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  1. cassy Hernandez

    I needed this because i got bullied at school i got told that girl-"at least i have a body shape" "not like you"

  2. Aaushi Bhati

    I am literally binge watching her channel

  3. Quay Childress

    "WE DO TOO MUCH! KEEP IT SIMPLE"… You were talking to me. lol!

  4. salma_K bwflt

    Hi laura i wish you answer me your videos are so inspiring well i cant pay for gym membership so i do i dumbell series at home but with 2 water bottles each one weight 2 kgs and sometimes i say " is it effective to workout with bottles instead of dumbells ? will i see results ? " so is it okay to use bottles or should i stop until i get some money to buy dumbells

  5. Nikki Jones

    I want to become a life coach…how did you do it I been researching but the program cost what advice🙏🏾😊 great video sis ❤️

  6. Dee Driver

    Good for you. Congrats on your book!!!!

  7. Amanda Charles

    Thank u sooooòoooooo much… i swear u were talking to me

  8. Monk Mode

    Kill the wig and make up. You re too GORGEOUS for that.

  9. Estephanie Barajas

    I could listen to your voice aallllll day, love the way you deliver your message! Thank you for you content and support <3

  10. Hab A

    Tip number one is what has help me succeed so far this time

  11. Sharahsha Meredith

    How do I get your book

  12. No Nochu

    I’m 15 and definitely know that doing this will help me become stronger, healthier and overall happier! 2018 wasn’t my year ugh. 2019 I’m gonna join a sport in high school, make healthy breakfast, and workout at home. No more frickin excuses! 💥💪🏾

  13. Valeria Broadnax

    New subbie!

  14. Angel Pendergrass

    You should make a podcast!!!
    you’re so inspiring thanks for all the info❤️

  15. Bree Sto

    Your amazing this is the first time ever I felt like I should comment on a YouTube video! So inspiring!

  16. Elizabeth Rose

    Unrelated. But your tooth gap is like the cutest thing ever!!!

  17. Dashynae Day

    I cant lose my arms they are so big! I dont know what to do!

  18. MzWallace2U

    Girl u speaking to my spirit with that tip #4!!!!

  19. Daisy Figueroa

    Thank you!

  20. Phyllis Pierce

    New subscriber here!! When you said people will try to sabotage you, my damn boss came to mind. I hit the button then!!

  21. J aune

    Wow you make so much sense – and tips are very practical.

  22. Sasha Cole

    I understand now that some days I’m going to fall off. I’m still in high school and I had a trip so I ate a bunch of food then I gained a pound. I felt terrible about it but now I learned that it’s okay. I gotta keep pushing. I also used to go on Pinterest and make these big hard to make meals. I just stick to meat and veggies and I’m full for hours 😩

  23. Tajuana K

    “get back up game” is 🔑

  24. Raven Seals

    Great tips great video❤

  25. Mary Stewart


  26. Jbird

    Loved everything you said! Needed to hear it!

  27. Thomas victory Thomas

    I came back to get encouraged cause I have been on and off my meal plan….😑😑….But am still doing it… I always get back up… Thanks a lot…

  28. Vik M

    Thank you! I just have 20 more pounds to loose. Keeps me motivated😊

  29. Alexis Entertainment

    U go girl

  30. Morgan Brown

    I always overcomplicate things. I try to do these elaborate diets with hundreds of ingredients that I never buy. Now I’m committed and motivated

  31. Sierra8869

    This video came right on time in my life. Thank you!!!

  32. MAL MAL

    I’m glad this came up in my recommended. Name of that book is genius. You’re one smart bad bitch, I’m hoping for tons of success for you.

  33. seouled

    Hello how much weight can a 154 lb 5'3 13 year old lose while doing moderate dancing in a month along with healthy eating?

  34. Mabee

    So true 💯

  35. * 80's DAVE *

    2:13 T I P NO #1 🏆

    This is awesome advice thanks hun x

  36. Donut

    You’re awesome! I love you.

  37. Misskate1920 m

    This was extremely helpful. Thank you

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