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  1. Jackson Trump

    days good for I'll mannered women

  2. Felix Esene

    Always listen to the voice of God and that is what help dis guy

  3. salome Mensah

    The story is good but the characters are like those of splendid cartoon


    why are you like Splendid tv?

  5. Easy Boi


  6. Akua Fremah

    hmm eii

  7. Ogechi Onah

    Nice content but work on the audio quality

  8. MrSpendy1

    Your animation and storylines are always on point, but please, improve on the voice. Thanks

  9. ola mi

    The video is too dull… please u can try more,tho the story is nice but the video is🤯🤯🤯

  10. Sweety Muhlbacher


  11. Gabriela I.

    Lose mouth end up messing her self

  12. Jade Anderson

    Why some of the characters look like characters in Splendid TV mad over you?

  13. Ruvie

    The voices are irritating please do something

  14. fatim sheriff

    I'm reading comments tho

  15. Melody Essiet

    The lady's voice is too soft for the character

  16. onyinyechi Nnaji

    Wow 😯

  17. Chris Arinze

    Medicine after death, girl?

  18. thehoneydeev

    “Ever since Amaka disappointed 2Face”🤣 best line 🔥

  19. Risha Ruth

    I love it already

  20. Risha Ruth

    Wow thanx alot it has a good lesson

  21. Chibueze Casmir

    Settle down but u no stand up b4 nah

  22. maryanne joseph

    My left kidney 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😀😀😀😂😂

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