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  1. Pam A

    You look especially pretty in your thumbnail pic😊

  2. Wendy French

    I can’t believe I finally got to try Pillow Talk lipstick and it looked really blah on my lips – the lady said it looked brownish. I guess my lips pull weird colors that other people don’t have to worry about.

  3. Jessie Borrell

    I was good and only got one beauty thing haha I got the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream set. I had been wanting to try it anyway and the set was a good deal. Don't regret it at all because I'm in love with the Magic Cream now!

  4. Victoria Austin

    Always love your picks, Marnie. I had to have the Glo Pro last year. I believe in Jamie and her products. And I agree — hate to tell you, but I'm 67 and still fighting the occasional acne breakout as well. It's just not fair! Your skin always looks glowing now though. So whatever you are doing looks like it is working very well. Thanks for all your sharing.

  5. Linnybee

    Get the light therapy mask! Take one for the team, as Tracie McBeth says! Great review, Marnie. I'm considering the microneedling kit.

  6. Marni Dillon

    First time shopping the Anniversary Sale…..got the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and Natori bra. ❤️❤️

  7. lavien'estpasunlongfleuvetranquille

    I have the Dr Dennis Gross LED Facewear Pro (I also have the eyemask version, which I wouldn't recommend – I didn't notice a discernable difference, despite consistent use). The full face-mask, however, is one I would recommend if you can afford the splurge, especially if it's on sale. It's helped somewhat with fine lines but more than anything, the blue light has helped with adult acne – I've gone from always having some form of breakout to none when I use the mask daily (I use all 3 settings, for a total of 9 minutes/day). The only time I've broken out during the 3 months of use was when I forgot to use it for a couple of weeks, so the proof is in the pudding! There are even more sophisticated masks for a similar price point that have more LED light colour options (purple and green light, for example), but my understanding is that they take longer to work than the DDG – 10-ish mins/colour, and who has that kinda time?!

  8. Silk Manner

    Snort* falling behind on, punny

  9. Terry O'Malley

    Pillow Talk is gorgeous on you!!!

  10. Kimberlee M

    We’re all such bad friends because we’re all telling you to get the mask lol!!!! Loved to see a review from you about it…hope to see some of these products in a favorites video!!!!

  11. AnneP makeupandmore

    Hi Marnie I love those shadows on you! So curious to hear more about the micro-needling. Please share an update😊

  12. 59cottoncandy

    Is your LIKE button turned off?

  13. karenejkleinfineart

    Hi Marnie, You bought some wonderful products! Glad the mascara tip worked. The Charlotte Tilbury lip set looks really pretty on you. Have a lovely weekend! xo, Karen

  14. Tracie McBeth

    I agree with Policosmetics82, use it for one of the “taking one for the team” – if that helps your decision. 😂

  15. Mary Loveless

    I am loving Stila lately! Those shadows are almost like glosses for your eyes… Loved all your choices during this video!

  16. T Humes

    Marnie look at Revive Light Therapy. I wanted the the DDG mask as well but I got the Revive instead and I was able to break up the payments. It works well.

  17. Diane Milligan

    What a great haul! Hoping for a demo of the face needling – curious if this will be something you will continue to do and the effects you may notice. Love your eye look so the LM palette is tempting! I have one of the TF shimmer shadow pots, Young Adonis, and will go for weeks of using the cream portion every day – love it! I have only used the accompanying powder a couple of times but don’t really care for it. CT’s Lip Cheat Pencil is a staple for me and her lipsticks are my favorite lip formula. Thanks for the suggestions.

  18. Melanie Simpson

    As always, wonderful content and video!

  19. Xun Fu

    Hi Marnie, you said the beauty category is one that never sells out but the CT pillow talk set is and I’ve seen Emily talk about the Bobbi Brown Face Base set come in/out of stock. 😂😂😭😭

  20. Teagan Johnson

    Love your nail polish, what is it please.

  21. Cathy Dunfee

    Hi Marnie. I had been on the fence about the LM eye pallet, but dang if you didn’t convince me with your tutorial, so I just ordered it. Maybe do the mask in your taking one for the team series. Also, I made the bar-b-que chicken salad last night, very delicious. I found the tee shirt dress you like art my local Walmart on clearance for $5, very nice and I’ve been wearing it a lot in this hot weather.

  22. Carrie Kerr

    You can totally use the tom Ford pink highlighter as a blush. It looked a bit dark on you.

  23. Sari Steiner

    Thank you for the recommendations. You look beautiful!

  24. LIZ

    Great nail color! May I ask what it is?
    Just ordered the LM palette!

  25. Donna Schwab

    The C.T. lip set is sold out 🙁 …..looks great on you!! (and get the mask…you can take one for the team!! 😉

  26. Pugs &Kisses

    I watched a video by Dr. Dray where she discussed the at-home light therapy devices, and her take away was that they’re basically a waste of money because there’s no way that the lights can be monitored for their strength (like in a clinical setting) and they’re also not as strong as the light therapy you’d get from your dermatologist.

  27. Heather Turnage

    Hi Marnie! I have the Dr Dennis Gross mask and I bought the extra strength peeling pads to go with it. I don’t have an acne problem but being 46 I do have fine lines and wrinkles. I felling like it is helping me! It’s a quick 3 minutes and done! I love it!

  28. Pride In Photos BEAUTY

    The Drybar Dry Shampoo is just fabulous!! I have been HOOKED on the detox!! I can't live without it. Isn't the smell just fabulous?!!! Happy Friday. xo Laurie

  29. Brenda Douglas

    Love the colours. Wish we bad a Nordstrom around here

  30. fatima ruknuddin

    I feel like Charlotte tilbury lip set is not a deal Because lip gloss looks mini and not the full size

  31. adanya salaam

    That TF highlight is too deep on fair skin…its one of my faves but i am an olive tan skintone.

  32. Mar Tina


  33. Robin Y

    You must get the mask, so you can review it for us.

  34. SaucerJess


  35. Linda Ablitz

    You got me hooked on Bosch binge watching so good

  36. Policosmetics82

    Lovely products! Get the mask, it will be so interesting to hear if it works! 🙂

  37. Nancy Hedke

    Lots of great products!

  38. Judi Boyd

    Great choices. I think I need to pick up the LM palette. Was curious if it was really as good as it looked. As well as the microneedling set. Thanks for sharing.

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