonpig a previous dragon whispers from the lift

  19. Thomas Work

    I've not watched it yet but I'm assuming Jenny is out already 😂😂😂

  20. Nick

    This quack is mental.

  21. Devon Cavan

    Jenny: I broke my back to get to where I am, for that reason, I’m out

  22. ROY FR

    Dr…..of chinese medicine….so, you're not a Dr. then…..

  23. alex ojideagu

    Yet they all backed that woman's nonsense skin care product this series without any medical proof or testing. Because it had buzzwords like "Organic" "Gluten Free" "Vegan". Deborah and Tej lap up that nonsense.

  24. ELLIPSES Is Power

    3:45 the sweat was literally pouring off his face 😂, I mean it’s understandable but still 😂


    Jenny is out… shocker 😱

  26. N E O KAI

    8:49 no sh*t Jennylock

  27. bob little

    jenny – "'IM BACKING OUT""

  28. Hi

    Hi there-I'm a doctor of Chinese Medicine, I need to realign your qi's & chakras. I have a lot of anecdotal evidence this 100 quid piece of plastic works from people who believe in my quackery.

  29. Kevin Munday

    they remind me of con men in sit coms 😅😅

  30. scheron harley

    I wonder what the dragons do with all the useful samples they don’t like 😂😂😂🤔

  31. rickysmyth

    I’m a doctor, but not qualified in medicine. Chinese medicine is completely different and involves many placebos. Far better to get rest and do some light exercises

  32. harry rage

    Jenny does everything she can in her power not to invest.

  33. MyThoughtsAreBelow

    The Chinese Medicine "Doctor" is absolutely nauseating, he clearly loves himself

  34. Steve Sax Musician

    Jenny, i'm out!, well i was so surprised that i put my back out !!

  35. Matt Yabs

    Guys, Jenny was in but the device put Jenny’s back out :-))))

  36. Maria Martínez Gómez

    “I’ll tell you where I’m at “ she’s already with her keys , inside her car , on her way home BECAUSE SHE WAS ALREADY OUT BEFORE NO ONE OPENED THEIR MOUTH 😂

  37. Simon John Tottle

    Hi I’m Jenny out

  38. auto spark

    I wouldn't be surprised if these two gentlemen also sold snake oil…..

  39. Adam W

    9:01 REALLY shocked me tbh. Defo didn't expect that!

  40. Karol Kozak

    A doctor of traditional chinese medicine.. so basically.. a fraud who did not want to study :_)

  41. Phil Tate

    10:56 "Thank you very much…FAGONS!"

  42. Josh Cuthbert

    I’m Campbell J, and I’m out all day

  43. The Ironman

    lalvani spouting about clinical trials when he sells supplements, hilarious

  44. LFC1892

    Love what you did with the title of the video. "No Clinical Research to BACK Your Medical Claims" 😂😂😂

  45. Sloth h

    These are as addicting as watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares clips on here.

  46. The Ironman

    I'm Jenny, why am i here?

  47. Jonathan Murray

    Right so he says he believes in results but the dragons are right to turn it down because in order for them to invest they need more than just you saying well the results are this but without actually backing it up with any real credible evedince why should the dragons invest. He looked dumbfounded when they all backed out.

  48. Crazycraigy

    More plastic tat for future Landfill

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